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AliClusters Class Reference

Time Projection Chamber clusters objects. More...

#include <AliClusters.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliClusters:

Public Member Functions

 AliClusters ()
 AliClusters (const char *classname)
 AliClusters (const AliClusters &param)
AliClustersoperator= (const AliClusters &param)
 ~AliClusters ()
virtual TObject * InsertCluster (const TObject *c)
const TObject * operator[] (Int_t i)
virtual Int_t Find (Double_t y) const
void Sort ()
TClonesArray * GetArray ()
void SetArray (Int_t length)
void DrawClusters (Float_t shiftx, Float_t shifty, Int_t color, Int_t size, Int_t style)
Bool_t SetClass (const Text_t *classname)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliSegmentID
 AliSegmentID ()
 AliSegmentID (Int_t index)
Int_t GetID ()
void SetID (Int_t index)

Protected Attributes

TClonesArray * fClusters
 array of clusters More...
Int_t fNclusters
TClass * fClass
 ! type of cluster class More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliSegmentID
Int_t fSegmentID

Detailed Description

Time Projection Chamber clusters objects.

Marian Ivanov , GSI Darmstadt

Manager class for TPC clusters

Definition at line 17 of file AliClusters.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliClusters::AliClusters ( )

default constructor

Definition at line 34 of file AliClusters.cxx.

AliClusters::AliClusters ( const char *  classname)

Special constructor

Definition at line 54 of file AliClusters.cxx.

AliClusters::AliClusters ( const AliClusters param)

copy constructor - dummy

Definition at line 43 of file AliClusters.cxx.

AliClusters::~AliClusters ( )

default destructor

Definition at line 81 of file AliClusters.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void AliClusters::DrawClusters ( Float_t  shiftx,
Float_t  shifty,
Int_t  color,
Int_t  size,
Int_t  style 

Definition at line 172 of file AliClusters.cxx.

Referenced by GetArray().

Int_t AliClusters::Find ( Double_t  y) const

return index of cluster nearest to given y position

Definition at line 153 of file AliClusters.cxx.

TClonesArray* AliClusters::GetArray ( )
TObject * AliClusters::InsertCluster ( const TObject *  c)

Add a simulated cluster copy to the list

Reimplemented in AliTPCClustersRow.

Definition at line 140 of file AliClusters.cxx.

AliClusters & AliClusters::operator= ( const AliClusters param)

assignment operator - dummy

Definition at line 72 of file AliClusters.cxx.

const TObject * AliClusters::operator[] ( Int_t  i)

return cluster at internal position i

Definition at line 125 of file AliClusters.cxx.

void AliClusters::SetArray ( Int_t  length)

construct Clones array of object

Definition at line 113 of file AliClusters.cxx.

Referenced by GetArray().

Bool_t AliClusters::SetClass ( const Text_t *  classname)

set class of stored object

Definition at line 89 of file AliClusters.cxx.

Referenced by GetArray().

void AliClusters::Sort ( )

sort cluster

Definition at line 133 of file AliClusters.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

TClass* AliClusters::fClass

! type of cluster class

Definition at line 36 of file AliClusters.h.

Referenced by AliClusters(), AliTPCClustersRow::InsertCluster(), InsertCluster(), SetArray(), and SetClass().

TClonesArray* AliClusters::fClusters
Int_t AliClusters::fNclusters

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