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2 // -*- mode: C++ -*-
6 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
7  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
10 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
11 // Class AliESDTZERO
12 // This is a class that summarizes the TZERO data for the ESD
13 // Origin: Christian Klein-Boesing, CERN,
14 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
18 #include <TObject.h>
19 #include <TBits.h>
21 class AliESDTZERO: public TObject {
22 public:
23  AliESDTZERO();
24  AliESDTZERO(const AliESDTZERO& tzero);
25  AliESDTZERO& operator=(const AliESDTZERO& tzero);
26  virtual void Copy(TObject &obj) const;
28  Double32_t GetT0zVertex() const {return fT0zVertex;}
29  void SetT0zVertex(Double32_t z) {fT0zVertex=z;}
30  Double32_t GetT0() const {return fT0timeStart;}
31  void SetT0(Double_t timeStart) {fT0timeStart = timeStart;}
32  Float_t GetT0clock() const {return fT0clock;}
33  void SetT0clock(Float_t timeStart) {fT0clock = timeStart;}
34  //1st
35  Double32_t GetT0TOF(Int_t i) const {return fT0TOF[i];}
36  const Double32_t * GetT0TOF() const {return fT0TOF;}
37  void SetT0TOF(Int_t icase, Float_t time) { fT0TOF[icase] = time;}
38  //best
39  Double32_t GetT0TOFbest(Int_t i) const {return fT0TOFbest[i];}
40  const Double32_t * GetT0TOFbest() const {return fT0TOFbest;}
41  void SetT0TOFbest(Int_t icase, Float_t time) { fT0TOFbest[icase] = time;}
43  Int_t GetT0Trig() const {return fT0trig;}
44  void SetT0Trig(Int_t tvdc) {fT0trig = tvdc;}
45  Bool_t GetT0Trig(Int_t i) {return (fT0trig&(1<<i)) != 0;}
46  const Double32_t * GetT0time() const {return fT0time;}
47  void SetT0time(Double32_t time[24]) {
48  for (Int_t i=0; i<24; i++) fT0time[i] = time[i];
49  }
50  const Double32_t * GetT0amplitude() const {return fT0amplitude;}
51  void SetT0amplitude(Double32_t amp[24]) {
52  for (Int_t i=0; i<24; i++) fT0amplitude[i] = amp[i];
53  }
54  Float_t GetTimeFull(Int_t ch, Int_t hit) const {return fTimeFull[ch][hit];}
55  Float_t GetOrA(Int_t hit) const {return fOrA[hit];}
56  Float_t GetOrC(Int_t hit) const {return fOrC[hit];}
57  Float_t GetTVDC(Int_t hit) const {return fTVDC[hit];}
59  void SetTimeFull(Int_t ch, Int_t hit, Float_t time) {fTimeFull[ch][hit] = time;}
60  void SetOrA (Int_t hit, Float_t time) { fOrA[hit] = time ;}
61  void SetOrC (Int_t hit, Float_t time) { fOrC[hit] = time;}
62  void SetTVDC(Int_t hit, Float_t time) { fTVDC[hit] = time;}
64  void SetMultC(Float_t mult) {fMultC = mult;}
65  void SetMultA(Float_t mult) {fMultA = mult;}
66  Float_t GetMultC() const {return fMultC;}
67  Float_t GetMultA() const {return fMultA;}
69  void SetBackgroundFlag(Bool_t back = false) {fBackground = back;}
70  void SetPileupFlag(Bool_t back = false) {fPileup = back;}
71  void SetSatelliteFlag(Bool_t sat = false) { fSattelite = sat;}
73  Bool_t GetBackgroundFlag() const {return fBackground;}
74  Bool_t GetPileupFlag() const {return fPileup;}
75  Bool_t GetSatellite() const {return fSattelite;}
77  void SetPileupTime (Int_t hit, Float_t time) { fPileupTime[hit] = time;}
78  Float_t GetPileupTime(Int_t hit) const {return fPileupTime[hit];}
80  void SetPileupBits(TBits pileup) {fPileupBits=pileup;}
81  TBits GetT0PileupBits() const {return fPileupBits;}
82  //new QTC
83  const Double32_t* GetT0NewAmplitude() const {return fT0NewAmplitude;}
84  void SetT0NewAmplitude( Double32_t newamp[24]) {
85  for (Int_t i=0; i<24; i++) fT0NewAmplitude[i] = newamp[i];
86  }
88  void Reset();
89  void Print(const Option_t *opt=0) const;
92 private:
94  Float_t fT0clock; // backward compatibility
95  Double32_t fT0TOF[3]; // interaction time in ps with 1st time( A&C, A, C)
96  Double32_t fT0zVertex; // vertex z position estimated by the T0, cm
97  Double32_t fT0timeStart; // interaction time estimated by the T0
98  Int_t fT0trig; // T0 trigger signals
99  Double32_t fT0time[24]; // best TOF on each T0 PMT
100  Double32_t fT0amplitude[24]; // number of particles(MIPs) on each T0 PMT
101  Float_t fTimeFull[24][5]; // array's TDC no-correction ;centred around 0, ns
102  Float_t fOrA[5]; //hardware OrA centred around 0, ns
103  Float_t fOrC[5]; //hardware OrC centred around 0, ns
104  Float_t fTVDC[5]; //hardware TVDC centred around 0, ns
105  Bool_t fPileup; // pile-up flag
106  Bool_t fSattelite; //sattelite flag
107  Float_t fMultC; // multiplicity on the C side
108  Float_t fMultA; // multiplicity on the A side
109  Bool_t fBackground; //sattelite flag
110  Float_t fPileupTime[6];
111  Double32_t fT0TOFbest[3]; // interaction time in ps ( A&C, A, C) with best time
112  Double32_t fT0NewAmplitude[24]; //new QTC
113  TBits fPileupBits; //BC number
115  ClassDef(AliESDTZERO,9)
116 };
119 #endif
void SetT0(Double_t timeStart)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:31
TBits GetT0PileupBits() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:81
Float_t fOrA[5]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:102
void SetT0Trig(Int_t tvdc)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:44
const Double32_t * GetT0TOFbest() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:40
const Double32_t * GetT0time() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:46
void SetOrA(Int_t hit, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:60
Int_t fT0trig
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:98
void SetPileupBits(TBits pileup)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:80
void SetT0clock(Float_t timeStart)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:33
Double32_t fT0time[24]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:99
Double32_t fT0TOFbest[3]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:111
Float_t fTVDC[5]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:104
Double32_t fT0TOF[3]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:95
Int_t GetT0Trig() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:43
Bool_t GetBackgroundFlag() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:73
AliESDTZERO & operator=(const AliESDTZERO &tzero)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.cxx:93
void Print(const Option_t *opt=0) const
Float_t GetMultC() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:66
void SetOrC(Int_t hit, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:61
Double32_t GetT0TOFbest(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:39
Bool_t GetSatellite() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:75
Bool_t fBackground
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:109
void SetT0time(Double32_t time[24])
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:47
Bool_t GetT0Trig(Int_t i)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:45
Float_t GetOrA(Int_t hit) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:55
Double32_t fT0NewAmplitude[24]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:112
Float_t fMultA
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:108
Float_t fMultC
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:107
Float_t GetMultA() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:67
Double32_t GetT0() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:30
Float_t GetPileupTime(Int_t hit) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:78
Float_t fOrC[5]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:103
void SetSatelliteFlag(Bool_t sat=false)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:71
Float_t fT0clock
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:94
Double32_t GetT0TOF(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:35
void SetT0TOFbest(Int_t icase, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:41
const Double32_t * GetT0NewAmplitude() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:83
void SetT0zVertex(Double32_t z)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:29
const Double32_t * GetT0amplitude() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:50
void SetTimeFull(Int_t ch, Int_t hit, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:59
Bool_t fSattelite
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:106
void SetPileupTime(Int_t hit, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:77
void SetT0NewAmplitude(Double32_t newamp[24])
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:84
Float_t fTimeFull[24][5]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:101
Float_t fPileupTime[6]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:110
Double32_t fT0zVertex
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:96
Float_t GetTimeFull(Int_t ch, Int_t hit) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:54
void SetTVDC(Int_t hit, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:62
virtual void Copy(TObject &obj) const
Float_t GetTVDC(Int_t hit) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:57
Bool_t GetPileupFlag() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:74
void SetMultA(Float_t mult)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:65
Bool_t fPileup
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:105
TBits fPileupBits
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:113
void SetMultC(Float_t mult)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:64
Double32_t fT0amplitude[24]
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:100
Float_t GetT0clock() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:32
Float_t GetOrC(Int_t hit) const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:56
void SetPileupFlag(Bool_t back=false)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:70
const Double32_t * GetT0TOF() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:36
void SetBackgroundFlag(Bool_t back=false)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:69
Double32_t GetT0zVertex() const
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:28
void SetT0TOF(Int_t icase, Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:37
Double32_t fT0timeStart
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:97
void SetT0amplitude(Double32_t amp[24])
Definition: AliESDTZERO.h:51