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4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
12 #include "AliTPCCorrection.h"
15 public:
17  virtual ~AliTPCExBEffective();
18  // initialization and update functions
19  virtual void Init();
20  virtual void Update(const TTimeStamp &timeStamp);
21  // common setters and getters for ExB
22  virtual void SetOmegaTauT1T2(Float_t omegaTau,Float_t t1,Float_t t2) {
23  fT1=t1; fT2=t2;
24  const Float_t wt1=t1*omegaTau; fC1=wt1/(1.+wt1*wt1);
25  const Float_t wt2=t2*omegaTau; fC0=1/(1.+wt2*wt2);
26  };
27  Float_t GetC1() const {return fC1;}
28  Float_t GetC0() const {return fC0;}
29  Double_t GetSum(const TMatrixD& pol, const TMatrixD&coef, Double_t r, Double_t drift, Double_t phi, Int_t coord=0) const;
30  void SetPolynoms(const TMatrixD *polA, const TMatrixD *polC);
31  void SetCoeficients(const TMatrixD *valA,const TMatrixD *valC);
32  void Print(const Option_t* option) const;
34 public:
35  virtual void GetCorrection(const Float_t x[],const Short_t roc,Float_t dx[]);
37 private:
38  Double_t fC0;
39  Double_t fC1;
40  TMatrixD *fPolynomA;
41  TMatrixD *fPolynomC;
42  TMatrixD *fPolynomValA;
43  TMatrixD *fPolynomValC;
48  ClassDef(AliTPCExBEffective,1);
50 };
52 #endif
void SetPolynoms(const TMatrixD *polA, const TMatrixD *polC)
virtual void Update(const TTimeStamp &timeStamp)
TMatrixD * fPolynomValC
correction polynoms coefficient C
virtual void SetOmegaTauT1T2(Float_t omegaTau, Float_t t1, Float_t t2)
Double_t GetSum(const TMatrixD &pol, const TMatrixD &coef, Double_t r, Double_t drift, Double_t phi, Int_t coord=0) const
Correct for the rest of ExB effect which are not covered by physical models.
Float_t GetC0() const
Double_t fT1
tensor term of wt - T1
TMatrixD * fPolynomValA
correction polynoms coefficient A
AliTPCCorrection class.
virtual void GetCorrection(const Float_t x[], const Short_t roc, Float_t dx[])
AliTPCExBEffective & operator=(const AliTPCExBEffective &)
void Print(const Option_t *option) const
Double_t fC0
coefficient C0 (compare Jim Thomas's notes for definitions)
Double_t fT2
tensor term of wt - T2
void SetCoeficients(const TMatrixD *valA, const TMatrixD *valC)
TMatrixD * fPolynomA
correction polynoms A
Float_t GetC1() const
TMatrixD * fPolynomC
correction polynoms C
Double_t fC1
coefficient C1 (compare Jim Thomas's notes for definitions)