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TestEMCALRecPoint.C File Reference

RecPoints reading example. More...

#include <Riostream.h>
#include <TClonesArray.h>
#include <TGeoManager.h>
#include <TParticle.h>
#include "AliStack.h"
#include "AliRun.h"
#include "AliRunLoader.h"
#include "AliGeomManager.h"
#include "AliEMCALLoader.h"
#include "AliEMCAL.h"
#include "AliEMCALRecPoint.h"
#include "AliEMCALGeometry.h"
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void TestEMCALRecPoint (Bool_t readKine=kFALSE)

Detailed Description

RecPoints reading example.

Test Macro, shows how to load EMCal RecPoints and Geometry, and how can we get some of the parameters and variables. Also, access the generated MC particles kinematics of those attached to the recpoints.

: Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file TestEMCALRecPoint.C.

Function Documentation

void TestEMCALRecPoint ( Bool_t  readKine = kFALSE)

Main executing method

readKineprint kinematics of generated particle attached to the rec-point

Definition at line 38 of file TestEMCALRecPoint.C.