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TestTPCTrackHits.h File Reference
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class  AliTPChitD
 Macro to compare TClonesArray hits with interpolated hits. More...


void ConvertHits (const char *benchmark="0", Bool_t debug=kFALSE)
void CompareHits (const char *benchmark="1", Bool_t debug=kFALSE)

Function Documentation

void CompareHits ( const char *  benchmark = "1",
Bool_t  debug = kFALSE 

compare persistent hits

Definition at line 97 of file TestTPCTrackHits.cxx.

void ConvertHits ( const char *  benchmark = "0",
Bool_t  debug = kFALSE 

convert - not parametrised hits stored in Clones array to

Definition at line 35 of file TestTPCTrackHits.cxx.