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FMD3 simple node geometry. More...

Inheritance diagram for FMD3:

Public Member Functions

 FMD3 (Ring *inner, Ring *outer)
virtual ~FMD3 ()
void CreateRings ()
void CreateSupport (double noseZ)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Detector
 Detector (Ring *inner, double iZ, Ring *outer=0, double oZ=0)
virtual ~Detector ()

Public Attributes

double fNoseRl
double fNoseRh
double fNoseDz
double fNoseZ
double fConeL
double fBackRl
double fBackRh
double fBackDz
double fBeamDz
double fBeamW
double fFlangeR
- Public Attributes inherited from Detector
double fInnerZ
double fOuterZ

Detailed Description

FMD3 simple node geometry.

Definition at line 187 of file NodeGeometry.C.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FMD3::FMD3 ( Ring inner,
Ring outer 


innerInner ring representation
outerOuter ring representation

Definition at line 192 of file NodeGeometry.C.

virtual FMD3::~FMD3 ( )

Definition at line 207 of file NodeGeometry.C.

Member Function Documentation

void FMD3::CreateRings ( )

Create rings

Reimplemented from Detector.

Definition at line 208 of file NodeGeometry.C.

Referenced by NodeGeometry().

void FMD3::CreateSupport ( double  noseZ)

Create support volumes

Reimplemented from Detector.

Definition at line 256 of file NodeGeometry.C.

Member Data Documentation

double FMD3::fBackDz

Thickness of back ring

Definition at line 325 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fBackRh

Outer radius of back ring

Definition at line 323 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fBackRl

Inner radius of back ring

Definition at line 321 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fBeamDz

Thickness of beams

Definition at line 327 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fBeamW

Width of beams

Definition at line 329 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fConeL

Length of whole support structure

Definition at line 319 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fFlangeR

Ending radius of flanges

Definition at line 331 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fNoseDz

Nose depth

Definition at line 315 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fNoseRh

Nose outer radius

Definition at line 313 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fNoseRl

Nose inner radius

Definition at line 311 of file NodeGeometry.C.

double FMD3::fNoseZ

Nose start position

Definition at line 317 of file NodeGeometry.C.

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