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simul.C File Reference

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void simul (Int_t npoints, Double_t diffFactor)
void Merge ()
void DrawdEdxResolExample ()


Int_t kmarkes [5] ={20,21,24,25,23}
Int_t kcolors [5] ={1,2,4,3,6}

Detailed Description

Macro to generate random tracks and clusters. Fast MC - Geant equivalent used

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Function Documentation

void DrawdEdxResolExample ( )

Example analysis to make an space point resolution study

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void Merge ( )

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void simul ( Int_t  npoints,
Double_t  diffFactor 

simulation submit script

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Variable Documentation

Int_t kcolors[5] ={1,2,4,3,6}

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Int_t kmarkes[5] ={20,21,24,25,23}

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