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AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude Class Reference

Raw data fitting: crude fit. More...

#include <AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude ()
virtual AliCaloFitResults Evaluate (const std::vector< AliCaloBunchInfo > &bunchvector, const UInt_t altrocfg1, const UInt_t altrocfg2)
 Extract signal. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliCaloRawAnalyzer
 AliCaloRawAnalyzer (const char *name="AliCaloRawAnalyzer", const char *nameshort="RawAna")
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~AliCaloRawAnalyzer ()
int PreFitEvaluateSamples (const std::vector< AliCaloBunchInfo > &bunchvector, UInt_t altrocfg1, UInt_t altrocfg2, Int_t &index, Float_t &maxf, short &maxamp, short &maxampindex, Float_t &ped, int &first, int &last, int acut)
 Method to do the selection of what should possibly be fitted. More...
void SetTimeConstraint (int min, int max)
 Require that the bin if the maximum ADC value is between min and max (timebin) More...
void SetVerbose (bool verbose=true)
void SetIsZeroSuppressed (bool iszs=true)
void SetAmpCut (Float_t cut)
void SetFitArrayCut (Int_t cut)
void SetNsampleCut (Int_t cut)
void SetOverflowCut (Int_t cut)
void SetNsamplePed (Int_t i)
void SetL1Phase (Double_t phase)
bool GetIsZeroSuppressed () const
Float_t GetAmpCut () const
Int_t GetFitArrayCut () const
Int_t GetNsampleCut () const
Int_t GetOverflowCut () const
Int_t GetNsamplePed () const
Double_t GetReversed (const int i) const
const char * GetAlgoName () const
const char * GetAlgoAbbr () const
Algo::fitAlgorithm GetAlgo () const
Float_t GetTau () const
void SetTau (Float_t tau)
Bool_t GetFixTau () const
void SetFixTau (Bool_t b)
Double_t CalculateChi2 (const Double_t amp, const Double_t time, const Int_t first, const Int_t last, const Double_t adcErr=1, const Double_t tau=2.35) const
void CalculateMeanAndRMS (const Int_t first, const Int_t last, Double_t &mean, Double_t &rms)
short Max (const AliCaloBunchInfo *const bunch, int *maxindex) const
 Get maximum in bunch array. More...
UShort_t Max (const UShort_t *data, const int length) const
 Get maximum of array. More...
bool CheckBunchEdgesForMax (const AliCaloBunchInfo *const bunch) const
 A bunch is considered invalid if the maximum is in the first or last time-bin. More...
bool IsInTimeRange (const int maxindex, const int maxtime, const int mintime) const
 Check if the index of the max ADC vaue is consistent with trigger. More...
Float_t ReverseAndSubtractPed (const AliCaloBunchInfo *bunch, UInt_t altrocfg1, UInt_t altrocfg2, double *outarray) const
int SelectBunch (const std::vector< AliCaloBunchInfo > &bunchvector, short *maxampbin, short *maxamplitude)
 We select the bunch with the highest amplitude unless any time constraints is set. More...
void SelectSubarray (const Double_t *date, int length, short maxindex, int *first, int *last, int cut) const
Float_t EvaluatePedestal (const UShort_t *const data, const int length) const
 Pedestal evaluation if not zero suppressed. More...


class AliCaloRawAnalyzerFactory

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AliCaloRawAnalyzer
static void PrintBunches (const std::vector< AliCaloBunchInfo > &bunchvector)
 Print bunch vector infomation. More...
static void PrintBunch (const AliCaloBunchInfo &bunch)
 Print bunch information. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliCaloRawAnalyzer
Double_t fReversed [ALTROMAXSAMPLES]
 Reversed sequence of samples (pedestalsubtracted) More...
int fMinTimeIndex
 The timebin of the max signal value must be between fMinTimeIndex and fMaxTimeIndex. More...
int fMaxTimeIndex
 The timebin of the max signal value must be between fMinTimeIndex and fMaxTimeIndex. More...
int fFitArrayCut
 Cut on ADC value (after ped. subtraction) for signals used for fit. More...
Float_t fAmpCut
 Max ADC - pedestal must be higher than this befor attemting to extract the amplitude. More...
int fNsampleCut
 Minimum number of sample require before attemting to extract signal parameters. More...
int fOverflowCut
 Value when ADC starts to saturate. More...
int fNsamplePed
 Number of samples used for pedestal calculation (first in bunch) More...
bool fIsZerosupressed
 Wether or not the data is zeros supressed, by default its assumed that the baseline is also subtracted if set to true. More...
bool fVerbose
 Print debug information to std out if set to true. More...
char fName [256]
 Name of the algorithm. More...
char fNameShort [256]
 Abbrevation for the name. More...
Algo::fitAlgorithm fAlgo
 Which algorithm to use. More...
Double_t fL1Phase
 Phase of the ADC sampling clock relative to the LHC clock. More...
Double_t fAmp
 The amplitude in entities of ADC counts. More...
Double_t fTof
 The amplitude in entities of ADC counts. More...
Float_t fTau
 Rise time of the signal (peak position = t0 +tau), by defauly it is 235 ns. More...
Bool_t fFixTau
 Fixed fit parameter or not, used in AliCaloRawAnalyzerFitter. More...

Detailed Description

Raw data fitting: crude fit.

Evaluation of amplitude as max sample value - pedestal Not very accurate, but very robust

Per Thomas Hille, Yale.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude::AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude ( )


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virtual AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude::~AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude ( )

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Member Function Documentation

AliCaloFitResults AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude::Evaluate ( const std::vector< AliCaloBunchInfo > &  bunchvector,
const UInt_t  altrocfg1,
const UInt_t  altrocfg2 

Extract signal.

Implements AliCaloRawAnalyzer.

Definition at line 41 of file AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class AliCaloRawAnalyzerFactory

Definition at line 26 of file AliCaloRawAnalyzerCrude.h.

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