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AliLHCDipValT.h File Reference
#include <typeinfo>
#include <TString.h>
#include <TObjString.h>
#include <TObject.h>
#include "AliLog.h"
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class  AliLHCDipValT< Element >


typedef AliLHCDipValT< Double_t > AliLHCDipValD
typedef AliLHCDipValT< Float_t > AliLHCDipValF
typedef AliLHCDipValT< Int_t > AliLHCDipValI
typedef AliLHCDipValT< Char_t > AliLHCDipValC

Typedef Documentation

typedef AliLHCDipValT<Char_t> AliLHCDipValC

Definition at line 261 of file AliLHCDipValT.h.

typedef AliLHCDipValT<Double_t> AliLHCDipValD

Definition at line 258 of file AliLHCDipValT.h.

typedef AliLHCDipValT<Float_t> AliLHCDipValF

Definition at line 259 of file AliLHCDipValT.h.

typedef AliLHCDipValT<Int_t> AliLHCDipValI

Definition at line 260 of file AliLHCDipValT.h.