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3 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7 /* $Id$ */
9 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 // Class AliEventTag
11 // This is the class to deal with the tags for the event level
12 //
13 // Origin: Panos Christakoglou, UOA-CERN,
14 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
16 #include "TObject.h"
17 #include "TString.h"
19 //___________________________________________________________________________
20 class AliEventTag : public TObject {
21  public:
22  AliEventTag();
23  AliEventTag(const AliEventTag & t);
24  virtual ~AliEventTag();
26  AliEventTag &operator=(const AliEventTag &rhs);
28  //____________________________________________________//
29  void SetPeriodNumber(UInt_t n) {fPeriodNumber = n;}
30  void SetOrbitNumber(UInt_t n) {fOrbitNumber = n;}
31  void SetBunchCrossNumber(UShort_t n) {fBunchCrossNumber = n;}
33  //*T* void SetFiredTriggerClasses(TString names) {fFiredTriggerClasses = names;}
34  void SetEventType(UInt_t ntype) {fEventType = ntype;}
35  void SetPhysicsFlag(UShort_t nflag) {fPhysicsFlag = nflag;}
36  void SetBackgroungFlag(UShort_t nflag) {fBackgroundFlag = nflag;}
38 /* void SetGUID(TString Pid); */
39 /* void SetPath(TString Pid); */
40 /* void SetMD5(TString Pid); */
41 /* void SetTURL(TString Pid); */
42 /* void SetSize(Long64_t i); */
45  void SetImpactParameter(Float_t Pimpact) {fImpactParameter = Pimpact;}
46  void SetVertexX(Float_t Pvx) {fPrimaryVertexX = Pvx;}
47  void SetVertexY(Float_t Pvy) {fPrimaryVertexY = Pvy;}
48  void SetVertexZ(Float_t Pvz) {fPrimaryVertexZ = Pvz;}
49  void SetVertexFlag(Int_t i) {fPrimaryVertexFlag = i;}
51  void SetTriggerMask(ULong64_t Ptr) {fTriggerMask = Ptr;}
52  void SetTriggerMaskNext50(ULong64_t Ptr) {fTriggerMaskNext50 = Ptr;}
53  void SetTriggerCluster(UChar_t n) {fTriggerCluster = n;}
54  void SetZDCNeutron1Energy(Float_t Pen) {fZDCNeutron1Energy = Pen;}
55  void SetZDCProton1Energy(Float_t Pen) {fZDCProton1Energy = Pen;}
56  void SetZDCNeutron2Energy(Float_t Pen) {fZDCNeutron2Energy = Pen;}
57  void SetZDCProton2Energy(Float_t Pen) {fZDCProton2Energy = Pen;}
58  void SetZDCEMEnergy(Float_t Pen1, Float_t Pen2)
59  {fZDCEMEnergy[0]=Pen1; fZDCEMEnergy[1]=Pen2;}
60  void SetT0VertexZ(Float_t Pvz) {fT0VertexZ = Pvz;}
61  void SetNumOfTracks(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfTracks = Ptr;}
62  void SetNumOfPosTracks(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfPositiveTracks = Ptr;}
63  void SetNumOfNegTracks(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfNegativeTracks = Ptr;}
65  void SetNumOfV0s(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfV0s = Ptr;}
66  void SetNumOfCascades(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfCascades = Ptr;}
67  void SetNumOfKinks(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfKinks = Ptr;}
68  void SetNumOfPMDTracks(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfPMDTracks = Ptr;}
69  void SetNumOfFMDTracks(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfFMDTracks = Ptr;}
74  void SetMaxJetEnergy(Float_t f) {fMaxJetEnergy = f;}
85  void SetNumOfElectrons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfElectrons = Ptr;}
86  void SetNumOfFWMuons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfFWMuons = Ptr;}
88  void SetNumOfMuons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfMuons = Ptr;}
89  void SetNumOfPions(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfPions = Ptr;}
90  void SetNumOfKaons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfKaons = Ptr;}
91  void SetNumOfProtons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfProtons = Ptr;}
92  void SetNumOfLambdas(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfLambdas = Ptr;}
93  void SetNumOfPhotons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfPhotons = Ptr;}
94  void SetNumOfPi0s(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfPi0s = Ptr;}
95  void SetNumOfNeutrons(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfNeutrons = Ptr;}
96  void SetNumOfKaon0s(Int_t Ptr) {fNumberOfKaon0s = Ptr;}
97  void SetTotalMomentum(Float_t P) {fTotalP = P;}
98  void SetMeanPt(Float_t Pt) {fMeanPt = Pt;}
99  void SetMaxPt(Float_t Pt) {fMaxPt = Pt;}
100  void SetEtaMaxPt(Float_t eta) {fEtaMaxPt = eta;}
101  void SetPhiMaxPt(Float_t phi) {fPhiMaxPt = phi;}
103  void SetNeutralMeanPt(Float_t f) {fMeanNeutralPt = f;}
104  void SetNeutralMaxPt(Float_t f) {fMaxNeutralPt = f;}
106  void SetHBTRadii(Float_t f) {fHBTRadii = f;}
108  //First physics
113  void SetMTotV0A(Float_t mult) {fMTotV0A = mult;}
114  void SetMTotV0C(Float_t mult) {fMTotV0C = mult;}
115  void SetNbPMV0A(Short_t npmt) {fNbPMV0A = npmt;}
116  void SetNbPMV0C(Short_t npmt) {fNbPMV0C = npmt;}
117  void SetEventId(Int_t /*id*/) {;}
118  //____________________________________________________//
119  UInt_t GetPeriodNumber() const {return fPeriodNumber;}
120  UInt_t GetOrbitNumber() const {return fOrbitNumber;}
121  UShort_t GetBunchCrossNumber() const {return fBunchCrossNumber;}
123  //*T* TString GetFiredTriggerClasses() const {return fFiredTriggerClasses;}
124  TString GetFiredTriggerClasses(TString actclass) const; //*T* {return fFiredTriggerClasses;}
125  UInt_t GetEventType() const {return fEventType;}
126  UShort_t GetPhysicsFlag() const {return fPhysicsFlag;}
127  UShort_t GetBackgroundFlag() const {return fBackgroundFlag;}
129 /* const char *GetGUID() const {return ((AliFileTag *) fFileRef.GetObject())->GetGUID();} */
130 /* const char *GetPath() const {return ((AliFileTag *) fFileRef.GetObject())->GetPath();} */
131 /* const char *GetMD5() const {return ((AliFileTag *) fFileRef.GetObject())->GetMD5();} */
132 /* const char *GetTURL() const {return ((AliFileTag *) fFileRef.GetObject())->GetTURL();} */
133 /* Long64_t GetSize() const {return ((AliFileTag *) fFileRef.GetObject())->GetSize();} */
136  Float_t GetImpactParameter() const {return fImpactParameter;}
137  Float_t GetVertexX() const {return fPrimaryVertexX;}
138  Float_t GetVertexY() const {return fPrimaryVertexY;}
139  Float_t GetVertexZ() const {return fPrimaryVertexZ;}
140  Int_t GetVertexFlag() const {return fPrimaryVertexFlag;}
141  Float_t GetVertexZError() const {return fPrimaryVertexZError;}
142  ULong64_t GetTriggerMask() const {return fTriggerMask;}
143  ULong64_t GetTriggerMaskNext50() const {return fTriggerMaskNext50;}
144  UChar_t GetTriggerCluster() const {return fTriggerCluster;}
145  Float_t GetZDCNeutron1Energy() const {return fZDCNeutron1Energy;}
146  Float_t GetZDCProton1Energy() const {return fZDCProton1Energy;}
147  Float_t GetZDCNeutron2Energy() const {return fZDCNeutron2Energy;}
148  Float_t GetZDCProton2Energy() const {return fZDCProton2Energy;}
149  Float_t GetZDCEMEnergy(Int_t i) const {return fZDCEMEnergy[i];}
150  Float_t GetT0VertexZ() const {return fT0VertexZ;}
151  Int_t GetNumOfTracks() const {return fNumberOfTracks;}
155  Int_t GetNumOfV0s() const {return fNumberOfV0s;}
156  Int_t GetNumOfCascades() const {return fNumberOfCascades;}
157  Int_t GetNumOfKinks() const {return fNumberOfKinks;}
158  Int_t GetNumOfPMDTracks() const {return fNumberOfPMDTracks;}
159  Int_t GetNumOfFMDTracks() const {return fNumberOfFMDTracks;}
164  Float_t GetMaxJetEnergy() const {return fMaxJetEnergy;}
165  Float_t GetMaxNeutralEnergy() const {return fMaxNeutralEnergy;}
175  Int_t GetNumOfElectrons() const {return fNumberOfElectrons;}
176  Int_t GetNumOfFWMuons() const {return fNumberOfFWMuons;}
178  Int_t GetNumOfMuons() const {return fNumberOfMuons;}
179  Int_t GetNumOfPions() const {return fNumberOfPions;}
180  Int_t GetNumOfKaons() const {return fNumberOfKaons;}
181  Int_t GetNumOfProtons() const {return fNumberOfProtons;}
182  Int_t GetNumOfLambdas() const {return fNumberOfLambdas;}
183  Int_t GetNumOfPhotons() const {return fNumberOfPhotons;}
184  Int_t GetNumOfPi0s() const {return fNumberOfPi0s;}
185  Int_t GetNumOfNeutrons() const {return fNumberOfNeutrons;}
186  Int_t GetNumOfKaon0s() const {return fNumberOfKaon0s;}
187  Float_t GetTotalMomentum() const {return fTotalP;}
188  Float_t GetMeanPt() const {return fMeanPt;}
189  Float_t GetMaxPt() const {return fMaxPt;}
190  Float_t GetEtaMaxPt() const {return fEtaMaxPt;}
191  Float_t GetPhiMaxPt() const {return fPhiMaxPt;}
192  Float_t GetNeutralTotalMomentum() const {return fTotalNeutralP;}
193  Float_t GetNeutralMeanPt() const {return fMeanNeutralPt;}
194  Float_t GetNeutralMaxPt() const {return fMaxNeutralPt;}
195  Float_t GetEventPlaneAngle() const {return fEventPlaneAngle;}
196  Float_t GetHBTRadii() const {return fHBTRadii;}
198  //First physics
203  Float_t GetMTotV0A() const {return fMTotV0A;}
204  Float_t GetMTotV0C() const {return fMTotV0C;}
205  Short_t GetNbPMV0A() const {return fNbPMV0A;}
206  Short_t GetNbPMV0C() const {return fNbPMV0C;}
208  //____________________________________________________//
209  private:
210  UInt_t fPeriodNumber; //The period number
211  UInt_t fOrbitNumber; //The orbit number
212  UShort_t fBunchCrossNumber; //The BC number
213  //*T* TString fFiredTriggerClasses; //List of the fired trigger class names
214  UInt_t fEventType; //event type == 7 ==> PHYSICS_EVENT
215  UShort_t fPhysicsFlag; //1 - flagged as correct physics event
216  UShort_t fBackgroundFlag; //1 - flagged by the background rejection procedure
218 /* TString fGUID; //The unique identifier of the file */
219 /* TString fPath; //The file's path (local storage) */
220 /* Long64_t fsize; //the size of the file */
221 /* TString fmd5; //another file identifier */
222 /* TString fturl; //the file's url */
223  Int_t fNumberOfParticipants; //Number of participants - side C
224  Int_t fNumberOfParticipants2; //Number of participants - side A
225  Float_t fImpactParameter; //The impact parameter
226  Int_t fPrimaryVertexFlag; //Primary vertex flag: 0->not found, 1->found
227  Float_t fPrimaryVertexX; //Primary vertex - X coordinate
228  Float_t fPrimaryVertexY; //Primary vertex - Y coordinate
229  Float_t fPrimaryVertexZ; //Primary vertex - Z coordinate
230  Float_t fPrimaryVertexZError; //Primary vertex - Z coordinate - error
231  ULong64_t fTriggerMask; //Information from trigger (trigger mask)
232  ULong64_t fTriggerMaskNext50; //Information from trigger (trigger mask)
233  UChar_t fTriggerCluster; // Trigger cluster (mask)
234  Float_t fZDCNeutron1Energy; //ZDC info - neutron
235  Float_t fZDCProton1Energy; //ZDC info - proton
236  Float_t fZDCNeutron2Energy; //ZDC info - neutron
237  Float_t fZDCProton2Energy; //ZDC info - proton
238  Float_t fZDCEMEnergy[2]; //ZDC info - em
239  Float_t fT0VertexZ; //T0 info
240  Int_t fNumberOfTracks; //Multiplicity
241  Int_t fNumberOfPositiveTracks; //Multiplicity of positive tracks
242  Int_t fNumberOfNegativeTracks; //Multiplicity of negative tracks
243  Int_t fNumberOfNeutralTracks; //Multiplicity of neutral tracks
244  Int_t fNumberOfV0s; //Number of V0s
245  Int_t fNumberOfCascades; //Number of cascades
246  Int_t fNumberOfKinks; //Number of kinks
247  Int_t fNumberOfPMDTracks; //PMD tracks
248  Int_t fNumberOfFMDTracks; //FMD tracks
249  Int_t fNumberOfPHOSClusters; //PHOS clusters
250  Int_t fNumberOfEMCALClusters; //EMCAL clusters
251  Int_t fNumberOfJetCandidates; //Jet candidates
252  Float_t fMaxJetEnergy; //jet energy info
253  Int_t fNumberOfHardPhotonsCandidates; //Hard photons candidates
254  Float_t fMaxNeutralEnergy; //neutral energy info
255  Int_t fNumberOfChargedAbove1GeV; //Number of charged above 1 GeV/c
256  Int_t fNumberOfChargedAbove3GeV; //Number of charged above 3 GeV/c
257  Int_t fNumberOfChargedAbove10GeV; //Number of charged above 10 GeV/c
258  Int_t fNumberOfMuonsAbove1GeV; //Number of muons above 1 GeV/c
259  Int_t fNumberOfMuonsAbove3GeV; //Number of muons above 3 GeV/c
260  Int_t fNumberOfMuonsAbove10GeV; //Number of muons above 10 GeV/c
261  Int_t fNumberOfElectronsAbove1GeV; //Number of electrons above 1 GeV/c
262  Int_t fNumberOfElectronsAbove3GeV; //Number of electrons above 3 GeV/c
263  Int_t fNumberOfElectronsAbove10GeV; //Number of electrons above 10 GeV/c
264  Int_t fNumberOfElectrons; //Number of electrons
265  Int_t fNumberOfFWMuons; //Number of forward muons
266  Int_t fNumberOfFWMatchedMuons; //Number of forward matched muons
267  Int_t fNumberOfMuons; //Number of muons
268  Int_t fNumberOfPions; //Number of pions
269  Int_t fNumberOfKaons; //Number of kaons
270  Int_t fNumberOfProtons; //Number of protons
271  Int_t fNumberOfLambdas; //Number of lambdas
272  Int_t fNumberOfPhotons; //Number of photons
273  Int_t fNumberOfPi0s; //Number of pi0
274  Int_t fNumberOfNeutrons; //Number of neutrons
275  Int_t fNumberOfKaon0s; //Number of Ks
276  Float_t fTotalP; //Sum of the momentum per event
277  Float_t fMeanPt; //Mean Pt per event
278  Float_t fMaxPt; //Max Pt for each event
279  Float_t fEtaMaxPt; //Eta of the particle with max pt (leading particle)
280  Float_t fPhiMaxPt; //Phi of the particle with max pt (leading particle)
281  Float_t fTotalNeutralP; //Sum of the momentum per event for neutral
282  Float_t fMeanNeutralPt; //Mean Pt per event for neutral
283  Float_t fMaxNeutralPt; //Max Pt for each event for neutral
284  Float_t fEventPlaneAngle; //event plane info
285  Float_t fHBTRadii; //HBT info
287  //First physics
288  Int_t fNumberOfFiredChipsLayer1; //number of fired chips - layer 1
289  Int_t fNumberOfFiredChipsLayer2; //number of fired chips - layer 2
290  Int_t fNumberOfSPDTracklets; //number of SPD tracklets
292  Float_t fMTotV0A; //Total multiplicity in V0 A side
293  Float_t fMTotV0C; //Total multiplicity in V0 C side
294  Short_t fNbPMV0A; //Total number of fired channels in V0 A side
295  Short_t fNbPMV0C; //Total number of fired channels in V0 C side
297  ClassDef(AliEventTag,18) //(ClassName, ClassVersion)
298  };
299 //___________________________________________________________________________
302 #endif
Int_t GetNumOfMuonsAbove3GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:170
void SetMaxNeutralEnergy(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:75
Int_t GetNumOfParticipants() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:134
Float_t GetMTotV0A() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:203
Float_t fZDCProton1Energy
Definition: AliEventTag.h:235
Int_t fNumberOfKinks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:246
Int_t GetNumOfElectronsAbove1GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:172
Float_t GetNeutralTotalMomentum() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:192
Short_t GetNbPMV0A() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:205
void SetNeutralTotalMomentum(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:102
Float_t GetTotalMomentum() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:187
Int_t fNumberOfFWMatchedMuons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:266
Int_t fNumberOfJetCandidates
Definition: AliEventTag.h:251
Float_t GetMaxNeutralEnergy() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:165
void SetZDCProton2Energy(Float_t Pen)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:57
void SetPhiMaxPt(Float_t phi)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:101
Float_t GetVertexY() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:138
Float_t fEtaMaxPt
Definition: AliEventTag.h:279
void SetNumOfEMCALClusters(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:71
Int_t GetNumOfChargedAbove3GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:167
void SetNumOfNeutrTracks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:64
Short_t GetNbPMV0C() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:206
UInt_t GetPeriodNumber() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:119
Int_t GetNumOfKaon0s() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:186
Int_t GetNumOfPosTracks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:152
Int_t GetNumOfCascades() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:156
Float_t GetZDCProton1Energy() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:146
void SetBunchCrossNumber(UShort_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:31
void SetNumOfHardPhotonsCandidates(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:73
Float_t fZDCEMEnergy[2]
Definition: AliEventTag.h:238
Int_t fNumberOfTracks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:240
ULong64_t GetTriggerMaskNext50() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:143
void SetZDCNeutron2Energy(Float_t Pen)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:56
Int_t fNumberOfHardPhotonsCandidates
Definition: AliEventTag.h:253
Float_t fHBTRadii
Definition: AliEventTag.h:285
void SetNumOfJetCandidates(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:72
UInt_t fOrbitNumber
Definition: AliEventTag.h:211
Int_t fNumberOfProtons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:270
Int_t fNumberOfEMCALClusters
Definition: AliEventTag.h:250
Int_t GetNumOfFWMuons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:176
Int_t GetNumOfPHOSClusters() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:160
UChar_t fTriggerCluster
Definition: AliEventTag.h:233
Float_t GetVertexZError() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:141
Float_t GetVertexX() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:137
Float_t GetMaxJetEnergy() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:164
void SetNbPMV0C(Short_t npmt)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:116
UShort_t GetPhysicsFlag() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:126
UChar_t GetTriggerCluster() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:144
Float_t GetZDCNeutron2Energy() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:147
void SetTriggerMask(ULong64_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:51
Int_t GetNumOfNeutrons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:185
Int_t GetNumberOfSPDTracklets() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:201
ULong64_t fTriggerMaskNext50
Definition: AliEventTag.h:232
Int_t fNumberOfFMDTracks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:248
Int_t fNumberOfPositiveTracks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:241
Int_t fNumberOfFiredChipsLayer2
Definition: AliEventTag.h:289
Int_t fNumberOfPhotons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:272
Int_t fNumberOfKaon0s
Definition: AliEventTag.h:275
Float_t GetVertexZ() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:139
Float_t fT0VertexZ
Definition: AliEventTag.h:239
Float_t fTotalP
Definition: AliEventTag.h:276
Int_t fNumberOfChargedAbove10GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:257
ULong64_t fTriggerMask
Definition: AliEventTag.h:231
Float_t GetNeutralMaxPt() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:194
Int_t GetNumOfFMDTracks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:159
Int_t GetNumOfPi0s() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:184
Int_t GetNumOfKinks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:157
Float_t fPrimaryVertexX
Definition: AliEventTag.h:227
void SetNumOfPi0s(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:94
Float_t GetZDCNeutron1Energy() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:145
AliEventTag & operator=(const AliEventTag &rhs)
void SetVertexY(Float_t Pvy)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:47
Float_t fTotalNeutralP
Definition: AliEventTag.h:281
virtual ~AliEventTag()
void SetVertexZ(Float_t Pvz)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:48
void SetNumOfElectrons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:85
Int_t GetNumOfV0s() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:155
Int_t GetNumOfFWMatchedMuons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:177
Float_t GetPhiMaxPt() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:191
void SetPeriodNumber(UInt_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:29
Float_t fPrimaryVertexZError
Definition: AliEventTag.h:230
UInt_t fEventType
Definition: AliEventTag.h:214
void SetMeanPt(Float_t Pt)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:98
Float_t fMaxNeutralEnergy
Definition: AliEventTag.h:254
void SetNumOfParticipants(Int_t P)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:43
Int_t GetNumOfElectronsAbove3GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:173
void SetVertexX(Float_t Pvx)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:46
Float_t GetMTotV0C() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:204
Int_t GetNumOfChargedAbove1GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:166
Float_t GetEtaMaxPt() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:190
Int_t GetNumberOfFiredChipsLayer1() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:199
void SetNumOfFMDTracks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:69
Int_t fNumberOfPions
Definition: AliEventTag.h:268
void SetT0VertexZ(Float_t Pvz)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:60
Int_t fNumberOfCascades
Definition: AliEventTag.h:245
UShort_t fBackgroundFlag
Definition: AliEventTag.h:216
void SetNumOfPions(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:89
void SetNumOfV0s(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:65
Float_t GetNeutralMeanPt() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:193
Int_t GetNumOfNegTracks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:153
Float_t GetEventPlaneAngle() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:195
void SetEventId(Int_t)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:117
Int_t fNumberOfLambdas
Definition: AliEventTag.h:271
Int_t fNumberOfPHOSClusters
Definition: AliEventTag.h:249
void SetNumOfElectronsAbove1GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:82
Int_t fNumberOfNegativeTracks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:242
Int_t fNumberOfPMDTracks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:247
void SetPhysicsFlag(UShort_t nflag)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:35
Float_t fPrimaryVertexZ
Definition: AliEventTag.h:229
void SetNumberOfFiredChipsLayer2(Int_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:110
Int_t GetNumOfParticipants2() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:135
Int_t GetNumOfChargedAbove10GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:168
Int_t GetNumOfElectronsAbove10GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:174
Float_t fMaxPt
Definition: AliEventTag.h:278
Int_t fNumberOfMuonsAbove3GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:259
void SetTriggerMaskNext50(ULong64_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:52
Int_t GetNumOfPions() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:179
void SetNumOfPhotons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:93
void SetNumOfFWMatchedMuons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:87
void SetNumOfCascades(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:66
Float_t fEventPlaneAngle
Definition: AliEventTag.h:284
void SetNumberOfFiredChipsLayer1(Int_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:109
void SetNumOfKinks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:67
Int_t GetNumOfElectrons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:175
Int_t GetNumOfHardPhotonsCandidates() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:163
void SetNumOfChargedAbove3GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:77
UShort_t GetBackgroundFlag() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:127
Int_t GetNumOfMuonsAbove10GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:171
Int_t GetNumOfLambdas() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:182
void SetEtaMaxPt(Float_t eta)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:100
void SetZDCProton1Energy(Float_t Pen)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:55
void SetNumOfChargedAbove1GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:76
Float_t fMaxNeutralPt
Definition: AliEventTag.h:283
void SetOrbitNumber(UInt_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:30
void SetNumOfMuonsAbove10GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:81
Int_t fNumberOfPi0s
Definition: AliEventTag.h:273
Short_t fNbPMV0C
Definition: AliEventTag.h:295
void SetNbPMV0A(Short_t npmt)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:115
Int_t GetNumOfKaons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:180
Int_t GetNumOfNeutrTracks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:154
void SetNumOfMuonsAbove1GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:79
Int_t fNumberOfFiredChipsLayer1
Definition: AliEventTag.h:288
void SetNumOfElectronsAbove3GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:83
Int_t GetNumOfMuonsAbove1GeV() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:169
void SetNeutralMeanPt(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:103
Int_t fNumberOfKaons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:269
Int_t fNumberOfFWMuons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:265
Float_t fPhiMaxPt
Definition: AliEventTag.h:280
Int_t fNumberOfV0s
Definition: AliEventTag.h:244
Int_t GetVertexFlag() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:140
void SetEventType(UInt_t ntype)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:34
TF1 * f
Definition: interpolTest.C:21
Float_t fMeanNeutralPt
Definition: AliEventTag.h:282
void SetMTotV0A(Float_t mult)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:113
void SetNumOfElectronsAbove10GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:84
void SetNumOfNegTracks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:63
void SetNumOfMuonsAbove3GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:80
Float_t GetT0VertexZ() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:150
Int_t GetNumOfEMCALClusters() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:161
void SetMaxPt(Float_t Pt)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:99
Float_t GetMeanPt() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:188
Int_t fNumberOfNeutrons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:274
void SetBackgroungFlag(UShort_t nflag)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:36
void SetNeutralMaxPt(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:104
void SetNumOfMuons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:88
Int_t fNumberOfElectrons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:264
Int_t GetNumOfMuons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:178
Int_t GetNumOfTracks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:151
void SetNumberOfSPDTracklets(Int_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:111
void SetNumOfParticipants2(Int_t P2)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:44
void SetMaxJetEnergy(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:74
void SetNumOfKaon0s(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:96
Float_t GetMaxPt() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:189
Int_t fNumberOfMuonsAbove1GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:258
Int_t fPrimaryVertexFlag
Definition: AliEventTag.h:226
Float_t fMaxJetEnergy
Definition: AliEventTag.h:252
Short_t fNbPMV0A
Definition: AliEventTag.h:294
Int_t fNumberOfSPDTracklets
Definition: AliEventTag.h:290
Int_t GetNumberOfFiredChipsLayer2() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:200
void SetZDCEMEnergy(Float_t Pen1, Float_t Pen2)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:58
void SetNumOfKaons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:90
void SetNumOfLambdas(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:92
Int_t fNumberOfNeutralTracks
Definition: AliEventTag.h:243
Int_t fNumberOfParticipants2
Definition: AliEventTag.h:224
Float_t GetHBTRadii() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:196
void SetTotalMomentum(Float_t P)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:97
void SetNumOfNeutrons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:95
Int_t fNumberOfElectronsAbove1GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:261
Float_t fZDCProton2Energy
Definition: AliEventTag.h:237
Float_t fPrimaryVertexY
Definition: AliEventTag.h:228
Float_t fZDCNeutron1Energy
Definition: AliEventTag.h:234
Float_t GetImpactParameter() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:136
void SetHBTRadii(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:106
void SetNumOfPMDTracks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:68
Float_t fMTotV0A
Definition: AliEventTag.h:292
UShort_t GetBunchCrossNumber() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:121
TString GetFiredTriggerClasses(TString actclass) const
Int_t GetNumOfJetCandidates() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:162
void SetNumOfProtons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:91
void SetNumOfPHOSClusters(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:70
Int_t fNumberOfMuonsAbove10GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:260
Int_t fNumberOfElectronsAbove3GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:262
Int_t fNumberOfElectronsAbove10GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:263
void SetImpactParameter(Float_t Pimpact)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:45
Int_t fNumberOfChargedAbove1GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:255
UShort_t fBunchCrossNumber
Definition: AliEventTag.h:212
Int_t fNumberOfMuons
Definition: AliEventTag.h:267
Float_t fMTotV0C
Definition: AliEventTag.h:293
Int_t fNumberOfChargedAbove3GeV
Definition: AliEventTag.h:256
Float_t fImpactParameter
Definition: AliEventTag.h:225
void SetNumOfFWMuons(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:86
Float_t GetZDCProton2Energy() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:148
Float_t fMeanPt
Definition: AliEventTag.h:277
Int_t fNumberOfParticipants
Definition: AliEventTag.h:223
UInt_t fPeriodNumber
Definition: AliEventTag.h:210
Int_t GetNumOfPhotons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:183
UInt_t GetOrbitNumber() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:120
void SetTriggerCluster(UChar_t n)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:53
UInt_t GetEventType() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:125
void SetEventPlaneAngle(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:105
ULong64_t GetTriggerMask() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:142
void SetMTotV0C(Float_t mult)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:114
UShort_t fPhysicsFlag
Definition: AliEventTag.h:215
void SetNumOfChargedAbove10GeV(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:78
void SetZDCNeutron1Energy(Float_t Pen)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:54
void SetNumOfTracks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:61
Int_t GetNumOfPMDTracks() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:158
void SetVertexFlag(Int_t i)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:49
Float_t GetZDCEMEnergy(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:149
void SetVertexZError(Float_t f)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:50
void SetNumOfPosTracks(Int_t Ptr)
Definition: AliEventTag.h:62
Int_t GetNumOfProtons() const
Definition: AliEventTag.h:181
Float_t fZDCNeutron2Energy
Definition: AliEventTag.h:236