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ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage.C File Reference

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void ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage (const Char_t *lastOCDBEntry, Int_t iHLTusage, const Char_t *newStoragePath="local:///tmp/ocdb", const Char_t *author="Jochen Thaeder", const Char_t *alirootVersion="05-01-Release")

Detailed Description

ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage Changes the Input for Reconstruction ( TPC RAW data or HLT TPC clusters ) 1 -> only TPC raw/sim data 2 -> if present TPC raw/sim data, otherwise HLT clusters 3 -> only HLT clusters 4 -> if present HLT clusters, otherwise TPC raw/sim data


aliroot -b -q ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage.C'("/lustre/alice/alien/alice/data/2011/OCDB/TPC/Calib/RecoParam/Run136844_999999999_v2_s0.root",3,"local:///tmp/ocdb/")'

Definition in file ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage.C.

Function Documentation

void ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage ( const Char_t *  lastOCDBEntry,
Int_t  iHLTusage 

Definition at line 15 of file ModifyRecoParamHLTUsage.C.