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4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7 //_________________________________________________________________________
14 // network configured via TMultiLayerPerceptron
17 //_________________________________________________________________________
19 #include <TObject.h>
21 class AliCaloNeuralFit : public TObject
22 {
24 public:
26  AliCaloNeuralFit(): fInput0(0.0), fInput1(0.0), fInput2(0.0), fInput3(0.0), fInput4(0.0) {}
30  Double_t Value(int index, Double_t in0, Double_t in1, Double_t in2, Double_t in3, Double_t in4);
32  Double_t Value(int index, const Double_t* input) { return Value(index, input[0], input[1], input[2], input[3], input[4]); }
34 private:
36  Double_t fInput0; // neural network input neuron #1
37  Double_t fInput1; // neural network input neuron #2
38  Double_t fInput2; // neural network input neuron #3
39  Double_t fInput3; // neural network input neuron #4
40  Double_t fInput4; // neural network input neuron #5
42  // private functions as exported by TMultiLayerPerceptron
43  // containing the network data processing
44  Double_t Neuron0x8ceb770() const;
45  Double_t Neuron0x8ceb900() const;
46  Double_t Neuron0x8cebad8() const;
47  Double_t Neuron0x8cebcb0() const;
48  Double_t Neuron0x93bc518() const;
49  Double_t Input0x93bc838() const;
50  Double_t Neuron0x93bc838() const;
51  Double_t Input0x93bcab0() const;
52  Double_t Neuron0x93bcab0() const;
53  Double_t Input0x93bcd70() const;
54  Double_t Neuron0x93bcd70() const;
55  Double_t Input0x93bd030() const;
56  Double_t Neuron0x93bd030() const;
57  Double_t Input0x93bd378() const;
58  Double_t Neuron0x93bd378() const;
59  Double_t Input0x93bd5f0() const;
60  Double_t Neuron0x93bd5f0() const;
61  Double_t Input0x93bd8b0() const;
62  Double_t Neuron0x93bd8b0() const;
63  Double_t Input0x93bdc28() const;
64  Double_t Neuron0x93bdc28() const;
65  Double_t Input0x93bdee8() const;
66  Double_t Neuron0x93bdee8() const;
67  Double_t Input0x93be1a8() const;
68  Double_t Neuron0x93be1a8() const;
69  Double_t Input0x93bc708() const;
70  Double_t Neuron0x93bc708() const;
71  Double_t Input0x93be5d0() const;
72  Double_t Neuron0x93be5d0() const;
73  Double_t Synapse0x93bc9e8() const;
74  Double_t Synapse0x93bca10() const;
75  Double_t Synapse0x93bca38() const;
76  Double_t Synapse0x93bca60() const;
77  Double_t Synapse0x93bca88() const;
78  Double_t Synapse0x93bcca8() const;
79  Double_t Synapse0x93bccd0() const;
80  Double_t Synapse0x93bccf8() const;
81  Double_t Synapse0x93bcd20() const;
82  Double_t Synapse0x93bcd48() const;
83  Double_t Synapse0x93bcf68() const;
84  Double_t Synapse0x93bcf90() const;
85  Double_t Synapse0x93bcfb8() const;
86  Double_t Synapse0x93bcfe0() const;
87  Double_t Synapse0x93bd008() const;
88  Double_t Synapse0x93bd228() const;
89  Double_t Synapse0x93bd250() const;
90  Double_t Synapse0x93bd300() const;
91  Double_t Synapse0x93bd328() const;
92  Double_t Synapse0x93bd350() const;
93  Double_t Synapse0x93bd528() const;
94  Double_t Synapse0x93bd550() const;
95  Double_t Synapse0x93bd578() const;
96  Double_t Synapse0x93bd5a0() const;
97  Double_t Synapse0x93bd5c8() const;
98  Double_t Synapse0x93bd7e8() const;
99  Double_t Synapse0x93bd810() const;
100  Double_t Synapse0x93bd838() const;
101  Double_t Synapse0x93bd860() const;
102  Double_t Synapse0x93bd888() const;
103  Double_t Synapse0x93bdaa8() const;
104  Double_t Synapse0x93bdad0() const;
105  Double_t Synapse0x93bdaf8() const;
106  Double_t Synapse0x8ce7098() const;
107  Double_t Synapse0x8ce70c0() const;
108  Double_t Synapse0x93bde20() const;
109  Double_t Synapse0x93bde48() const;
110  Double_t Synapse0x93bde70() const;
111  Double_t Synapse0x93bde98() const;
112  Double_t Synapse0x93bdec0() const;
113  Double_t Synapse0x93be0e0() const;
114  Double_t Synapse0x93be108() const;
115  Double_t Synapse0x93be130() const;
116  Double_t Synapse0x93be158() const;
117  Double_t Synapse0x93be180() const;
118  Double_t Synapse0x93be3a0() const;
119  Double_t Synapse0x93be3c8() const;
120  Double_t Synapse0x93be3f0() const;
121  Double_t Synapse0x93be418() const;
122  Double_t Synapse0x93be440() const;
123  Double_t Synapse0x93bd2c0() const;
124  Double_t Synapse0x93be468() const;
125  Double_t Synapse0x93be490() const;
126  Double_t Synapse0x93be4b8() const;
127  Double_t Synapse0x93be4e0() const;
128  Double_t Synapse0x93be508() const;
129  Double_t Synapse0x93be530() const;
130  Double_t Synapse0x93be558() const;
131  Double_t Synapse0x93be580() const;
132  Double_t Synapse0x93be5a8() const;
133  Double_t Synapse0x93be7d0() const;
134  Double_t Synapse0x93be7f8() const;
135  Double_t Synapse0x93be820() const;
136  Double_t Synapse0x93be848() const;
137  Double_t Synapse0x93be870() const;
138  Double_t Synapse0x934a7c8() const;
139  Double_t Synapse0x93605e0() const;
140  Double_t Synapse0x9360608() const;
141  Double_t Synapse0x8ce6fe8() const;
142  Double_t Synapse0x8ce7010() const;
145  ClassDef(AliCaloNeuralFit,1) ;
148 };
Double_t Synapse0x8ce7010() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bd378() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd860() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be4b8() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bc708() const
Double_t Input0x93bdc28() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcd48() const
Double_t Value(int index, Double_t in0, Double_t in1, Double_t in2, Double_t in3, Double_t in4)
Double_t Neuron0x93be1a8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be490() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bccf8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be5a8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcd20() const
Double_t Input0x93bcd70() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcfb8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be158() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bd5f0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be820() const
Double_t Synapse0x8ce7098() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcf68() const
Double_t Synapse0x8ce70c0() const
Double_t Neuron0x8cebcb0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd528() const
Double_t Input0x93bd8b0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcf90() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bde70() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be7d0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be440() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be468() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bc838() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bca10() const
Double_t Input0x93bc838() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd550() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd008() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd7e8() const
Double_t Synapse0x934a7c8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd5a0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd328() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bdee8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be3c8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bca88() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd228() const
Double_t Input0x93be5d0() const
Double_t Neuron0x93be5d0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd578() const
Utility Class for Neural Network fit.
Double_t Neuron0x93bd8b0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bde98() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be508() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd5c8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd888() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be108() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bca38() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bdec0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bca60() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bc518() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd250() const
Double_t Neuron0x8cebad8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bde48() const
Double_t Synapse0x9360608() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bc9e8() const
Double_t Input0x93bdee8() const
Double_t Input0x93bd378() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be4e0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93605e0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd810() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd300() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bd030() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be0e0() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bdc28() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd838() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bdaf8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd350() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be558() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be870() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be3a0() const
Double_t Input0x93bd030() const
Double_t Input0x93bd5f0() const
Double_t Neuron0x8ceb770() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be3f0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be180() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bdad0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bd2c0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be7f8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be130() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcfe0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bccd0() const
Double_t Value(int index, const Double_t *input)
Double_t Synapse0x93be418() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bcab0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bde20() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bcca8() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be848() const
Double_t Synapse0x93bdaa8() const
Double_t Input0x93bcab0() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be580() const
Double_t Neuron0x8ceb900() const
Double_t Synapse0x93be530() const
Double_t Input0x93bc708() const
Double_t Synapse0x8ce6fe8() const
Double_t Input0x93be1a8() const
Double_t Neuron0x93bcd70() const