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Shape of a ring. More...

Public Types

typedef std::vector< point_tpoints_t

Public Member Functions

 Ring (double rL, double rH, double theta, double waferR, double siThick, double staggering)
virtual ~Ring ()
TShape * CreateShape ()
TNode * CreateRing (const char *name, double z)

Public Attributes

double fStaggering
double fInnerRadius
double fOuterRadius
double fAngle
double fRadius
double fThickness
points_t fVerticies

Detailed Description

Shape of a ring.

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Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<point_t> Ring::points_t

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ring::Ring ( double  rL,
double  rH,
double  theta,
double  waferR,
double  siThick,
double  staggering 


rLLower radius
rHHiger radius
thetaOpening angle
waferRWafer radius
siThickSilicon thickness
staggeringStaggering of modules

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Referenced by SpectraMonitor().

virtual Ring::~Ring ( )


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Member Function Documentation

TNode* Ring::CreateRing ( const char *  name,
double  z 

Create a node that represents a ring.


Definition at line 105 of file NodeGeometry.C.

TShape* Ring::CreateShape ( )

Create a shape

pointer to new shape

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Member Data Documentation

double Ring::fAngle

Opening angle (in degrees)

Definition at line 141 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double Ring::fInnerRadius

Inner radius

Definition at line 137 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double Ring::fOuterRadius

Outer radius

Definition at line 139 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double Ring::fRadius

Radius (in centimeters)

Definition at line 143 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double Ring::fStaggering

Definition at line 135 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double Ring::fThickness


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points_t Ring::fVerticies

List of verticies

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