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1 #ifndef ALIAODAD_H
2 #define ALIAODAD_H
8 #include <AliVAD.h>
10 class AliAODAD : public AliVAD
11 {
12 public:
13  AliAODAD();
14  AliAODAD(const AliAODAD& source);
15  AliAODAD(const AliVAD& source);
16  AliAODAD &operator=(const AliAODAD& source);
17  AliAODAD &operator=(const AliVAD& source);
19  virtual ~AliAODAD() {};
21  // Getters
22  virtual Short_t GetNbPMADA() const;
23  virtual Short_t GetNbPMADC() const;
24  virtual Float_t GetMTotADA() const;
25  virtual Float_t GetMTotADC() const;
27  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicity(Int_t i) const;
28  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADA(Int_t i) const;
29  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADC(Int_t i) const;
31  virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADA(Int_t i) const;
32  virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADA(Int_t i) const;
33  virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADC(Int_t i) const;
34  virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADC(Int_t i) const;
35  virtual Bool_t GetBBFlag(Int_t i) const;
36  virtual Bool_t GetBGFlag(Int_t i) const;
38  virtual Float_t GetADATime() const { return fADATime; }
39  virtual Float_t GetADCTime() const { return fADCTime; }
41  virtual Decision GetADADecision() const { return fADADecision; }
42  virtual Decision GetADCDecision() const { return fADCDecision; }
44  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeA() const { return fTriggerChargeA; }
45  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeC() const { return fTriggerChargeC; }
46  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerBits() const { return fTriggerBits; }
48  virtual Bool_t GetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const { return fIsBB[channel][clock]; }
49  virtual Bool_t GetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const { return fIsBG[channel][clock]; }
51 protected:
53  UInt_t fBBtriggerADA;
54  UInt_t fBGtriggerADA;
55  UInt_t fBBtriggerADC;
56  UInt_t fBGtriggerADC;
58  Float_t fMultiplicity[16];
60  Bool_t fBBFlag[16];
61  Bool_t fBGFlag[16];
63  Float_t fADATime;
64  Float_t fADCTime;
69  UShort_t fTriggerChargeA;
70  UShort_t fTriggerChargeC;
71  UShort_t fTriggerBits;
73  Bool_t fIsBB[16][21];
74  Bool_t fIsBG[16][21];
76  ClassDef(AliAODAD,2)
77 };
79 #endif
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:22
virtual Short_t GetNbPMADA() const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:182
Bool_t fIsBG[16][21]
BG flag for all channels and 21 clocks.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:74
virtual Bool_t GetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:48
Bool_t fIsBB[16][21]
BB flag for all channels and 21 clocks.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:73
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:252
virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:285
UInt_t fBBtriggerADC
bit mask for Beam-Beam trigger in ADC
Definition: AliAODAD.h:55
virtual Bool_t GetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:49
virtual Bool_t GetBGFlag(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:318
Container class for AOD AD data.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:10
virtual Bool_t GetBBFlag(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:307
Decision fADCDecision
ADC final decision based on average time of channels.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:67
virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:263
UInt_t fBBtriggerADA
bit mask for Beam-Beam trigger in ADA
Definition: AliAODAD.h:53
virtual Float_t GetADCTime() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:39
Float_t fMultiplicity[16]
multiplicity for each channel
Definition: AliAODAD.h:58
AliAODAD & operator=(const AliAODAD &source)
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:109
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeC() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:45
virtual Float_t GetADATime() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:38
UInt_t fBGtriggerADA
bit mask for Beam-Gas trigger in ADA
Definition: AliAODAD.h:54
UShort_t fTriggerBits
AD trigger bits as defined in the firmware.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:71
virtual ~AliAODAD()
Definition: AliAODAD.h:19
UShort_t fTriggerChargeA
Sum of the trigger (clock=10) charge on A side.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:69
Bool_t fBBFlag[16]
BB Flags from Online AD Electronics.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:60
virtual Decision GetADADecision() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:41
virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:296
UInt_t fBGtriggerADC
bit mask for Beam-Gas trigger in ADC
Definition: AliAODAD.h:56
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeA() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:44
Bool_t fBGFlag[16]
BG Flags from Online AD Electronics.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:61
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicity(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:230
virtual Float_t GetMTotADC() const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:218
Definition: AliVAD.h:32
Definition: AliVAD.h:13
Float_t fADATime
Average time in ADA.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:63
virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:274
Decision fADADecision
ADA final decision based on average time of channels.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:66
virtual Float_t GetMTotADA() const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:206
virtual Decision GetADCDecision() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:42
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerBits() const
Definition: AliAODAD.h:46
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:241
virtual Short_t GetNbPMADC() const
Definition: AliAODAD.cxx:194
Float_t fADCTime
Average time in ADC.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:64
UShort_t fTriggerChargeC
Sum of the trigger (clock=10) charge on C side.
Definition: AliAODAD.h:70