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AliMpIntPair.h File Reference
#include <TObject.h>
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class  AliMpIntPair
 A pair of integers. More...


AliMpIntPair operator+ (const AliMpIntPair &op1, const AliMpIntPair &op2)
AliMpIntPair operator- (const AliMpIntPair &op1, const AliMpIntPair &op2)
AliMpIntPair operator* (const AliMpIntPair &op1, const AliMpIntPair &op2)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &stream, const AliMpIntPair &op)

Function Documentation

AliMpIntPair operator* ( const AliMpIntPair op1,
const AliMpIntPair op2 

Multiplication operator

Definition at line 212 of file AliMpIntPair.cxx.

AliMpIntPair operator+ ( const AliMpIntPair op1,
const AliMpIntPair op2 

Addition operator

Definition at line 203 of file AliMpIntPair.cxx.

AliMpIntPair operator- ( const AliMpIntPair op1,
const AliMpIntPair op2 

Substraction operator

Definition at line 194 of file AliMpIntPair.cxx.

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  stream,
const AliMpIntPair op 

Output streaming

Definition at line 221 of file AliMpIntPair.cxx.

Referenced by TTreeSRedirector::GetDirectory(), and TTreeStream::operator<<().