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4 /**********************************************************************************************/
5 /* General class for alignment with large number of degrees of freedom */
6 /* Based on the original milliped2 by Volker Blobel */
7 /* */
8 /* */
9 /* Author: */
10 /* */
11 /**********************************************************************************************/
13 #include <TObject.h>
14 #include <TString.h>
15 #include <TTree.h>
16 #include "AliMinResSolve.h"
17 #include "AliMillePedeRecord.h"
18 class TFile;
19 class AliMatrixSq;
20 class AliSymMatrix;
21 class AliRectMatrix;
22 class AliMatrixSparse;
23 class AliLog;
24 class TStopwatch;
25 class TArrayL;
26 class TArrayF;
29 class AliMillePede2: public TObject
30 {
31  public:
32  //
33  enum {kFailed,kInvert,kNoInversion}; // used global matrix solution methods
34  enum {kFixParID=-1}; // dummy id for fixed param
35  //
36  AliMillePede2();
37  AliMillePede2(const AliMillePede2& src);
38  virtual ~AliMillePede2();
39  AliMillePede2& operator=(const AliMillePede2& ) {printf("Dummy\n"); return *this;}
40  //
41  Int_t InitMille(int nGlo, int nLoc, Int_t lNStdDev=-1,double lResCut=-1., double lResCutInit=-1., const Int_t* regroup=0);
42  //
43  Int_t GetNGloPar() const {return fNGloPar;}
44  Int_t GetNGloParIni() const {return fNGloParIni;}
45  const Int_t* GetRegrouping() const {return fkReGroup;}
46  Int_t GetNLocPar() const {return fNLocPar;}
47  Long_t GetNLocalEquations() const {return fNLocEquations;}
48  Int_t GetCurrentIteration() const {return fIter;}
49  Int_t GetNMaxIterations() const {return fMaxIter;}
50  Int_t GetNStdDev() const {return fNStdDev;}
51  Int_t GetNGlobalConstraints() const {return fNGloConstraints;}
53  Long_t GetNLocalFits() const {return fNLocFits;}
54  Long_t GetNLocalFitsRejected() const {return fNLocFitsRejected;}
55  Int_t GetNGlobalsFixed() const {return fNGloFix;}
56  Int_t GetGlobalSolveStatus() const {return fGloSolveStatus;}
57  Float_t GetChi2CutFactor() const {return fChi2CutFactor;}
58  Float_t GetChi2CutRef() const {return fChi2CutRef;}
59  Float_t GetResCurInit() const {return fResCutInit;}
60  Float_t GetResCut() const {return fResCut;}
61  Int_t GetMinPntValid() const {return fMinPntValid;}
62  Int_t GetRGId(Int_t i) const {return fkReGroup ? (fkReGroup[i]<0 ? -1:fkReGroup[i]) : i;}
63  Int_t GetProcessedPoints(Int_t i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<=0 ? 0:fProcPnt[ir];}
64  Int_t* GetProcessedPoints() const {return fProcPnt;}
65  Int_t GetParamGrID(Int_t i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<=0 ? 0:fParamGrID[ir];}
66  //
69  Double_t* GetGlobals() const {return fVecBGlo;}
70  Double_t* GetDeltaPars() const {return fDeltaPar;}
71  Double_t* GetInitPars() const {return fInitPar;}
72  Double_t* GetSigmaPars() const {return fSigmaPar;}
73  Bool_t* GetIsLinear() const {return fIsLinear;}
74  Double_t GetFinalParam(int i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<0 ? 0:fDeltaPar[ir]+fInitPar[ir];}
75  Double_t GetFinalError(int i) const {return GetParError(i);}
76  Double_t GetPull(int i) const;
77  //
78  Double_t GetGlobal(Int_t i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<0 ? 0:fVecBGlo[ir];}
79  Double_t GetInitPar(Int_t i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<0 ? 0:fInitPar[ir];}
80  Double_t GetSigmaPar(Int_t i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<0 ? 0:fSigmaPar[ir];}
81  Bool_t GetIsLinear(Int_t i) const {int ir=GetRGId(i); return ir<0 ? 0:fIsLinear[ir];}
82  static Bool_t IsGlobalMatSparse() {return fgIsMatGloSparse;}
83  static Bool_t IsWeightSigma() {return fgWeightSigma;}
84  void SetWghScale(Double_t wOdd=1,Double_t wEven=1) {fWghScl[0] = wOdd; fWghScl[1] = wEven;}
85  void SetUseRecordWeight(Bool_t v=kTRUE) {fUseRecordWeight=v;}
86  Bool_t GetUseRecordWeight() const {return fUseRecordWeight;}
87  void SetMinRecordLength(Int_t v=1) {fMinRecordLength = v;}
88  Int_t GetMinRecordLength() const {return fMinRecordLength;}
89  //
90  void SetParamGrID(Int_t grID,Int_t i) {int ir=GetRGId(i); if(ir<0) return; fParamGrID[ir] = grID; if(fNGroupsSet<grID)fNGroupsSet=grID;}
91  void SetNGloPar(Int_t n) {fNGloPar = n;}
92  void SetNLocPar(Int_t n) {fNLocPar = n;}
93  void SetNMaxIterations(Int_t n=10) {fMaxIter = n;}
94  void SetNStdDev(Int_t n) {fNStdDev = n;}
95  void SetChi2CutFactor(Float_t v) {fChi2CutFactor = v;}
96  void SetChi2CutRef(Float_t v) {fChi2CutRef = v;}
97  void SetResCurInit(Float_t v) {fResCutInit = v;}
98  void SetResCut(Float_t v) {fResCut = v;}
99  void SetMinPntValid(Int_t n) {fMinPntValid = n>0 ? n:1;}
100  static void SetGlobalMatSparse(Bool_t v=kTRUE) {fgIsMatGloSparse = v;}
101  static void SetWeightSigma(Bool_t v=kTRUE) {fgWeightSigma = v;}
102  //
103  void SetInitPars(const Double_t* par);
104  void SetSigmaPars(const Double_t* par);
105  void SetInitPar(Int_t i,Double_t par);
106  void SetSigmaPar(Int_t i,Double_t par);
107  //
108  Int_t GlobalFit(Double_t *par=0, Double_t *error=0, Double_t *pull=0);
109  Int_t GlobalFitIteration();
110  Int_t SolveGlobalMatEq();
111  static void SetInvChol(Bool_t v=kTRUE) {fgInvChol = v;}
112  static void SetMinResPrecondType(Int_t tp=0) {fgMinResCondType = tp;}
113  static void SetMinResTol(Double_t val=1e-12) {fgMinResTol = val;}
114  static void SetMinResMaxIter(Int_t val=2000) {fgMinResMaxIter = val;}
116  static void SetNKrylovV(Int_t val=60) {fgNKrylovV = val;}
117  //
118  static Bool_t GetInvChol() {return fgInvChol;}
119  static Int_t GetMinResPrecondType() {return fgMinResCondType;}
120  static Double_t GetMinResTol() {return fgMinResTol;}
121  static Int_t GetMinResMaxIter() {return fgMinResMaxIter;}
122  static Int_t GetIterSolverType() {return fgIterSol;}
123  static Int_t GetNKrylovV() {return fgNKrylovV;}
124  //
125  Double_t GetParError(int iPar) const;
126  Int_t PrintGlobalParameters() const;
127  void SetRejRunList(const UInt_t *runs, Int_t nruns);
128  void SetAccRunList(const UInt_t *runs, Int_t nruns, const Float_t* wghList=0);
129  Bool_t IsRecordAcceptable();
130  //
131  //
132  Int_t SetIterations(double lChi2CutFac);
134  //
135  // constraints
136  void SetGlobalConstraint(const double *dergb, double val, double sigma=0);
137  void SetGlobalConstraint(const int *indgb, const double *dergb, int ngb, double val, double sigma=0);
138  //
139  // processing of the local measurement
140  void SetRecordRun(Int_t run);
141  void SetRecordWeight(double wgh);
142  void SetLocalEquation(double *dergb, double *derlc, double lMeas, double lSigma);
143  void SetLocalEquation(int *indgb, double *dergb, int ngb, int *indlc,
144  double *derlc,int nlc,double lMeas,double lSigma);
145  //
146  // manipilation with processed data and costraints records and its buffer
147  void SetDataRecFName(const char* flname) {fDataRecFName = flname;}
148  const Char_t* GetDataRecFName() const {return fDataRecFName.Data();}
149  void SetConsRecFName(const char* flname) {fConstrRecFName = flname;}
150  const Char_t* GetConsRecFName() const {return fConstrRecFName.Data();}
151  //
152  void SetRecDataTreeName(const char* name=0) {fRecDataTreeName = name; if (fRecDataTreeName.IsNull()) fRecDataTreeName = "AliMillePedeRecords_Data";}
153  void SetRecConsTreeName(const char* name=0) {fRecConsTreeName = name; if (fRecConsTreeName.IsNull()) fRecConsTreeName = "AliMillePedeRecords_Consaints";}
154  void SetRecDataBranchName(const char* name=0) {fRecDataBranchName = name; if (fRecDataBranchName.IsNull()) fRecDataBranchName = "Record_Data";}
155  void SetRecConsBranchName(const char* name=0) {fRecConsBranchName = name; if (fRecConsBranchName.IsNull()) fRecConsBranchName = "Record_Consaints";}
156  const char* GetRecDataTreeName() const {return fRecDataTreeName.Data();}
157  const char* GetRecConsTreeName() const {return fRecConsTreeName.Data();}
158  const char* GetRecDataBranchName() const {return fRecDataBranchName.Data();}
159  const char* GetRecConsBranchName() const {return fRecConsBranchName.Data();}
160  //
161  Bool_t InitDataRecStorage(Bool_t read=kFALSE);
162  Bool_t InitConsRecStorage(Bool_t read=kFALSE);
163  Bool_t ImposeDataRecFile(const char* fname);
164  Bool_t ImposeConsRecFile(const char* fname);
165  void CloseDataRecStorage();
166  void CloseConsRecStorage();
167  void ReadRecordData(Long_t recID);
168  void ReadRecordConstraint(Long_t recID);
169  Bool_t ReadNextRecordData();
170  Bool_t ReadNextRecordConstraint();
171  void SaveRecordData();
172  void SaveRecordConstraint();
174  Long_t GetSelFirst() const {return fSelFirst;}
175  Long_t GetSelLast() const {return fSelLast;}
176  void SetSelFirst(Long_t v) {fSelFirst = v;}
177  void SetSelLast(Long_t v) {fSelLast = v;}
178  //
179  Float_t Chi2DoFLim(int nSig, int nDoF) const;
180  //
181  // aliases for compatibility with millipede1
182  void SetParSigma(Int_t i,Double_t par) {SetSigmaPar(i,par);}
183  void SetGlobalParameters(Double_t *par) {SetInitPars(par);}
184  void SetNonLinear(int index, Bool_t v=kTRUE) {int id = GetRGId(index); if (id<0) return; fIsLinear[id] = !v;}
185  //
186  protected:
187  //
188  Int_t LocalFit(double *localParams=0);
189  Bool_t IsZero(Double_t v,Double_t eps=1e-16) const {return TMath::Abs(v)<eps;}
190  //
191  protected:
192  //
193  Int_t fNLocPar; // number of local parameters
194  Int_t fNGloPar; // number of global parameters
195  Int_t fNGloParIni; // number of global parameters before grouping
196  Int_t fNGloSize; // final size of the global matrix (NGloPar+NConstraints)
197  //
198  Long_t fNLocEquations; // Number of local equations
199  Int_t fIter; // Current iteration
200  Int_t fMaxIter; // Maximum number of iterations
201  Int_t fNStdDev; // Number of standard deviations for chi2 cut
202  Int_t fNGloConstraints; // Number of constraint equations
203  Int_t fNLagrangeConstraints; // Number of constraint equations requiring Lagrange multiplier
204  Long_t fNLocFits; // Number of local fits
205  Long_t fNLocFitsRejected; // Number of local fits rejected
206  Int_t fNGloFix; // Number of globals fixed by user
207  Int_t fGloSolveStatus; // Status of global solver at current step
208  //
209  Float_t fChi2CutFactor; // Cut factor for chi2 cut to accept local fit
210  Float_t fChi2CutRef; // Reference cut for chi2 cut to accept local fit
211  Float_t fResCutInit; // Cut in residual for first iterartion
212  Float_t fResCut; // Cut in residual for other iterartiona
213  Int_t fMinPntValid; // min number of points for global to vary
214  //
215  Int_t fNGroupsSet; // number of groups set
216  Int_t *fParamGrID; //[fNGloPar] group id for the every parameter
217  Int_t *fProcPnt; //[fNGloPar] N of processed points per global variable
218  Double_t *fVecBLoc; //[fNLocPar] Vector B local (parameters)
219  Double_t *fDiagCGlo; //[fNGloPar] Initial diagonal elements of C global matrix
220  Double_t *fVecBGlo;
221  //
222  Double_t *fInitPar; //[fNGloPar] Initial global parameters
223  Double_t *fDeltaPar; //[fNGloPar] Variation of global parameters
224  Double_t *fSigmaPar; //[fNGloPar] Sigma of allowed variation of global parameter
225  //
226  Bool_t *fIsLinear; //[fNGloPar] Flag for linear parameters
227  Bool_t *fConstrUsed;
228  //
229  Int_t *fGlo2CGlo; //[fNGloPar] global ID to compressed ID buffer
230  Int_t *fCGlo2Glo; //[fNGloPar] compressed ID to global ID buffer
231  //
232  // Matrices
233  AliSymMatrix *fMatCLoc; // Matrix C local
234  AliMatrixSq *fMatCGlo; // Matrix C global
235  AliRectMatrix *fMatCGloLoc; // Rectangular matrix C g*l
236  Int_t *fFillIndex; //[fNGloPar] auxilary index array for fast matrix fill
237  Double_t *fFillValue; //[fNGloPar] auxilary value array for fast matrix fill
238  //
239  // processed data record bufferization
240  TString fRecDataTreeName; // Name of data records tree
241  TString fRecConsTreeName; // Name of constraints records tree
242  TString fRecDataBranchName; // Name of data records branch name
243  TString fRecConsBranchName; // Name of constraints records branch name
245  TString fDataRecFName; // Name of File for data records
246  AliMillePedeRecord *fRecord; // Buffer of measurements records
247  TFile *fDataRecFile; // File of processed measurements records
248  TTree *fTreeData; // Tree of processed measurements records
249  Int_t fRecFileStatus; // state of the record file (0-no, 1-read, 2-rw)
250  //
251  TString fConstrRecFName; // Name of File for constraints records
252  TTree *fTreeConstr;
253  TFile *fConsRecFile;
254  Long_t fCurrRecDataID; // ID of the current data record
255  Long_t fCurrRecConstrID; // ID of the current constraint record
256  Bool_t fLocFitAdd; // Add contribution of carrent track (and not eliminate it)
257  Bool_t fUseRecordWeight; // force or ignore the record weight
258  Int_t fMinRecordLength; // ignore shorter records
259  Int_t fSelFirst; // event selection start
260  Int_t fSelLast; // event selection end
261  TArrayL* fRejRunList; // list of runs to reject (if any)
262  TArrayL* fAccRunList; // list of runs to select (if any)
263  TArrayF* fAccRunListWgh; // optional weights for data of accepted runs (if any)
264  Double_t fRunWgh; // run weight
265  Double_t fWghScl[2]; // optional rescaling for odd/even residual weights (see its usage in LocalFit)
266  const Int_t* fkReGroup; // optional regrouping of parameters wrt ID's from the records
267  //
268  static Bool_t fgInvChol; // Invert global matrix in Cholesky solver
269  static Bool_t fgWeightSigma; // weight parameter constraint by statistics
270  static Bool_t fgIsMatGloSparse; // Type of the global matrix (sparse ...)
271  static Int_t fgMinResCondType; // Type of the preconditioner for MinRes method
272  static Double_t fgMinResTol; // Tolerance for MinRes solution
273  static Int_t fgMinResMaxIter; // Max number of iterations for the MinRes method
274  static Int_t fgIterSol; // type of iterative solution: MinRes or FGMRES
275  static Int_t fgNKrylovV; // size of Krylov vectors buffer in FGMRES
276  //
277  ClassDef(AliMillePede2,1)
278 };
280 //_____________________________________________________________________________________________
281 inline void AliMillePede2::ReadRecordData(Long_t recID) {fTreeData->GetEntry(recID); fCurrRecDataID=recID;}
283 //_____________________________________________________________________________________________
284 inline void AliMillePede2::ReadRecordConstraint(Long_t recID) {fTreeConstr->GetEntry(recID); fCurrRecConstrID=recID;}
286 //_____________________________________________________________________________________________
289 //_____________________________________________________________________________________________
292 #endif
Int_t GetParamGrID(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:65
static void SetNKrylovV(Int_t val=60)
Long_t GetSelLast() const
printf("Chi2/npoints = %f\n", TMath::Sqrt(chi2/npoints))
TTree * fTreeConstr
Double_t * GetInitPars() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:71
void SetRecDataTreeName(const char *name=0)
Int_t fGloSolveStatus
Bool_t IsZero(Double_t v, Double_t eps=1e-16) const
Bool_t InitConsRecStorage(Bool_t read=kFALSE)
static Bool_t fgWeightSigma
void SetNMaxIterations(Int_t n=10)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:93
AliRectMatrix * fMatCGloLoc
Double_t * fVecBLoc
void SetRecConsBranchName(const char *name=0)
AliMatrixSq * GetGlobalMatrix() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:67
static void SetMinResTol(Double_t val=1e-12)
Bool_t GetUseRecordWeight() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:86
Int_t GetMinPntValid() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:61
Int_t GetMinRecordLength() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:88
static void SetIterSolverType(Int_t val=AliMinResSolve::kSolMinRes)
const char * GetRecDataBranchName() const
Int_t fMinRecordLength
TString fConstrRecFName
Int_t fRecFileStatus
void SetResCut(Float_t v)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:98
static Int_t fgMinResMaxIter
static Bool_t fgIsMatGloSparse
Bool_t * fConstrUsed
Long_t fCurrRecConstrID
void SetRecordRun(Int_t run)
Double_t GetFinalError(int i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:75
void SetSelLast(Long_t v)
Double_t * fDiagCGlo
Int_t fNLagrangeConstraints
void SetGlobalParameters(Double_t *par)
AliMillePede2 & operator=(const AliMillePede2 &)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:39
static Bool_t IsWeightSigma()
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:83
Int_t GetNLocPar() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:46
virtual ~AliMillePede2()
void SetGlobalConstraint(const double *dergb, double val, double sigma=0)
static Int_t GetNKrylovV()
const Int_t * fkReGroup
Bool_t InitDataRecStorage(Bool_t read=kFALSE)
void SetNStdDev(Int_t n)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:94
Double_t * fDeltaPar
const char * GetRecConsTreeName() const
static Int_t fgIterSol
static Bool_t GetInvChol()
Int_t GetNGlobalsFixed() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:55
Double_t GetSigmaPar(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:80
TArrayL * fAccRunList
Long_t GetNLocalEquations() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:47
Float_t GetResCurInit() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:59
static Int_t GetIterSolverType()
void SetNonLinear(int index, Bool_t v=kTRUE)
static Int_t GetMinResMaxIter()
void SetRecordWeight(double wgh)
Bool_t * fIsLinear
void SetMinRecordLength(Int_t v=1)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:87
Int_t GetNGlobalConstraints() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:51
Double_t * fFillValue
static void SetMinResMaxIter(Int_t val=2000)
Int_t * fParamGrID
void SetRecConsTreeName(const char *name=0)
Bool_t GetIsLinear(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:81
Double_t fWghScl[2]
void SetAccRunList(const UInt_t *runs, Int_t nruns, const Float_t *wghList=0)
void SetResCurInit(Float_t v)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:97
AliSymMatrix * GetLocalMatrix() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:68
Int_t GetNStdDev() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:50
Long_t GetSelFirst() const
void SaveRecordData()
Bool_t ImposeDataRecFile(const char *fname)
Float_t fChi2CutFactor
void SetNGloPar(Int_t n)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:91
Double_t GetPull(int i) const
AliMillePedeRecord * GetRecord() const
void SetConsRecFName(const char *flname)
void SetSigmaPars(const Double_t *par)
static Int_t fgNKrylovV
void SetMinPntValid(Int_t n)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:99
void SetParamGrID(Int_t grID, Int_t i)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:90
TTree * fTreeData
Int_t GetNGloParIni() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:44
Double_t GetParError(int iPar) const
Double_t GetGlobal(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:78
Bool_t IsRecordAcceptable()
TArrayF * fAccRunListWgh
Int_t GetNGloPar() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:43
void ReadRecordData(Long_t recID)
static Double_t fgMinResTol
Long_t GetNLocalFitsRejected() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:54
Long_t fNLocEquations
std::vector< RunInfo > runs
Double_t GetFinalParam(int i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:74
Definition: AliLog.h:27
Int_t * fFillIndex
static Bool_t fgInvChol
Int_t InitMille(int nGlo, int nLoc, Int_t lNStdDev=-1, double lResCut=-1., double lResCutInit=-1., const Int_t *regroup=0)
Int_t GetNLagrangeConstraints() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:52
const Char_t * GetConsRecFName() const
Long_t fCurrRecDataID
File of processed constraints records.
static Int_t GetMinResPrecondType()
Double_t * GetDeltaPars() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:70
Long_t GetNLocalFits() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:53
static void SetMinResPrecondType(Int_t tp=0)
Bool_t ReadNextRecordConstraint()
void SetInitPars(const Double_t *par)
void ReadRecordConstraint(Long_t recID)
static void SetInvChol(Bool_t v=kTRUE)
Int_t GetCurrentIteration() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:48
Float_t GetChi2CutRef() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:58
TString fRecDataTreeName
AliMatrixSq * fMatCGlo
TFile * fConsRecFile
Tree of constraint records.
Int_t GetNMaxIterations() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:49
void SetChi2CutRef(Float_t v)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:96
Double_t * fVecBGlo
Double_t * fSigmaPar
void SetParSigma(Int_t i, Double_t par)
void SetDataRecFName(const char *flname)
const Int_t * GetRegrouping() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:45
Double_t GetInitPar(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:79
Int_t LocalFit(double *localParams=0)
Int_t GlobalFitIteration()
void SaveRecordConstraint()
AliMillePedeRecord * fRecord
void SetInitPar(Int_t i, Double_t par)
TString fRecConsBranchName
static Double_t GetMinResTol()
void SetChi2CutFactor(Float_t v)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:95
TString fRecDataBranchName
Int_t GetRGId(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:62
Int_t fNGloConstraints
void SetSigmaPar(Int_t i, Double_t par)
void SetNLocPar(Int_t n)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:92
Float_t Chi2DoFLim(int nSig, int nDoF) const
static Int_t fgMinResCondType
static void SetWeightSigma(Bool_t v=kTRUE)
void CloseConsRecStorage()
Int_t * fProcPnt
void SetRecDataBranchName(const char *name=0)
void SetSelFirst(Long_t v)
void SetLocalEquation(double *dergb, double *derlc, double lMeas, double lSigma)
Bool_t ImposeConsRecFile(const char *fname)
Int_t * fGlo2CGlo
Flag for used constraints.
Int_t SetIterations(double lChi2CutFac)
Int_t * fCGlo2Glo
Int_t GetGlobalSolveStatus() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:56
static Bool_t IsGlobalMatSparse()
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:82
void SetWghScale(Double_t wOdd=1, Double_t wEven=1)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:84
void SetUseRecordWeight(Bool_t v=kTRUE)
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:85
Bool_t fUseRecordWeight
Float_t fChi2CutRef
TArrayL * fRejRunList
const Char_t * GetDataRecFName() const
Double_t * GetGlobals() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:69
Long_t fNLocFitsRejected
Float_t fResCutInit
TString fRecConsTreeName
Int_t GlobalFit(Double_t *par=0, Double_t *error=0, Double_t *pull=0)
char * fname
TFile * fDataRecFile
const char * GetRecDataTreeName() const
void CloseDataRecStorage()
static void SetGlobalMatSparse(Bool_t v=kTRUE)
Bool_t ReadNextRecordData()
Double_t fRunWgh
Float_t GetChi2CutFactor() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:57
Bool_t * GetIsLinear() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:73
AliSymMatrix * fMatCLoc
Int_t * GetProcessedPoints() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:64
Double_t * fInitPar
Vector B global (parameters)
Int_t GetProcessedPoints(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:63
const char * GetRecConsBranchName() const
void SetRejRunList(const UInt_t *runs, Int_t nruns)
Float_t GetResCut() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:60
Int_t PrintGlobalParameters() const
TString fDataRecFName
Double_t * GetSigmaPars() const
Definition: AliMillePede2.h:72
Int_t SolveGlobalMatEq()