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AliEMCALDecalibrate.C File Reference

Decalibrate exiting digits. More...

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void AliEMCALDecalibrate (Int_t nevents=3)

Detailed Description

Decalibrate exiting digits.

Digitize and decalibrate events assuming that SDigits have been already produced. Decalibration coefficients are located in the local file DeCalibDB/EMCAL/Calib/Data/Run_xxx.root

Gustavo Conesa Balbastre, (LPSC-CNRS)

Definition in file AliEMCALDecalibrate.C.

Function Documentation

void AliEMCALDecalibrate ( Int_t  nevents = 3)

based on PHOS macro by Boris Polishchuk (Boris.Polichtchouk at method

neventsnumber of events to process

Definition at line 17 of file AliEMCALDecalibrate.C.