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MUONOfflineShift.C File Reference

Macro to be used to check raw data during MUON offline shifts. More...

#include "AliCDBManager.h"
#include "AliCodeTimer.h"
#include "AliMUONCDB.h"
#include "AliMUONPainterDataRegistry.h"
#include "AliMUONRecoParam.h"
#include "AliMUONTrackerDataMaker.h"
#include "AliMUONVTrackerData.h"
#include "AliMpCDB.h"
#include "AliMpConstants.h"
#include "AliMpDEIterator.h"
#include "AliRawReader.h"
#include <Riostream.h>
#include <TFile.h>
#include <TGrid.h>
#include <TStopwatch.h>
#include <TString.h>
#include <TSystem.h>
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Int_t DataMakerReading (const char *input, TStopwatch &timer, const char *cdbPath="", Bool_t histogram=kFALSE, Double_t xmin=0.0, Double_t xmax=4096.0)
void Print (const char *method, TStopwatch &timer, Int_t n)
void Occupancy (ostream &outfile)
void MUONOfflineShift (const char *input="alien:///alice/data/2009/LHC09a/000067495/raw/09000067495031.10.root", const char *outputBase="67495031.10", const char *ocdbPath="alien://folder=/alice/data/2009/OCDB")

Detailed Description

Macro to be used to check raw data during MUON offline shifts.

You NEED an access to the Grid to run this macro.

Basic usage is :

MUONOfflineShift("path_to_raw_file","basename of output file"); > log

(the redirection to an output log file is recommended as the output from this macro might be quite long...)

This will read the raw data and process it several times, varying what's done : only decoding, decoding + zero-suppression, etc... (TBE)

Two outputs files will be created :

  • basename.root, containing AliMUONVTrackerData objects that can then be displayed using the mchview program (using mchview –use basename.root)
  • basename.log, containing (for the moment) the occupancy numbers of the various detection elements

Unless you really know what you're doing, please use this macro together with the grid OCDB (i.e. don't set it to a local OCDB). There are now a lot of things that are grabbed from the OCDB that are run dependent...

Laurent Aphecetche

Definition in file MUONOfflineShift.C.

Function Documentation

Int_t DataMakerReading ( const char *  input,
TStopwatch &  timer,
const char *  cdbPath = "",
Bool_t  histogram = kFALSE,
Double_t  xmin = 0.0,
Double_t  xmax = 4096.0 

Run over the data and calibrate it if so required (if cdbPath != "")

Definition at line 70 of file MUONOfflineShift.C.

Referenced by MUONOfflineShift().

void MUONOfflineShift ( )

Entry point of the macro.

Definition at line 205 of file MUONOfflineShift.C.

void Occupancy ( ostream &  outfile)

Write occupancy numbers to output text file

Definition at line 132 of file MUONOfflineShift.C.

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