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AliMpCathodType.h File Reference
#include <Rtypes.h>
#include <TString.h>
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 The namespace for mapping enums and related functions.


enum  AliMp::CathodType { AliMp::kCath0, AliMp::kCath1 }


AliMp::CathodType AliMp::GetCathodType (Int_t cathodNumber)
 Convert integer number in enum;. More...
TString AliMp::CathodTypeName (AliMp::CathodType cathodType)
 Return name for given cathodType. More...
AliMp::CathodType AliMp::OtherCathodType (AliMp::CathodType cathodType)
 Return the other cathod type. More...