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17 void AliEMCALDecalibrate(Int_t nevents=3)
18 {
19  // Use "decalibration" database to simulate decalibrated EMCAL.
20  AliCDBManager::Instance()->SetDefaultStorage("local://$ALICE_ROOT/OCDB");
21  AliCDBManager::Instance()->SetSpecificStorage("EMCAL","local://DeCalibDB");
23  // Make digitization, calibration parameters will be taken from CDB
25  sim.SetRunGeneration(kFALSE) ;
26  sim.SetMakeSDigits("") ;
27  sim.SetMakeDigits("EMCAL") ;
28  sim.Run(nevents) ;
29 }
virtual Bool_t Run(Int_t nEvents=0)
void SetRunGeneration(Bool_t run)
Definition: AliSimulation.h:47
void sim(char *configPath, char *tpcDbpath, Int_t nevents)
Definition: sim.C:3
void AliEMCALDecalibrate(Int_t nevents=3)
void SetSpecificStorage(const char *calibType, const char *dbString, Int_t version=-1, Int_t subVersion=-1)
void SetMakeDigits(const char *detectors)
Definition: AliSimulation.h:62
void SetMakeSDigits(const char *detectors)
Definition: AliSimulation.h:52
void SetDefaultStorage(const char *dbString)
static AliCDBManager * Instance(TMap *entryCache=NULL, Int_t run=-1)