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MakeClusterParam.C File Reference

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void StoreObject (AliTPCClusterParam *param)
void MakeClusterParam (const char *fnresolc="Output.root", const char *fnresolg="Output.root")

Detailed Description

Example macro to build AliTPCClusterParam postprocessing the output of the calibration using tracks In the future this macro will be part of the Preprocesor

Definition in file MakeClusterParam.C.

Function Documentation

void MakeClusterParam ( const char *  fnresolc = "Output.root",
const char *  fnresolg = "Output.root" 

Definition at line 8 of file MakeClusterParam.C.

void StoreObject ( AliTPCClusterParam param)

Definition at line 42 of file MakeClusterParam.C.

Referenced by MakeClusterParam().