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AliTPCPreprocessorOnline Class Reference

Preprocessor class for HLT and DAQ. More...

#include <AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AliTPCPreprocessorOnline ()
 AliTPCPreprocessorOnline (const AliTPCPreprocessorOnline &c)
 AliTPCPreprocessorOnline (TMap *map)
AliTPCPreprocessorOnlineoperator= (const AliTPCPreprocessorOnline &param)
virtual ~AliTPCPreprocessorOnline ()
void AddComponent (TObject *obj)
void DumpToFile (const char *fileName)
TMap * GetMap ()

Protected Attributes

TMap * fMap
 Map of the AliTPCCalPads. More...

Detailed Description

Preprocessor class for HLT and DAQ.

Possible usage: preprocess TPC calibration data to form needed for online viewing/visualizing TPC calibration data

On HLT or DAQ AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::AddComponent(...) is called, whereas ... is either an AliTPCCalPad, or an AliTPCCalROC. Their names have to be acording the naming convention for AliTPCCalPads Special for CalROCs: Add '_ROC<ROC_Number>' to the name.

Internal the AliTPCCalPads are stored in a TMap, they are retrieved by their name.

Once enough values are accumulated, call ::DumpToFile(fileName). A TObjArray is created out of the TMap, which is passed to AliTPCCalibViewer::MakeTree(...) and the calibratioTree is written is written to "filenName".

Possible usage: preprocess TPC calibration data

Definition at line 19 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::AliTPCPreprocessorOnline ( )

Definition at line 63 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.cxx.

AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::AliTPCPreprocessorOnline ( const AliTPCPreprocessorOnline c)

dummy AliTPCPreprocessorOnline copy constructor not yet working!!!

Definition at line 73 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.cxx.

AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::AliTPCPreprocessorOnline ( TMap *  map)

Constructor to "copy" the AliTPCPreprocessorOnline

Definition at line 83 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.cxx.

AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::~AliTPCPreprocessorOnline ( )

AliTPCPreprocessorOnline destructor

Definition at line 105 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::AddComponent ( TObject *  obj)

Add components form HLT or DAQ here The components are either AliTPCCalPads or AliTPCCalROCs other to be defined

As from HLT they will come ROC wise, they have to be set together to one AliTPCCalPad here Then they are added to the Calibration Tree This calibration tree will be written by AliTPCCalibViewer::MakeTree, once you call ::DumpToFile(fileName)

To distinguish, what kind of component is added, there is a Naming-Convention: The normal, already definded naming-Convention for AliTPCCalPads <PadName> <padName>_ROC<ROC_Number> for example: "CEQmean_ROC34"

Get name of obj Check, if it ends with "_ROC<Int_t>" / check, if it contains "ROC" If it contains "ROC", find out, to which calibration CalPad it belongs -> Parse first part of the name Get the corsponding AliTPCCalPad / Make a new AliTPCCalPad Set "_ROC<Int_t>" to zero /? delete it -> Set the new values, out of obj

Definition at line 116 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.cxx.

Referenced by AliTPCcalibDButil::CreateGUIRefTree(), AliTPCcalibDB::CreateGUITree(), AliTPCcalibDButil::CreatePadTime0CE(), AliTPCCalibViewerGUI::DoExport(), MakeCalibTree(), AliTPCdataQA::MakeTree(), MakeTree(), RebuildCE(), StoreTree(), testDataQA(), testPed(), and testPed0().

void AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::DumpToFile ( const char *  fileName)
TMap* AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::GetMap ( )

Definition at line 30 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.h.

AliTPCPreprocessorOnline & AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::operator= ( const AliTPCPreprocessorOnline param)

assignment operator - dummy not yet working!!!

Definition at line 92 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

TMap* AliTPCPreprocessorOnline::fMap

Map of the AliTPCCalPads.

Definition at line 34 of file AliTPCPreprocessorOnline.h.

Referenced by AddComponent(), AliTPCPreprocessorOnline(), DumpToFile(), GetMap(), operator=(), and ~AliTPCPreprocessorOnline().

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