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TKDInterpolator Class Reference

#include <TKDInterpolator.h>

Inheritance diagram for TKDInterpolator:

Public Member Functions

 TKDInterpolator ()
 TKDInterpolator (Int_t ndim, Int_t npoints=0)
 ~TKDInterpolator ()
void AddNode (const TKDNodeInfo &ref)
Bool_t Build (Int_t ndim)
Bool_t Build (Int_t npoints, Int_t ndim)
Int_t GetNodeIndex (const Float_t *p)
Bool_t SetNode (Int_t i, const TKDNodeInfo &ref)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TKDInterpolatorBase
 TKDInterpolatorBase (Int_t size=0)
virtual ~TKDInterpolatorBase ()
Bool_t Bootstrap ()
Double_t Eval (const Double_t *point, Double_t &result, Double_t &error, Bool_t force=kFALSE)
Float_t GetAlpha () const
Int_t GetLambda () const
Int_t GetSize () const
Bool_t GetCOGPoint (Int_t node, Float_t *&coord, Float_t &val, Float_t &error) const
TKDNodeInfoGetNodeInfo (Int_t inode) const
Int_t GetNTNodes () const
Bool_t GetRange (Int_t ax, Float_t &min, Float_t &max) const
void GetStatus (Option_t *opt="")
Bool_t HasStore () const
Bool_t UseCOG () const
Bool_t UseWeights () const
void DrawProjection (UInt_t ax1=0, UInt_t ax2=1)
void SetAlpha (Float_t a)
void SetCOG (Bool_t on=kTRUE)
void SetStore (Bool_t on=kTRUE)
void SetWeights (Bool_t on=kTRUE)

Private Member Functions

 TKDInterpolator (const TKDInterpolator &)
TKDInterpolatoroperator= (const TKDInterpolator &)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TKDInterpolatorBase
enum  EKDInterpolatorBase { kdN = 4, kNhelper = 30 }
enum  EKDInterpolatorBaseBits { kCOG = 0, kSTORE = 1, kWEIGHTS = 2 }
- Protected Attributes inherited from TKDInterpolatorBase
Int_t fNSize
TClonesArray * fNodes
 data dimension More...
UChar_t fStatus
 graphical representation of interpolation nodes More...
UChar_t fLambda
Short_t fDepth
 number of parameters in polynom More...
Float_t fAlpha
 depth of the KD Tree structure used More...
Float_t ** fRefPoints
Double_t * fBuffer
 temporary storage of COG data More...
TKDTree< Int_t, Float_t > * fKDhelper
 working space [2*fLambda] More...
TLinearFitter * fFitter
 kNN finder More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 8 of file TKDInterpolator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TKDInterpolator::TKDInterpolator ( )

Definition at line 12 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

Referenced by Build().

TKDInterpolator::TKDInterpolator ( Int_t  ndim,
Int_t  npoints = 0 

Definition at line 20 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

TKDInterpolator::~TKDInterpolator ( )

Definition at line 30 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

TKDInterpolator::TKDInterpolator ( const TKDInterpolator )

Member Function Documentation

void TKDInterpolator::AddNode ( const TKDNodeInfo ref)

Definition at line 35 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

Bool_t TKDInterpolator::Build ( Int_t  ndim)

Reimplemented from TKDInterpolatorBase.

Reimplemented in TKDSpline.

Definition at line 15 of file TKDInterpolator.h.

Bool_t TKDInterpolator::Build ( Int_t  npoints,
Int_t  ndim 

Definition at line 47 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

Int_t TKDInterpolator::GetNodeIndex ( const Float_t *  p)

Implements TKDInterpolatorBase.

Definition at line 54 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

Referenced by Build().

TKDInterpolator& TKDInterpolator::operator= ( const TKDInterpolator )

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Bool_t TKDInterpolator::SetNode ( Int_t  i,
const TKDNodeInfo ref 

Definition at line 72 of file TKDInterpolator.cxx.

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