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MUONFakes.C File Reference
#include <TFile.h>
#include <TH1.h>
#include <TCanvas.h>
#include <Riostream.h>
#include <TROOT.h>
#include <TObjArray.h>
#include <TArrayI.h>
#include "AliLog.h"
#include "AliESDEvent.h"
#include "AliESDMuonTrack.h"
#include "AliCDBManager.h"
#include "AliMUONCDB.h"
#include "AliMUONTrack.h"
#include "AliMUONVTrackStore.h"
#include "AliMUONTrackParam.h"
#include "AliMUONESDInterface.h"
#include "AliMUONRecoCheck.h"
#include "AliMUONVCluster.h"
#include "AliMUONRecoParam.h"
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Int_t RemoveConnectedFakes (AliMUONVTrackStore &fakeTrackStore, AliMUONVTrackStore &trackRefStore, Bool_t useLabel, TH1F &hFractionOfConnectedClusters)
void MUONFakes (Bool_t useLabel=kFALSE, Int_t FirstEvent=0, Int_t LastEvent=-1, const TString esdFileName="AliESDs.root", const TString SimDir="./generated/", const TString ocdbPath="local://$ALICE_ROOT/OCDB")


UInt_t requestedStationMask = 0
Bool_t request2ChInSameSt45 = kFALSE
Double_t sigmaCut = -1.

Detailed Description

Ph. Pillot, Subatech, March. 2009

Macro to study fake tracks by comparing reconstructed tracks with TrackRefs Results are saved in the root file Fakes.root Results are relevent provided that you use the same recoParams as for the reconstruction

Definition in file MUONFakes.C.

Function Documentation

void MUONFakes ( Bool_t  useLabel = kFALSE,
Int_t  FirstEvent = 0,
Int_t  LastEvent = -1,
const TString  esdFileName = "AliESDs.root",
const TString  SimDir = "./generated/",
const TString  ocdbPath = "local://$ALICE_ROOT/OCDB" 

Definition at line 45 of file MUONFakes.C.

Int_t RemoveConnectedFakes ( AliMUONVTrackStore fakeTrackStore,
AliMUONVTrackStore trackRefStore,
Bool_t  useLabel,
TH1F &  hFractionOfConnectedClusters 

loop over reconstructible TrackRef not associated with reconstructed track: for each of them, find and remove the most connected the fake track, if any, and fill the histograms with the fraction of connected clusters. Return the number of reconstructible track not connected to any fake

Definition at line 381 of file MUONFakes.C.

Referenced by MUONFakes().

Variable Documentation

Bool_t request2ChInSameSt45 = kFALSE
UInt_t requestedStationMask = 0
Double_t sigmaCut = -1.

Definition at line 39 of file MUONFakes.C.

Referenced by MUONFakes(), and RemoveConnectedFakes().