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AliTrackResidualsChi2 Class Reference

#include <AliTrackResidualsChi2.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliTrackResidualsChi2:

Public Member Functions

 AliTrackResidualsChi2 ()
 AliTrackResidualsChi2 (Int_t ntracks)
 AliTrackResidualsChi2 (const AliTrackResidualsChi2 &res)
AliTrackResidualsChi2operator= (const AliTrackResidualsChi2 &res)
virtual ~AliTrackResidualsChi2 ()
Bool_t Minimize ()
void Chi2 (Int_t &, Double_t *, Double_t &f, Double_t *par, Int_t)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliTrackResiduals
 AliTrackResiduals ()
 AliTrackResiduals (Int_t ntracks)
 AliTrackResiduals (const AliTrackResiduals &res)
AliTrackResidualsoperator= (const AliTrackResiduals &res)
virtual ~AliTrackResiduals ()
void SetNTracks (Int_t ntracks)
Bool_t AddTrackPointArrays (AliTrackPointArray *volarray, AliTrackPointArray *trackarray)
void InitAlignObj ()
void SetMinNPoints (Int_t n)
Int_t GetNTracks () const
Int_t GetNFilledTracks () const
Bool_t GetTrackPointArrays (Int_t i, AliTrackPointArray *&volarray, AliTrackPointArray *&trackarray) const
AliAlignObjGetAlignObj () const
Float_t GetChi2 () const
Int_t GetNdf () const
Int_t GetMinNPoints () const
void FixParameter (Int_t par, Float_t value=0.)
Int_t GetNFreeParam ()
void ReleaseParameter (Int_t par)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliTrackResiduals
void DeleteTrackPointArrays ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliTrackResiduals
Int_t fN
Int_t fLast
AliTrackPointArray ** fVolArray
AliTrackPointArray ** fTrackArray
 Pointers to the arrays containing space points. More...
Float_t fChi2
 Pointers to the arrays containing track extrapolation points. More...
Int_t fNdf
Int_t fMinNPoints
Bool_t fIsOwner
Float_t fFixed [6]
Bool_t fBFixed [6]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 14 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliTrackResidualsChi2::AliTrackResidualsChi2 ( )

Definition at line 17 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.h.

AliTrackResidualsChi2::AliTrackResidualsChi2 ( Int_t  ntracks)

Definition at line 18 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.h.

AliTrackResidualsChi2::AliTrackResidualsChi2 ( const AliTrackResidualsChi2 res)

Definition at line 19 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.h.

virtual AliTrackResidualsChi2::~AliTrackResidualsChi2 ( )

Definition at line 21 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.h.

Member Function Documentation

void AliTrackResidualsChi2::Chi2 ( Int_t &  ,
Double_t *  ,
Double_t &  f,
Double_t *  par,

Definition at line 141 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.cxx.

Referenced by TrackResidualsChi2Fcn(), and ~AliTrackResidualsChi2().

Bool_t AliTrackResidualsChi2::Minimize ( )

Implements AliTrackResiduals.

Definition at line 48 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.cxx.

Referenced by ~AliTrackResidualsChi2().

AliTrackResidualsChi2& AliTrackResidualsChi2::operator= ( const AliTrackResidualsChi2 res)

Definition at line 20 of file AliTrackResidualsChi2.h.

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