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AliFMDESDRevertexer Class Reference

#include <AliFMDESDRevertexer.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliFMDESDRevertexer:

Public Member Functions

 AliFMDESDRevertexer ()
virtual ~AliFMDESDRevertexer ()
Bool_t Revertex (AliESDFMD *fmdEsd, Double_t vz) const
Bool_t PhysicalCoordinates (UShort_t det, Char_t rng, UShort_t sec, UShort_t str, Double_t vz, Double_t &eta, Double_t &phi, Double_t &r, Double_t &theta) const
Double_t Eta2Theta (Double_t eta) const

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliFMDESDRevertexer::AliFMDESDRevertexer ( )


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virtual AliFMDESDRevertexer::~AliFMDESDRevertexer ( )


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Member Function Documentation

Double_t AliFMDESDRevertexer::Eta2Theta ( Double_t  eta) const

Calculate the polar angle \( \theta\) corresponding to the psuedo-rapidity \( \eta\)

etaPsuedo rapidity \( \eta=-\log[\tan(\theta/2)]\)
Polar angle \( \theta=2\tan^{-1}[\exp(-\eta)]\)

Definition at line 85 of file AliFMDESDRevertexer.cxx.

Referenced by Revertex(), and ~AliFMDESDRevertexer().

Bool_t AliFMDESDRevertexer::PhysicalCoordinates ( UShort_t  det,
Char_t  rng,
UShort_t  sec,
UShort_t  str,
Double_t  vz,
Double_t &  eta,
Double_t &  phi,
Double_t &  r,
Double_t &  theta 
) const

Calculate the physical coordinates (eta, phi) corresponding to the detector coordinates (det, rng, sec, str).

detThe detector identifier
rngThe ring identifier
secThe sector identifier
strThe strip identifier
vzThe z coordinate of the current primary interation vertex
etaOn return, the psuedo-rapidity
phiOn return, the azimuthal angle
rOn return, the radius
thetaOn return, the polar angle

Definition at line 94 of file AliFMDESDRevertexer.cxx.

Referenced by Revertex(), and ~AliFMDESDRevertexer().

Bool_t AliFMDESDRevertexer::Revertex ( AliESDFMD fmdEsd,
Double_t  vz 
) const

Revertex the passed ESD. The passed ESD object will be modified directly.

fmdEsdESD object to revertex.
vzNew Z coordinate of primary vertex.
true on success, false failure.

Definition at line 22 of file AliFMDESDRevertexer.cxx.

Referenced by AliFMDReconstructor::FillESD(), and ~AliFMDESDRevertexer().

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