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TestEMCALSimulation.C File Reference

Simple macro to test EMCAL simulation. More...

#include <TStopwatch.h>
#include <TSystem.h>
#include "AliSimulation.h"
#include "AliLog.h"
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void TestEMCALSimulation (Int_t nev=10, Bool_t raw=kFALSE)


TString kTransportModel = "None"

Detailed Description

Simple macro to test EMCAL simulation.

Simple macro to test EMCAL simulation. It will take the Config.C macro that is sitting in the same place as the execution is performed. In order to execute this you can do

  • Root5: aliroot -q -b -l $ALICE_ROOT/EMCAL/macros/TestSimuReco/TestEMCALSimulation.C
  • Root6: aliroot -q -b -l $ALICE_ROOT/EMCAL/macros/TestSimuReco/LoadLibForConfig.C $ALICE_ROOT/EMCAL/macros/TestSimuReco/TestEMCALSimulation.C

Or directly in the root prompt root [1] .x LoadLibForConfig.C //Root6 root [2] .x TestEMCALSimulation.C

In order to find all the included classes in the Config.C one should add to the rootlogon.C file some paths gSystem->SetIncludePath("-I$ROOTSYS/include -I$ALICE_ROOT/ -I$ALICE_ROOT/include -I$ALICE_ROOT/ANALYSIS/macros -I$ALICE_ROOT/STEER -I$ALICE_ROOT/STEER/STEER -I$GEANT3DIR/include -I$GEANT3DIR/include/TGeant3"); or do it in the root prompt before execution.

: Jenn Klay, LLNL.
: Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS).

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Function Documentation

void TestEMCALSimulation ( Int_t  nev = 10,
Bool_t  raw = kFALSE 

Main execution method

nevnumber of events to be generated
rawgenerate also raw data from digits?

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TString kTransportModel = "None"

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