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AliFFTsmoother Namespace Reference


TGraph * ReplaceOutlierFrequenciesMedian (TH1 *hinput, Double_t outlierCut, Int_t medianRange, Float_t smoothSigma, Int_t lowBand, TTreeSRedirector *pcstream)

Function Documentation

TGraph * AliFFTsmoother::ReplaceOutlierFrequenciesMedian ( TH1 *  hinput,
Double_t  outlierCut,
Int_t  medianRange,
Float_t  smoothSigma,
Int_t  lowBand,
TTreeSRedirector pcstream 

FFT smoothing algorithm. Transform input histogram removing outlier frequency Code used for the analysis of the CE electron transparency measurement authors: Marian + Mesut Current algorithm is sensitive to frequency "aliasing" see detailed discussin in the UnitTest routines parasitic frequency and input histogram binning should be in "sync" e.g having repetetive structure 4 bins nx4 bins hsould be used

Parameters: hinput - input histogram outlierCut - nsigma value abouve which the frequency is replaced |f_{i}-(f_{i+1)+f_{i-1})/2|<outlierCut*sigma lowBand - low freuency band (untoched) pcstream - ption to dump the intermedait results FFT into tree for further analysis

Algorithm: 1.) Make FFT of the input histogram 2.) Replace outlier frequencies 3.) Make a back FFT transformation 4.) In case specified streamer dump intermediat results for the checking purposes

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