AliRoot Core  3dc7879 (3dc7879)
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11 #include "AliVVZERO.h"
13 class AliAODVZERO : public AliVVZERO
14 {
15 public:
16  AliAODVZERO();
17  AliAODVZERO(const AliAODVZERO& source);
18  AliAODVZERO(const AliVVZERO& source);
19  AliAODVZERO &operator=(const AliAODVZERO& source);
20  AliAODVZERO &operator=(const AliVVZERO& source);
22  virtual ~AliAODVZERO() {};
24  void SetMultiplicity(Float_t Multiplicity[64])
25  {for(Int_t i=0;i<64;i++) fMultiplicity[i]=Multiplicity[i];}
27  // Getters
28  virtual Short_t GetNbPMV0A() const;
29  virtual Short_t GetNbPMV0C() const;
30  virtual Float_t GetMTotV0A() const;
31  virtual Float_t GetMTotV0C() const;
32  virtual Float_t GetMRingV0A(Int_t ring) const;
33  virtual Float_t GetMRingV0C(Int_t ring) const;
35  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicity(Int_t i) const;
36  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityV0A(Int_t i) const;
37  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityV0C(Int_t i) const;
39  virtual Bool_t BBTriggerV0A(Int_t i) const;
40  virtual Bool_t BGTriggerV0A(Int_t i) const;
41  virtual Bool_t BBTriggerV0C(Int_t i) const;
42  virtual Bool_t BGTriggerV0C(Int_t i) const;
43  virtual Bool_t GetBBFlag(Int_t i) const;
44  virtual Bool_t GetBGFlag(Int_t i) const;
46  virtual Float_t GetV0ATime() const { return fV0ATime; }
47  virtual Float_t GetV0CTime() const { return fV0CTime; }
49  virtual Decision GetV0ADecision() const { return fV0ADecision; }
50  virtual Decision GetV0CDecision() const { return fV0CDecision; }
52  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeA() const { return fTriggerChargeA; }
53  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeC() const { return fTriggerChargeC; }
54  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerBits() const { return fTriggerBits; }
56  virtual Bool_t GetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const { return fIsBB[channel][clock]; }
57  virtual Bool_t GetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const { return fIsBG[channel][clock]; }
59 protected:
61  UInt_t fBBtriggerV0A;
62  UInt_t fBGtriggerV0A;
63  UInt_t fBBtriggerV0C;
64  UInt_t fBGtriggerV0C;
66  Float_t fMultiplicity[64];
68  Bool_t fBBFlag[64];
69  Bool_t fBGFlag[64];
71  Float_t fV0ATime;
72  Float_t fV0CTime;
77  UShort_t fTriggerChargeA;
78  UShort_t fTriggerChargeC;
79  UShort_t fTriggerBits;
81  Bool_t fIsBB[64][21];
82  Bool_t fIsBG[64][21];
84  ClassDef(AliAODVZERO,3)
85 };
87 #endif
virtual ~AliAODVZERO()
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:22
virtual Float_t GetV0CTime() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:47
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicity(Int_t i) const
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityV0A(Int_t i) const
virtual Decision GetV0ADecision() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:49
UShort_t fTriggerChargeC
Sum of the trigger (clock=10) charge on C side.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:78
Bool_t fBGFlag[64]
BG Flags from Online V0 Electronics.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:69
Bool_t fBBFlag[64]
BB Flags from Online V0 Electronics.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:68
virtual Bool_t GetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:57
virtual Bool_t GetBBFlag(Int_t i) const
Decision fV0CDecision
V0C final decision based on average time of channels.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:75
Float_t fV0CTime
Average time in V0C.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:72
virtual Short_t GetNbPMV0C() const
virtual Bool_t BGTriggerV0C(Int_t i) const
virtual Bool_t BBTriggerV0A(Int_t i) const
virtual Float_t GetMTotV0C() const
virtual Bool_t GetBGFlag(Int_t i) const
UInt_t fBBtriggerV0A
bit mask for Beam-Beam trigger in V0A
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:61
void SetMultiplicity(Float_t Multiplicity[64])
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:24
UShort_t fTriggerChargeA
Sum of the trigger (clock=10) charge on A side.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:77
virtual Bool_t GetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:56
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerBits() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:54
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeC() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:53
UInt_t fBGtriggerV0A
bit mask for Beam-Gas trigger in V0A
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:62
AliAODVZERO & operator=(const AliAODVZERO &source)
UInt_t fBGtriggerV0C
bit mask for Beam-Gas trigger in V0C
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:64
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityV0C(Int_t i) const
virtual Float_t GetMRingV0A(Int_t ring) const
virtual Decision GetV0CDecision() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:50
virtual Float_t GetV0ATime() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:46
UInt_t fBBtriggerV0C
bit mask for Beam-Beam trigger in V0C
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:63
Bool_t fIsBB[64][21]
&#39;Beam-Beam&#39; flag for all channels and 21 clocks
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:81
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeA() const
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:52
virtual Bool_t BGTriggerV0A(Int_t i) const
Decision fV0ADecision
V0A final decision based on average time of channels.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:74
Bool_t fIsBG[64][21]
&#39;Beam-Gas&#39; flag for all channels and 21 clocks
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:82
Container class for AOD VZERO data.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:13
UShort_t fTriggerBits
V0 trigger bits as defined in the firmware.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:79
virtual Bool_t BBTriggerV0C(Int_t i) const
Float_t fMultiplicity[64]
multiplicity for each channel
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:66
virtual Short_t GetNbPMV0A() const
virtual Float_t GetMRingV0C(Int_t ring) const
virtual Float_t GetMTotV0A() const
Float_t fV0ATime
Average time in V0A.
Definition: AliAODVZERO.h:71