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1 #ifndef ALIESDAD_H
2 #define ALIESDAD_H
4 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
5 // Container class for ESD AD data
6 // Author: Michal Broz
7 //
8 //-------------------------------------------------------------------------
10 #include <AliVAD.h>
12 class AliESDAD : public AliVAD
13 {
14 public:
15  AliESDAD();
16  AliESDAD(const AliESDAD&o);
17  AliESDAD(UInt_t BBtriggerADA, UInt_t BGtriggerADA,
18  UInt_t BBtriggerADC, UInt_t BGtriggerADC,
19  Float_t *Multiplicity, Float_t *Adc,
20  Float_t *Time, Float_t *Width, Bool_t *BBFlag, Bool_t *BGFlag);
21  void Copy(TObject &obj) const;
23  virtual ~AliESDAD() {};
25  // Setters
26  void SetBBtriggerADA(UInt_t BBtrigger) {fBBtriggerADA=BBtrigger;}
27  void SetBGtriggerADA(UInt_t BGtrigger) {fBGtriggerADA=BGtrigger;}
28  void SetBBtriggerADC(UInt_t BBtrigger) {fBBtriggerADC=BBtrigger;}
29  void SetBGtriggerADC(UInt_t BGtrigger) {fBGtriggerADC=BGtrigger;}
30  void SetMultiplicity(Float_t Multiplicity[16])
31  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fMultiplicity[i]=Multiplicity[i];}
32  void SetADC(Float_t adc[16])
33  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fAdc[i]=adc[i];}
34  void SetTime(Float_t time[16])
35  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fTime[i]=time[i];}
36  void SetWidth(Float_t width[16])
37  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fWidth[i]=width[i];}
38  void SetBBFlag(Bool_t BBFlag[16])
39  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fBBFlag[i]=BBFlag[i];}
40  void SetBGFlag(Bool_t BGFlag[16])
41  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fBGFlag[i]=BGFlag[i];}
43  void SetADATime(Float_t time) {fADATime = time;}
44  void SetADCTime(Float_t time) {fADCTime = time;}
45  void SetADATimeError(Float_t err) {fADATimeError = err;}
46  void SetADCTimeError(Float_t err) {fADCTimeError = err;}
51  void SetTriggerChargeA(UShort_t chargeA) {fTriggerChargeA = chargeA;}
52  void SetTriggerChargeC(UShort_t chargeC) {fTriggerChargeC = chargeC;}
53  void SetTriggerBits(UShort_t triggerBits) {fTriggerBits = triggerBits;}
55  void SetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock, Bool_t flag) { fIsBB[channel][clock] = flag; }
56  void SetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock, Bool_t flag) { fIsBG[channel][clock] = flag; }
58  void SetADCTail(Float_t adc[16])
59  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fAdcTail[i]=adc[i];}
61  void SetADCTrigger(Float_t adc[16])
62  {for(Int_t i=0;i<16;i++) fAdcTrigger[i]=adc[i];}
64  // Getters
65  virtual Short_t GetNbPMADA() const;
66  virtual Short_t GetNbPMADC() const;
67  virtual Float_t GetMTotADA() const;
68  virtual Float_t GetMTotADC() const;
70  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicity(Int_t i) const;
71  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADA(Int_t i) const;
72  virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADC(Int_t i) const;
73  virtual Float_t GetAdc(Int_t i) const;
74  virtual Float_t GetAdcADA(Int_t i) const;
75  virtual Float_t GetAdcADC(Int_t i) const;
76  virtual Float_t GetTime(Int_t i) const;
77  virtual Float_t GetTimeADA(Int_t i) const;
78  virtual Float_t GetTimeADC(Int_t i) const;
79  virtual Float_t GetWidth(Int_t i) const;
80  virtual Float_t GetWidthADA(Int_t i) const;
81  virtual Float_t GetWidthADC(Int_t i) const;
82  virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADA(Int_t i) const;
83  virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADA(Int_t i) const;
84  virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADC(Int_t i) const;
85  virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADC(Int_t i) const;
86  virtual Bool_t GetBBFlag(Int_t i) const;
87  virtual Bool_t GetBGFlag(Int_t i) const;
89  virtual Float_t GetADATime() const { return fADATime; }
90  virtual Float_t GetADCTime() const { return fADCTime; }
91  virtual Float_t GetADATimeError() const { return fADATimeError; }
92  virtual Float_t GetADCTimeError() const { return fADCTimeError; }
94  virtual Decision GetADADecision() const { return fADADecision; }
95  virtual Decision GetADCDecision() const { return fADCDecision; }
97  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeA() const { return fTriggerChargeA; }
98  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeC() const { return fTriggerChargeC; }
99  virtual UShort_t GetTriggerBits() const { return fTriggerBits; }
101  virtual Bool_t GetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const { return fIsBB[channel][clock]; }
102  virtual Bool_t GetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const { return fIsBG[channel][clock]; }
104  virtual Float_t GetAdcTail(Int_t i) const;
105  virtual Float_t GetAdcTailADA(Int_t i) const;
106  virtual Float_t GetAdcTailADC(Int_t i) const;
108  virtual Float_t GetAdcTrigger(Int_t i) const;
109  virtual Float_t GetAdcTriggerADA(Int_t i) const;
110  virtual Float_t GetAdcTriggerADC(Int_t i) const;
112  AliESDAD &operator=(const AliESDAD& source);
114 protected:
116  UInt_t fBBtriggerADA; // bit mask for Beam-Beam trigger in ADA
117  UInt_t fBGtriggerADA; // bit mask for Beam-Gas trigger in ADA
118  UInt_t fBBtriggerADC; // bit mask for Beam-Beam trigger in ADC
119  UInt_t fBGtriggerADC; // bit mask for Beam-Gas trigger in ADC
121  Float_t fMultiplicity[16]; // multiplicity for each channel
122  Float_t fAdc[16]; // charge signal for each channel
123  Float_t fTime[16]; // time for each channel
124  Float_t fWidth[16]; // time width for each channel
125  Bool_t fBBFlag[16]; // BB Flags from Online AD Electronics
126  Bool_t fBGFlag[16]; // BG Flags from Online AD Electronics
128  Float_t fADATime; // Average time in ADA
129  Float_t fADCTime; // Average time in ADC
130  Float_t fADATimeError; // Error in the average time in ADA
131  Float_t fADCTimeError; // Error in the average time in ADC
133  Decision fADADecision; // ADA final decision based on average time of channels
134  Decision fADCDecision; // ADC final decision based on average time of channels
136  UShort_t fTriggerChargeA; // Sum of the trigger (clock=10) charge on A side
137  UShort_t fTriggerChargeC; // Sum of the trigger (clock=10) charge on C side
138  UShort_t fTriggerBits; // AD trigger bits as defined in the firmware
140  Bool_t fIsBB[16][21]; // BB flag for all channels and 21 clocks
141  Bool_t fIsBG[16][21]; // BG flag for all channels and 21 clocks
143  Float_t fAdcTail[16]; // tail of charge signal for each channel
144  Float_t fAdcTrigger[16]; // charge trigger signal for each channel
146  ClassDef(AliESDAD,13)
147 };
149 #endif
AliESDAD & operator=(const AliESDAD &source)
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:126
void SetMultiplicity(Float_t Multiplicity[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:30
Bool_t fIsBG[16][21]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:141
virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:416
void SetADCDecision(Decision des)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:49
virtual Short_t GetNbPMADA() const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:179
virtual Float_t GetMTotADC() const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:212
void SetBBtriggerADC(UInt_t BBtrigger)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:28
virtual Float_t GetADCTime() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:90
Float_t fMultiplicity[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:121
UInt_t fBGtriggerADA
Definition: AliESDAD.h:117
UInt_t fBGtriggerADC
Definition: AliESDAD.h:119
virtual Float_t GetADATime() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:89
virtual Float_t GetAdcADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:264
Float_t fTime[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:123
virtual Float_t GetWidthADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:396
UInt_t fBBtriggerADA
Definition: AliESDAD.h:116
virtual Float_t GetTimeADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:356
void SetWidth(Float_t width[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:36
Float_t fAdc[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:122
Bool_t fIsBB[16][21]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:140
void SetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock, Bool_t flag)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:56
virtual Float_t GetADCTimeError() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:92
void SetTriggerChargeA(UShort_t chargeA)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:51
virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:406
void SetBBFlag(Bool_t BBFlag[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:38
void SetTriggerBits(UShort_t triggerBits)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:53
virtual Float_t GetAdc(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:254
Float_t fAdcTail[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:143
void SetADADecision(Decision des)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:48
void SetADCTime(Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:44
UInt_t fBBtriggerADC
Definition: AliESDAD.h:118
Float_t fAdcTrigger[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:144
virtual Float_t GetTimeADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:366
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicity(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:224
virtual Bool_t BGTriggerADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:436
void SetADC(Float_t adc[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:32
Decision fADADecision
Definition: AliESDAD.h:133
Float_t fADATimeError
Definition: AliESDAD.h:130
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:234
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeC() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:98
virtual Decision GetADADecision() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:94
Decision fADCDecision
Definition: AliESDAD.h:134
virtual ~AliESDAD()
Definition: AliESDAD.h:23
Bool_t fBBFlag[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:125
virtual Float_t GetTime(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:346
void SetADATime(Float_t time)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:43
virtual Float_t GetAdcADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:274
virtual Float_t GetMTotADA() const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:201
void SetTriggerChargeC(UShort_t chargeC)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:52
void Copy(TObject &obj) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:165
void SetADCTimeError(Float_t err)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:46
virtual Float_t GetAdcTail(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:284
Float_t fWidth[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:124
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerChargeA() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:97
void SetBGFlag(Bool_t BGFlag[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:40
Float_t fADATime
Definition: AliESDAD.h:128
virtual Float_t GetADATimeError() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:91
virtual Float_t GetAdcTriggerADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:334
Definition: AliVAD.h:32
virtual Bool_t GetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:101
virtual UShort_t GetTriggerBits() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:99
Definition: AliVAD.h:13
virtual Decision GetADCDecision() const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:95
void SetBBtriggerADA(UInt_t BBtrigger)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:26
virtual Bool_t GetBGFlag(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:456
virtual Bool_t GetPFBGFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock) const
Definition: AliESDAD.h:102
UShort_t fTriggerChargeC
Definition: AliESDAD.h:137
virtual Float_t GetWidth(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:376
UShort_t fTriggerChargeA
Definition: AliESDAD.h:136
virtual Short_t GetNbPMADC() const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:190
void SetBGtriggerADC(UInt_t BGtrigger)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:29
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:27
void SetADCTail(Float_t adc[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:58
void SetTime(Float_t time[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:34
void SetPFBBFlag(Int_t channel, Int_t clock, Bool_t flag)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:55
virtual Float_t GetAdcTrigger(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:314
virtual Bool_t GetBBFlag(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:446
void SetBGtriggerADA(UInt_t BGtrigger)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:27
Float_t fADCTimeError
Definition: AliESDAD.h:131
virtual Float_t GetWidthADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:386
UShort_t fTriggerBits
Definition: AliESDAD.h:138
Float_t fADCTime
Definition: AliESDAD.h:129
void SetADCTrigger(Float_t adc[16])
Definition: AliESDAD.h:61
virtual Float_t GetAdcTriggerADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:324
virtual Float_t GetAdcTailADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:304
virtual Float_t GetMultiplicityADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:244
void SetADATimeError(Float_t err)
Definition: AliESDAD.h:45
virtual Float_t GetAdcTailADA(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:294
virtual Bool_t BBTriggerADC(Int_t i) const
Definition: AliESDAD.cxx:426
Bool_t fBGFlag[16]
Definition: AliESDAD.h:126