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LandauTest.C File Reference
#include "TH1.h"
#include "TH2.h"
#include "TFile.h"
#include "TTree.h"
#include "TRandom.h"
#include "TPad.h"
#include "TCanvas.h"
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class  TLandauMean


void GenerLandau (Int_t nsamples)
TH1F * LandauTest (Float_t meano, Float_t sigma, Float_t meanlog0, Int_t n, Float_t ratio)

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void GenerLandau ( Int_t  nsamples)

Definition at line 171 of file LandauTest.C.

TH1F* LandauTest ( Float_t  meano,
Float_t  sigma,
Float_t  meanlog0,
Int_t  n,
Float_t  ratio 

test for different approach of de dx resolution meano, sigma - mean value of Landau distribution and sigma meanlog0 - scaling factor for logarithmic mean value n - number of used layers ratio - ratio of used amplitudes for truncated mean

Definition at line 195 of file LandauTest.C.