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MUON Offline Calibration and Alignment

Offline monitoring of the Alignment and Calibration

The macro MUONClusterInfo.C reads the ESDs or RecPoints and creates a tree of AliMUONClusterInfo objects which can be conveniently used to plot track to cluster residuals, cluster and pads properties.


root [0] .L $ALICE_ROOT/MUON/MUONClusterInfo.C+
root [1] MUONClusterInfo(nevents, esdFileName, inFileName, outFileName); 

1) if ( esdFileName != "" ) :

Loop over ESD event and fill AliMUONClusterInfo object with cluster + corresponding track parameters.

2) if ( inFileName != "" ) :

Loop over RecPoints and fill AliMUONClusterInfo object with cluster not attached to a track;

3) Write results in a new root file.

How to run offline calibration and alignment tasks


It is an AliAnalysisTask to align the MUON spectrometer. The Task reads as input ESDs and feeds the MUONTracks to AliMUONAlignment. The alignment itself is performed by AliMillepede. An OCDB entry is written with the alignment parameters. See AddTaskMuonAlignment.C for more details on usage


It is a AliAnalysisTaskSE to recalibrate the MUON spectrometers. The output is a TTree of AliMUONClusterInfo.

The AliMUON*Task are designed to run in an analyis train of the Analysis Framework. The macros AddTaskMuon*.C can be used to add the task to an analysis train. An usage example based on the new standard AnalysisTrainNew.C will be provided soon.

This chapter is defined in the READMEcalign.txt file.