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AliFMDRawWriter Class Reference

Class to write ALTRO formated raw data from an array of AliFMDDigit objects. More...

#include <AliFMDRawWriter.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliFMDRawWriter:

Public Member Functions

 AliFMDRawWriter (AliFMD *fmd)
virtual ~AliFMDRawWriter ()
virtual void Exec (Option_t *option="")
virtual Long_t WriteDigits (TClonesArray *digits)
void ZeroSuppress (Int_t *&data, Int_t nWords, const Float_t *peds, const Float_t *noise, UShort_t threshold) const

Protected Member Functions

 AliFMDRawWriter (const AliFMDRawWriter &o)
AliFMDRawWriteroperator= (const AliFMDRawWriter &)
void WriteRCUTrailer (AliAltroBufferV3 *altro, UInt_t ddl, Bool_t zs, UShort_t factor, UShort_t rate) const

Protected Attributes

UShort_t fSampleRate
 Pointer to detector description. More...
UShort_t fChannelsPerAltro
UShort_t fThreshold

Detailed Description

Class to write ALTRO formated raw data from an array of AliFMDDigit objects.

AliFMDRawWriter* fmdWriter = new AliFMDRawWriter(0);
TClonesArray* array = fmd->DigitArray();

Definition at line 45 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliFMDRawWriter::AliFMDRawWriter ( AliFMD fmd)


fmdPointer to detector object.

Definition at line 64 of file AliFMDRawWriter.cxx.

virtual AliFMDRawWriter::~AliFMDRawWriter ( )


Definition at line 52 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

AliFMDRawWriter::AliFMDRawWriter ( const AliFMDRawWriter o)

Definition at line 71 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

Member Function Documentation

void AliFMDRawWriter::Exec ( Option_t *  option = "")

Write the output from AliFMD object.

optionNot used

Definition at line 79 of file AliFMDRawWriter.cxx.

Referenced by Convert2Raw(), AliFMD::Digits2Raw(), and ~AliFMDRawWriter().

AliFMDRawWriter& AliFMDRawWriter::operator= ( const AliFMDRawWriter )

Definition at line 78 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

Long_t AliFMDRawWriter::WriteDigits ( TClonesArray *  digits)

Write an array of AliFMDDigit objects as raw ALTRO data.

digitsArray of AliFMDDigit objects to convert to raw ALTRO data.

Definition at line 170 of file AliFMDRawWriter.cxx.

Referenced by Exec(), TestRawIO(), ZeroSuppress(), and ~AliFMDRawWriter().

void AliFMDRawWriter::WriteRCUTrailer ( AliAltroBufferV3 *  altro,
UInt_t  ddl,
Bool_t  zs,
UShort_t  factor,
UShort_t  rate 
) const

Definition at line 320 of file AliFMDRawWriter.cxx.

Referenced by operator=(), and WriteDigits().

void AliFMDRawWriter::ZeroSuppress ( Int_t *&  data,
Int_t  nWords,
const Float_t *  peds,
const Float_t *  noise,
UShort_t  threshold 
) const

Do zero-suppression of channel data.

dataContain nWords of valid data. On input, it contains the full channel data. On output it will contain the zero-suppresed data.
pedsContain nWords pedestals
noiseContain nWords pedestal widths
thresholdZero suppression threshold.

Definition at line 354 of file AliFMDRawWriter.cxx.

Referenced by runTest(), WriteDigits(), and ~AliFMDRawWriter().

Member Data Documentation

UShort_t AliFMDRawWriter::fChannelsPerAltro

Definition at line 86 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

AliFMD* AliFMDRawWriter::fFMD

Definition at line 84 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

Referenced by Exec(), and WriteDigits().

UShort_t AliFMDRawWriter::fSampleRate

Pointer to detector description.

Definition at line 85 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

UShort_t AliFMDRawWriter::fThreshold

Definition at line 87 of file AliFMDRawWriter.h.

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