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AliMpEncodePair.h File Reference
#include <Rtypes.h>
#include <iosfwd>
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 The namespace for mapping enums and related functions.


typedef Int_t MpPair_t


MpPair_t AliMp::Pair (Int_t first, Int_t second)
 Encode the pair of integers to another integer. More...
Int_t AliMp::PairFirst (MpPair_t pair)
 Decode the first integer from encoded pair. More...
Int_t AliMp::PairSecond (MpPair_t pair)
 Decode the second integer from encoded pair. More...
ostream & AliMp::PairPut (ostream &s, MpPair_t pair)
 A special printing for encoded pair. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef Int_t MpPair_t

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