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AliTreePlayerTest.C File Reference
#include "TStatToolkit.h"
#include "Riostream.h"
#include <iostream>
#include "TSystem.h"
#include "TNamed.h"
#include "TFile.h"
#include "TTree.h"
#include "TPRegexp.h"
#include "TFriendElement.h"
#include "AliExternalInfo.h"
#include "TTreeFormula.h"
#include "TTreeFormulaManager.h"
#include "AliTreePlayer.h"
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void testSelectMetadata ()
void testselectTreeInfo ()
void testConvertTree ()
void AliTreePlayerTest ()
void testselectWhatWhereOrderByForTRD ()
void reproduceIndexProblem ()


TTree * testTree = 0x0
 test of AliTreePlayer class More...

Function Documentation

void AliTreePlayerTest ( )

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void reproduceIndexProblem ( )

Definition at line 178 of file AliTreePlayerTest.C.

void testConvertTree ( )

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Referenced by AliTreePlayerTest().

void testSelectMetadata ( )

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void testselectTreeInfo ( )

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void testselectWhatWhereOrderByForTRD ( )

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Variable Documentation

TTree* testTree = 0x0

test of AliTreePlayer class


Test suit for the AliTreePlayer: Integrated into CTEST

To run standalone:

1 aliroot -b -q $AliRoot_SRC/STAT/test/AliTreePlayerTest.C+ | tee AliTreePlayerTest.log
2 cat AliTreePlayerTest.log | grep "AliTreePlayerTest\."

Output should be all test OK:

1 I-AliTreePlayerTest.testSelectMetadata AND invariant: Test OK: N(Logbook&&(Stat))=N(Logbook&&(Stat&&Base))+N(Logbook&&(Stat&&(!Base))) 7=2+5
2 I-AliTreePlayerTest.testSelectMetadata Negatioation test: Test OK: N(!(A||B))=N((!A)&&(!B)) 73==73
3 I-AliTreePlayerTest.testselectTreeInfo: Test OK: N(A))==N(A&&B)&&N(A&&!B)) 46=6+40
4 I-AliTreePlayerTest.testConvertTree: Test OK

To run test interactivally, or test subsets (in debugger,valgrind/callgrind):

1 .L $AliRoot_SRC/STAT/test/AliTreePlayerTest.C+
2 AliTreePlayerTest();

Tests: see description in individual test

1 AliTreePlayer::selectMetadata(treeLogbook, "[class==\"Logbook&&Time\"]",0)->Print();
2 AliTreePlayer::selectWhatWhereOrderBy(treeTPC,"","meanMIP>0", "", 0,10,"html","qatpc.html");
3 AliTreePlayer::selectWhatWhereOrderBy(treeTRD,"","meanMIP>0", "", 0,10,"json","qatpc.json");
4 AliTreePlayer::selectWhatWhereOrderBy(treeTRD,"","meanMIP>0", "", 0,10,"csv","qatpc.csv");
marian Ivanov

Definition at line 46 of file AliTreePlayerTest.C.

Referenced by AliTreePlayerTest(), testSelectMetadata(), and testselectTreeInfo().