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AliMUONCDB.h File Reference
#include <TString.h>
#include "AliCDBRunRange.h"
#include <vector>
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 Helper functions to experience the OCDB.


Bool_t AliMUONCDB::CheckOCDB (Bool_t pathOnly)
Bool_t AliMUONCDB::CheckMapping (Bool_t segmentationOnly)
Double_t AliMUONCDB::MeanHVValueForDCSAlias (TMap &hvMap, const char *hvChannel)
void AliMUONCDB::CheckHV (Int_t runNumber, Int_t verbose)
void AliMUONCDB::CheckHV_ALIROOT_6402 (const char *runlist, Bool_t verbose)
Bool_t AliMUONCDB::CheckHV_ALIROOT_6402 (Int_t runNumber, Bool_t verbose)
Bool_t AliMUONCDB::IsSt1DCSAliasRemapped (const TString &name)
void AliMUONCDB::PatchHV (TMap &hvMap, TList *messages, Bool_t onlySt1remapped)
Bool_t AliMUONCDB::LoadField ()
Bool_t AliMUONCDB::LoadMapping (Bool_t segmentationOnly)
AliMUONRecoParamAliMUONCDB::LoadRecoParam ()
TClonesArray * AliMUONCDB::LoadAlignmentData ()
void AliMUONCDB::AddDCSValue (TMap &aliasMap, Int_t imeas, const char *smt, const char *sInOut, Int_t rpc, Float_t value)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeHVStore (TMap &aliasMap, Bool_t defaultValues)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeLVStore (TMap &aliasMap, Bool_t defaultValues, time_t refTime)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeTriggerDCSStore (TMap &aliasMap)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakePedestalStore (AliMUONVStore &pedestalStore, Bool_t defaultValues)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeOccupancyMapStore (AliMUONVStore &occupancyMapStore, Bool_t defaultValues)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeBusPatchEvolution (AliMergeableCollection &hc, int timeResolution)
AliMUONRejectListAliMUONCDB::MakeRejectListStore (Bool_t defaultValues)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeLocalTriggerMaskStore (AliMUONVStore &localBoardMasks)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeRegionalTriggerConfigStore (AliMUONRegionalTriggerConfig &rtm)
Int_t AliMUONCDB::MakeGlobalTriggerConfigStore (AliMUONGlobalCrateConfig &gtm)
AliMUONTriggerLutAliMUONCDB::MakeTriggerLUT (const char *file)
AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCellsAliMUONCDB::MakeTriggerEfficiency (const char *file)
AliMUONVStoreAliMUONCDB::Diff (AliMUONVStore &store1, AliMUONVStore &store2, const char *opt)
TH1 ** AliMUONCDB::Plot (const AliMUONVStore &store, const char *name, Int_t nbins)
void AliMUONCDB::ReadIntegers (const char *filename, std::vector< int > &integers)
void AliMUONCDB::ShowConfig (Bool_t withStatusMap)
void AliMUONCDB::ShowFaultyPedestalsBusPatches (const char *runlist, double fractionLimit, double meanLimit, double sigmaLimit, double outputFractionLimit, const char *outputBaseName, const char *ocdbPath)
void AliMUONCDB::ShowFaultyBusPatches (const char *runlist, double occLimit, const char *outputBaseName, const char *ocdbPath)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteToCDB (const char *calibpath, TObject *object, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun, Bool_t defaultValues)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteToCDB (const char *calibpath, TObject *object, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun, const char *filename)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteToCDB (TObject *object, const char *calibpath, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun, const char *comment, const char *responsible)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteMapping (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteTrigger (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteTracker (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteHV (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteHV (const char *inputFile, Int_t runNumber)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteLV (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun, time_t refTime)
void AliMUONCDB::WritePedestals (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteOccupancyMap (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteRejectList (Bool_t defaultValues, Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteConfig (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteBPEVO (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteLocalTriggerMasks (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteRegionalTriggerConfig (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteGlobalTriggerConfig (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteTriggerDCS (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteTriggerLut (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)
void AliMUONCDB::WriteTriggerEfficiency (Int_t startRun, Int_t endRun)