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AliTPCExBdraw.C File Reference

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void DrawPrim (Double_t theta, Float_t magf=5)
void DrawLaser (Double_t fipi2, Float_t magf=5)
void DrawDpt (Float_t d1pt, Float_t ptmin, Float_t ptmax)

Function Documentation

void DrawDpt ( Float_t  d1pt,
Float_t  ptmin,
Float_t  ptmax 

Definition at line 117 of file AliTPCExBdraw.C.

void DrawLaser ( Double_t  fipi2,
Float_t  magf = 5 

Draw "primary track distortion"

Double_t fipi2=0.5;

Definition at line 65 of file AliTPCExBdraw.C.

void DrawPrim ( Double_t  theta,
Float_t  magf = 5 
char *storage = "local://OCDBres"
Int_t RunNumber=0;
// See example macro $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/macros/AliTPCExBdraw.C
.L $ALICE_ROOT/TPC/macros/AliTPCExBdraw.C

Draw "primary track distortion"

Double_t theta=0.5;

Definition at line 15 of file AliTPCExBdraw.C.