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MakeOCDBDiff.C File Reference

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Bool_t MakeOCDBDiff (const char *ocdb1, const char *ocdb2)

Detailed Description

.L $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/macros//MakeOCDBDiff.C

Definition in file MakeOCDBDiff.C.

Function Documentation

Bool_t MakeOCDBDiff ( const char *  ocdb1,
const char *  ocdb2 

Compare by by byte the content of the OCDB entry Input parameters: ocdb1 - path to the OCDB file1 ocdb2 - path to the OCDB file2 Return value: kTRUE - in case the content of the OCDB object (persistent part) is exactly the same kFALSE - othewise

Definition at line 7 of file MakeOCDBDiff.C.