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AliExternalTrackParam.h File Reference
#include "TMath.h"
#include "AliVTrack.h"
#include "AliVMisc.h"
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class  AliExternalTrackParam


const Double_t kVeryBig =1./kAlmost0
const Double_t kMostProbablePt =0.35
const Double_t kC0max =100*100
const Double_t kC2max =100*100
const Double_t kC5max =1*1
const Double_t kC9max =1*1
const Double_t kC14max =100*100

Variable Documentation

const Double_t kC0max =100*100
const Double_t kC14max =100*100
const Double_t kC2max =100*100
const Double_t kC5max =1*1
const Double_t kC9max =1*1
const Double_t kMostProbablePt =0.35

Definition at line 26 of file AliExternalTrackParam.h.