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AliFMDv0 Class Reference

Forward Multiplicity Detector based on Silicon wafers. More...

#include <AliFMDv0.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliFMDv0:

Public Member Functions

 AliFMDv0 ()
 AliFMDv0 (const char *name, const char *title="Coarse geometry")
virtual ~AliFMDv0 ()
virtual Int_t IsVersion () const
virtual void StepManager ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliFMD
 AliFMD ()
 AliFMD (const char *name, const char *title)
virtual ~AliFMD ()
void UseDetailed (Bool_t use=kTRUE)
virtual void CreateGeometry ()
virtual void AddAlignableVolumes () const
virtual void CreateMaterials ()
virtual void Init ()
virtual void FinishEvent ()
virtual void MakeBranch (Option_t *opt=" ")
virtual void SetHitsAddressBranch (TBranch *b)
virtual void SetSDigitsAddressBranch (TBranch *b)
virtual void SetTreeAddress ()
virtual TClonesArray * SDigits ()
virtual void ResetSDigits ()
virtual void AddHit (Int_t track, Int_t *vol, Float_t *hits)
virtual AliFMDHitAddHitByFields (Int_t track, UShort_t detector, Char_t ring, UShort_t sector, UShort_t strip, Float_t x=0, Float_t y=0, Float_t z=0, Float_t px=0, Float_t py=0, Float_t pz=0, Float_t edep=0, Int_t pdg=0, Float_t t=0, Float_t len=0, Bool_t stopped=kFALSE)
virtual void AddDigit (Int_t *digits, Int_t *notused=0)
virtual void AddDigitByFields (UShort_t detector=0, Char_t ring='\0', UShort_t sector=0, UShort_t strip=0, UShort_t count1=0, Short_t count2=-1, Short_t count3=-1, Short_t count4=-1, UShort_t nrefs=0, Int_t *refs=0)
virtual void AddSDigit (Int_t *digits)
virtual void AddSDigitByFields (UShort_t detector=0, Char_t ring='\0', UShort_t sector=0, UShort_t strip=0, Float_t edep=0, UShort_t count1=0, Short_t count2=-1, Short_t count3=-1, Short_t count4=-1, UShort_t ntot=0, UShort_t nprim=0, Int_t *refs=0)
virtual AliDigitizerCreateDigitizer (AliDigitizationInput *digInput) const
virtual void Hits2Digits ()
virtual void Hits2SDigits ()
virtual void Digits2Raw ()
virtual Bool_t Raw2SDigits (AliRawReader *reader)
void Browse (TBrowser *b)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliDetector
 AliDetector (const char *name, const char *title)
 AliDetector ()
virtual ~AliDetector ()
virtual int GetNdigits () const
virtual int GetNhits () const
TClonesArray * Digits () const
TClonesArray * Hits () const
virtual Bool_t IsModule () const
virtual Bool_t IsDetector () const
Int_t GetIshunt () const
void SetIshunt (Int_t ishunt)
virtual void Publish (const char *dir, void *c, const char *name=0) const
virtual void FinishRun ()
virtual void ResetDigits ()
virtual void ResetHits ()
virtual void SetTimeGate (Float_t gate)
virtual Float_t GetTimeGate () const
virtual void DrawModule () const
virtual AliHitFirstHit (Int_t track)
virtual AliHitNextHit ()
virtual void SetBufferSize (Int_t bufsize=8000)
virtual TBranch * MakeBranchInTree (TTree *tree, const char *cname, void *address, Int_t size=32000, const char *file=0)
virtual TBranch * MakeBranchInTree (TTree *tree, const char *cname, const char *name, void *address, Int_t size=32000, Int_t splitlevel=99, const char *file=0)
void MakeTree (Option_t *option)
virtual void RemapTrackHitIDs (Int_t *)
virtual AliLoaderMakeLoader (const char *topfoldername)
void SetLoader (AliLoader *loader)
AliLoaderGetLoader () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliModule
 AliModule (const char *name, const char *title)
 AliModule ()
virtual ~AliModule ()
virtual TArrayI * GetIdtmed () const
virtual TObjArrayPoints () const
virtual Bool_t IsActive () const
virtual void SetActive (Bool_t v=kTRUE)
virtual Bool_t IsFolder () const
virtual Int_t & LoMedium ()
virtual Int_t & HiMedium ()
virtual void AliMaterial (Int_t imat, const char *name, Float_t a, Float_t z, Float_t dens, Float_t radl, Float_t absl, Float_t *buf=0, Int_t nwbuf=0) const
virtual void AliGetMaterial (Int_t imat, char *name, Float_t &a, Float_t &z, Float_t &dens, Float_t &radl, Float_t &absl) const
virtual void AliMixture (Int_t imat, const char *name, Float_t *a, Float_t *z, Float_t dens, Int_t nlmat, Float_t *wmat) const
virtual void AliMedium (Int_t numed, const char *name, Int_t nmat, Int_t isvol, Int_t ifield, Float_t fieldm, Float_t tmaxfd, Float_t stemax, Float_t deemax, Float_t epsil, Float_t stmin, Float_t *ubuf=0, Int_t nbuf=0) const
void AliMatrix (Int_t &nmat, Double_t theta1, Double_t phi1, Double_t theta2, Double_t phi2, Double_t theta3, Double_t phi3) const
virtual void BuildGeometry ()
virtual AliTriggerDetectorCreateTriggerDetector () const
virtual void SDigits2Digits ()
virtual void Digits2Reco ()
virtual void Raw2Digits ()
virtual void QADataMaker (const char *)
virtual void DefineOpticalProperties ()
virtual void PreTrack ()
virtual void PostTrack ()
virtual void FinishPrimary ()
virtual void LoadPoints (Int_t)
virtual void UpdateInternalGeometry ()
virtual void Paint (Option_t *)
virtual void DisableStepManager ()
virtual Bool_t StepManagerIsEnabled () const
virtual Float_t ZMin () const
virtual Float_t ZMax () const
virtual AliTrackReferenceAddTrackReference (Int_t label, Int_t id=-999)
TTree * TreeTR ()
void SetRunLoader (AliRunLoader *runLoader)
virtual void CheckQA ()
AliDigitizationInputGetDigitizationInput () const
void CacheVMCInstance (TVirtualMC *mc)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliModule
static void SetDensityFactor (Float_t density)
static Float_t GetDensityFactor ()
- Protected Types inherited from AliFMD
enum  {
  kSiId, kAirId, kPlasticId, kPcbId,
  kSiChipId, kAlId, kCarbonId, kCopperId,
  kKaptonId, kSteelId
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliFMD
TClonesArray * HitsArray ()
TClonesArray * DigitsArray ()
TClonesArray * SDigitsArray ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliFMD
TClonesArray * fSDigits
Int_t fNsdigits
Bool_t fDetailed
Bool_t fUseOld
Bool_t fUseAssembly
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliDetector
Float_t fTimeGate
Int_t fIshunt
Int_t fNhits
Int_t fNdigits
 Number of hits. More...
Int_t fBufferSize
 Number of digits. More...
Int_t fMaxIterHit
 buffer size for Tree detector branches More...
Int_t fCurIterHit
 Limit for the hit iterator. More...
TClonesArray * fHits
 Counter for the hit iterator. More...
TClonesArray * fDigits
 List of hits for one track only. More...
 List of digits for this detector. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliModule
TVirtualMC * fMC
TArrayI * fIdtmed
 cached MC instance (to avoid calls to thread_local gMC=TVirtualMC::GetMC()) More...
TArrayI * fIdmate
 List of tracking medium numbers. More...
Int_t fLoMedium
 List of material numbers. More...
Int_t fHiMedium
 Minimum tracking medium ID for this Module. More...
Bool_t fActive
 Maximum tracking medium ID for this Module. More...
Bool_t fEnable
Int_t fMaxIterTrackRef
Int_t fCurrentIterTrackRef
 for track refernce iterator routines More...
 for track refernce iterator routines More...
 local pointer to run loader More...
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from AliModule
static Float_t fgDensityFactor = 1.0
 input for sdigits -> digits More...

Detailed Description

Forward Multiplicity Detector based on Silicon wafers.

This class contains the base procedures for the Forward Multiplicity detector Detector consists of 3 sub-detectors FMD1, FMD2, and FMD3, each of which has 1 or 2 rings of silicon sensors.

This contains the coarse version of the FMD - that is, the simulation produces no hits in the FMD volumes, and the sensors are not divided into strips and sectors. Useful for material budget calculations

Definition at line 37 of file AliFMDv0.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliFMDv0::AliFMDv0 ( )


Definition at line 41 of file AliFMDv0.h.

AliFMDv0::AliFMDv0 ( const char *  name,
const char *  title = "Coarse geometry" 



Definition at line 45 of file AliFMDv0.h.

virtual AliFMDv0::~AliFMDv0 ( )


Definition at line 49 of file AliFMDv0.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Int_t AliFMDv0::IsVersion ( void  ) const
Version number - always 0

Implements AliModule.

Definition at line 53 of file AliFMDv0.h.

virtual void AliFMDv0::StepManager ( void  )

Function called at each hit. Empty

Implements AliFMD.

Definition at line 55 of file AliFMDv0.h.

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