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1 #ifndef ALIESDKINK_H
2 #define ALIESDKINK_H
4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7 /* $Id$ */
9 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 // ESD V0 Vertex Class
11 // This class is part of the Event Summary Data set of classes
12 // Origin: Marian Ivanov
13 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
15 #include <TObject.h>
16 #include "AliExternalTrackParam.h"
17 #include <TPDGCode.h>
19 class AliESDtrack;
21 class AliESDkink : public TObject {
22 public:
23  AliESDkink(); //constructor
24  AliESDkink(const AliESDkink &source); //constructor
25  AliESDkink& operator=(const AliESDkink &source);
26  virtual void Copy(TObject &obj) const;
27  //
28  void SetID(Short_t id){fID=id;}
29  Short_t GetID(){return fID;}
30  void SetMother(const AliExternalTrackParam & pmother);
31  void SetDaughter(const AliExternalTrackParam & pdaughter);
32  Double_t GetTPCDensityFactor() const;
33  Float_t GetQt() const;
34  //
35  Double_t GetR() const {return fRr;}
36  Double_t GetDistance() const {return fDist2;}
37  UChar_t GetTPCRow0() const {return fRow0;}
38  Double_t GetAngle(Int_t i) const {return fAngle[i];}
39  const Double_t *GetPosition() const {return fXr;}
40  const Double_t *GetMotherP() const {return fPm;}
41  const Double_t *GetDaughterP() const {return fPdr;}
42  void SetTPCRow0(Int_t row0){fRow0 = row0;}
43  Int_t GetLabel(Int_t i) const {return fLab[i];}
44  void SetLabel(Int_t label, Int_t pos) {fLab[pos]=label;}
45  Int_t GetIndex(Int_t i) const {return fIndex[i];}
46  void SetIndex(Int_t index, Int_t pos){fIndex[pos]=index;}
47  void SetStatus(Char_t status, Int_t pos){fStatus[pos]=status;}
48  Char_t GetStatus(Int_t pos) const {return fStatus[pos];}
49  void SetTPCncls(UChar_t ncls,Int_t pos) {fTPCncls[pos]=ncls;}
50  const UChar_t *GetTPCncls() const {return fTPCncls;}
51  void SetTPCDensity(Float_t dens, Int_t pos0,Int_t pos1){fTPCdensity[pos0][pos1]=dens;}
52  Double_t GetTPCDensity(Int_t pos0,Int_t pos1) const {return fTPCdensity[pos0][pos1];}
53  Double_t GetShapeFactor() const {return fShapeFactor;}
54  void SetShapeFactor(Float_t factor){fShapeFactor = factor;}
55  void SetMultiple(UChar_t mult,Int_t pos){fMultiple[pos]=mult;}
56  const UChar_t * GetMultiple() const {return fMultiple;}
57  //
60  protected:
65  Double32_t fDist1; //info about closest distance according closest MC - linear DCA
66  Double32_t fDist2; //info about closest distance parabolic DCA
67  //
68  Double32_t fPdr[3]; //momentum at vertex daughter - according approx at DCA
69  Double32_t fXr[3]; //rec. position according helix
70  //
71  Double32_t fPm[3]; //momentum at the vertex mother
72  Double32_t fRr; // rec position of the vertex
74  Double32_t fShapeFactor; // tpc clusters shape factor
75  Double32_t fTPCdensity[2][2]; //[0,1,16]tpc cluster density before and after kink
76  Double32_t fAngle[3]; //[-2*pi,2*pi,16]three angles
78  Int_t fLab[2]; //MC label of the partecle
79  Int_t fIndex[2]; //reconstructed labels of the tracks
81  Short_t fID; // kink ID
83  UChar_t fRow0; // critical pad row number
84  UChar_t fMultiple[2]; //how many times the track's were used
85  UChar_t fTPCncls[2]; //number of clusters for mother particle
87  Char_t fStatus[12]; //status of kink - first 4 mother (ITS,TPC,TRD,TOF) other daughter
90  ClassDef(AliESDkink, 5) // ESD V0 vertex
91 };
93 #endif
Double32_t fAngle[3]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:76
const AliExternalTrackParam & RefParamMother()
Definition: AliESDkink.h:59
Double32_t fDist1
Definition: AliESDkink.h:65
Double32_t fPdr[3]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:68
Double32_t fPm[3]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:71
Float_t GetQt() const
Definition: AliESDkink.cxx:169
Double_t GetDistance() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:36
void SetTPCRow0(Int_t row0)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:42
Double32_t fDist2
Definition: AliESDkink.h:66
const Double_t * GetPosition() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:39
Int_t fLab[2]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:78
Int_t GetIndex(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:45
void SetTPCncls(UChar_t ncls, Int_t pos)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:49
Double_t GetTPCDensity(Int_t pos0, Int_t pos1) const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:52
UChar_t fRow0
Definition: AliESDkink.h:83
Double32_t fXr[3]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:69
Char_t fStatus[12]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:87
const Double_t * GetDaughterP() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:41
Short_t GetID()
Definition: AliESDkink.h:29
Double32_t fTPCdensity[2][2]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:75
const UChar_t * GetTPCncls() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:50
AliExternalTrackParam fParamMother
Definition: AliESDkink.h:63
void SetTPCDensity(Float_t dens, Int_t pos0, Int_t pos1)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:51
void SetIndex(Int_t index, Int_t pos)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:46
UChar_t fMultiple[2]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:84
void SetLabel(Int_t label, Int_t pos)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:44
UChar_t GetTPCRow0() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:37
Short_t fID
Definition: AliESDkink.h:81
const UChar_t * GetMultiple() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:56
void SetID(Short_t id)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:28
virtual void Copy(TObject &obj) const
Definition: AliESDkink.cxx:133
Double32_t fRr
Definition: AliESDkink.h:72
AliESDkink & operator=(const AliESDkink &source)
Definition: AliESDkink.cxx:96
void SetMultiple(UChar_t mult, Int_t pos)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:55
const Double_t * GetMotherP() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:40
Double_t GetAngle(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:38
Char_t GetStatus(Int_t pos) const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:48
Double_t GetTPCDensityFactor() const
Definition: AliESDkink.cxx:162
Double_t GetShapeFactor() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:53
void SetShapeFactor(Float_t factor)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:54
Double_t GetR() const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:35
Int_t GetLabel(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDkink.h:43
Int_t fIndex[2]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:79
void SetStatus(Char_t status, Int_t pos)
Definition: AliESDkink.h:47
void SetDaughter(const AliExternalTrackParam &pdaughter)
Definition: AliESDkink.cxx:154
UChar_t fTPCncls[2]
Definition: AliESDkink.h:85
AliExternalTrackParam fParamDaughter
Definition: AliESDkink.h:62
Double32_t fShapeFactor
Definition: AliESDkink.h:74
void SetMother(const AliExternalTrackParam &pmother)
Definition: AliESDkink.cxx:147
const AliExternalTrackParam & RefParamDaughter()
Definition: AliESDkink.h:58