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CreateGainMap.C File Reference

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AliTPCCalPadCreateGainMap (AliTPCCalPad *krypFitMean, AliTPCCalPad *krypFitRMS, AliTPCCalPad *noiseMap=0, AliTPCCalPad *krypSpectrMean=0, AliTPCCalPad *krypChi2=0, AliTPCCalPad *pulser=0, AliTPCCalPad *electrode=0)
void MakeCalibTree (char *inputKr="calibKr.root", char *inputCE="fitCE.root", char *inputPulser=0)
void LoadViewer ()
void Fit ()


AliTPCCalibViewerGUIviewer =0
TTree * tree =0

Detailed Description

This macro creates a gain map for the TPC based on the results of the Krypton calibration. The main steps are the following:

  1. Define outlier-pads where the krypton calibration was not succesful
  2. A parabolic fit for the whole chamber is performed
  3. replace outliers with fitted values
  4. normalize separately IROCs and OROCs

For more details see below.

TFile f("calibKr.root")
AliTPCCalPad * kryptonRaw = new AliTPCCalPad(*fitMean)
AliTPCCalPad * kryptonMean = new AliTPCCalPad(*spectrMean)
AliTPCCalPad * kryptonChi2 = new AliTPCCalPad(*fitNormChi2)
AliTPCCalPad * kryptonRMS = new AliTPCCalPad(*fitRMS)
AliTPCCalPad * final = CreateGainMap(kryptonRaw, kryptonRMS)
TFile *h = new TFile("GainMap.root", "RECREATE")

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Function Documentation

AliTPCCalPad* CreateGainMap ( AliTPCCalPad krypFitMean,
AliTPCCalPad krypFitRMS,
AliTPCCalPad noiseMap = 0,
AliTPCCalPad krypSpectrMean = 0,
AliTPCCalPad krypChi2 = 0,
AliTPCCalPad pulser = 0,
AliTPCCalPad electrode = 0 

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void Fit ( )

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void LoadViewer ( )

Load calib Viewer

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void MakeCalibTree ( char *  inputKr = "calibKr.root",
char *  inputCE = "fitCE.root",
char *  inputPulser = 0 

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Variable Documentation

TTree* tree =0

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Referenced by Fit(), and LoadViewer().

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