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qatpcAddMetadata.C File Reference
#include "TTree.h"
#include "TPRegexp.h"
#include "TList.h"
#include "AliTreePlayer.h"
#include "TStatToolkit.h"
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void addTPCAliases (TTree *tree)
void addHtmlMetadata (TTree *tree)
void qatpcAddMetadata (TTree *tree, Int_t verbose)

Function Documentation

void addHtmlMetadata ( TTree *  tree)

Definition at line 107 of file qatpcAddMetadata.C.

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void addTPCAliases ( TTree *  tree)

Append QA TPC metadata decribing tree structure, and annotating branche variables. Partialy inspired by CSS ( but not full functionality implemented

Instead of the manual entering all metadatas, arrays of regular expressions defining classes of variables – kineVariablesClass – qaVariableClass – statClassClass – categoryClass


Examples: dcar_negC_1_Err.class: TPC Err FitGX DCAr CSide Neg dcar_negC_1_Err.Title: #sigma x_{G} DCAr C side Q<0 meanMIPvsSector..class: TPC Mean dEdx Sector Class:TVectorT<double> meanMIPvsSector.Title: mean dEdx Sector

Work in progress: include other types of metadata – automatic html metadata – markers and colors for predefined variable (charge, side?) – automatic parser of aliases ?

Usage and debugging of metadata setting:

1.) Metadata can be setup invoking macro: AliExternalInfo info; TTree * tree = info.GetTree("QA.TPC","LHC15o","cpass1_pass1","QA.TPC;QA.TRD;QA.TOF;QA.ITS;QA.EVS;Logbook.detector"); .x $AliRoot_SRC/STAT/Macros/qatpcAddMetadata.C+(tree,4)

 2.) Macro can be executed automatically if proper configuration file leaded AliExternalInfo.cfg - see line:
     QA.TPC.metadataMacro $ALICE_ROOT/STAT/Macros/qatpcAddMetadata.C+

 3.) Printing all metadata:

AliTreePlayer::selectMetadata(tree, "[class==\""]",0)->Print();

3.) Example query particular info: AliTreePlayer::selectMetadata(tree, "[class==\"DCAr&&!Err&&!CHI2"]",0)->Print(); AliTreePlayer::selectMetadata(tree, "[class=="DCAr&&Err"]",0)->Print(); AliTreePlayer::selectMetadata(tree, "[class=="DCAz"]",0)->Print();

AliTreePlayer::selectMetadata(tree,"[class==DCAr&&!Pos&&!Neg",0).Print(); alternative ((TObjArray*)(tree->GetUserInfo()->FindObject("metaTable"))).Print("",TPRegexp("dca.*class"))

Definition at line 58 of file qatpcAddMetadata.C.

Referenced by qatpcAddMetadata().

void qatpcAddMetadata ( TTree *  tree,
Int_t  verbose 

Definition at line 120 of file qatpcAddMetadata.C.