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AliMpMotifPosition Class Reference

A placed motif. More...

#include <AliMpMotifPosition.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliMpMotifPosition:

Public Member Functions

 AliMpMotifPosition (Int_t id, AliMpVMotif *motif, Double_t x, Double_t y)
 AliMpMotifPosition ()
virtual ~AliMpMotifPosition ()
virtual AliMpVPadIteratorCreateIterator () const
 Create iterator over this element. More...
Int_t GetID () const
 Return motif position ID = manu id. More...
AliMpVMotifGetMotif () const
 Return motif. More...
Bool_t HasPadByIndices (MpPair_t indices) const
Bool_t HasPadByManuChannel (Int_t manuChannel) const
Double_t GetPositionX () const
 Return x position. More...
Double_t GetPositionY () const
 Return y position. More...
Double_t GetDimensionX () const
 Return x dimension. More...
Double_t GetDimensionY () const
 Return y dimension. More...
void SetID (Int_t id)
void SetPosition (Double_t x, Double_t y)
void Print (Option_t *option="") const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliMpVIndexed
 AliMpVIndexed ()
virtual ~AliMpVIndexed ()
virtual MpPair_t GlobalIndices (MpPair_t localIndices) const
virtual Int_t GlobalIx (Int_t localIx) const
virtual Int_t GlobalIy (Int_t localIy) const
void SetLowIndicesLimit (MpPair_t limit, Bool_t valid=true)
void SetLowIndicesLimit (Int_t ix, Int_t iy, Bool_t valid=true)
void SetHighIndicesLimit (MpPair_t limit, Bool_t valid=true)
void SetHighIndicesLimit (Int_t ix, Int_t iy, Bool_t valid=true)
Bool_t HasIndices (MpPair_t indices) const
Bool_t HasIndices (Int_t ix, Int_t iy) const
Bool_t HasValidIndices () const
MpPair_t GetLowIndicesLimit () const
Int_t GetLowLimitIx () const
Int_t GetLowLimitIy () const
Bool_t IsLowLimitValid () const
MpPair_t GetHighIndicesLimit () const
Int_t GetHighLimitIx () const
Int_t GetHighLimitIy () const
Bool_t IsHighLimitValid () const

Private Member Functions

 AliMpMotifPosition (const AliMpMotifPosition &right)
 Not implemented. More...
AliMpMotifPositionoperator= (const AliMpMotifPosition &right)
 Not implemented. More...

Private Attributes

Int_t fID
 identifier=manu id More...
 motif More...
Double_t fPositionX
 x position More...
Double_t fPositionY
 y position More...

Detailed Description

A placed motif.

David Guez, Ivana Hrivnacova; IPN Orsay

Definition at line 21 of file AliMpMotifPosition.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliMpMotifPosition::AliMpMotifPosition ( Int_t  id,
AliMpVMotif motif,
Double_t  x,
Double_t  y 

Standard constructor

Definition at line 38 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

AliMpMotifPosition::AliMpMotifPosition ( )

Default constructor

Definition at line 50 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

AliMpMotifPosition::~AliMpMotifPosition ( )


Definition at line 61 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

AliMpMotifPosition::AliMpMotifPosition ( const AliMpMotifPosition right)

Not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

AliMpVPadIterator * AliMpMotifPosition::CreateIterator ( ) const

Create iterator over this element.

Return motif position iterator

Implements AliMpVIndexed.

Definition at line 67 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

Double_t AliMpMotifPosition::GetDimensionX ( ) const
Double_t AliMpMotifPosition::GetDimensionY ( ) const
Bool_t AliMpMotifPosition::HasPadByIndices ( MpPair_t  indices) const
Bool_t AliMpMotifPosition::HasPadByManuChannel ( Int_t  manuChannel) const

Return true if pad with the specified manuChannel exists in this motif position.

Definition at line 89 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

Referenced by AliMpFastSegmentation::HasPadByLocation(), AliMpSectorSegmentation::HasPadByLocation(), and AliMpSlatSegmentation::HasPadByLocation().

AliMpMotifPosition& AliMpMotifPosition::operator= ( const AliMpMotifPosition right)

Not implemented.

void AliMpMotifPosition::Print ( Option_t *  option = "") const


Definition at line 118 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

void AliMpMotifPosition::SetID ( Int_t  id)

Set ID

Definition at line 99 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

Referenced by AliMpPCB::Clone().

void AliMpMotifPosition::SetPosition ( Double_t  x,
Double_t  y 

Set position

Definition at line 108 of file AliMpMotifPosition.cxx.

Referenced by AliMpPCB::Clone().

Member Data Documentation

Int_t AliMpMotifPosition::fID

identifier=manu id

Definition at line 58 of file AliMpMotifPosition.h.

Referenced by GetID(), and SetID().

AliMpVMotif* AliMpMotifPosition::fMotif
Double_t AliMpMotifPosition::fPositionX

x position

Definition at line 60 of file AliMpMotifPosition.h.

Referenced by GetPositionX(), and SetPosition().

Double_t AliMpMotifPosition::fPositionY

y position

Definition at line 61 of file AliMpMotifPosition.h.

Referenced by GetPositionY(), and SetPosition().

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