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AliFMD2 Class Reference

Geometry parameters of the FMD2 detector. This has two rings. More...

#include <FMD/AliFMD2.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliFMD2:

Public Member Functions

 AliFMD2 (AliFMDRing *inner, AliFMDRing *outer)
virtual ~AliFMD2 ()
virtual void Init ()
 ClassDef (AliFMD2, 1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliFMDDetector
 AliFMDDetector (Int_t id, AliFMDRing *inner, AliFMDRing *outer)
 AliFMDDetector (const AliFMDDetector &other)
AliFMDDetectoroperator= (const AliFMDDetector &other)
virtual ~AliFMDDetector ()
virtual void InitTransformations ()
void SetId (Int_t x)
void SetInnerZ (Double_t x)
void SetOuterZ (Double_t x)
void SetInnerHoneyLowR (Double_t x)
void SetInnerHoneyHighR (Double_t x)
void SetOuterHoneyLowR (Double_t x)
void SetOuterHoneyHighR (Double_t x)
Int_t GetId () const
Double_t GetInnerZ () const
Double_t GetOuterZ () const
Double_t GetInnerHoneyLowR () const
Double_t GetInnerHoneyHighR () const
Double_t GetOuterHoneyLowR () const
Double_t GetOuterHoneyHighR () const
AliFMDRingGetInner () const
AliFMDRingGetOuter () const
AliFMDRingGetRing (Char_t id) const
Double_t GetRingZ (Char_t id) const
void Detector2XYZ (Char_t ring, UShort_t sector, UShort_t strip, Double_t &x, Double_t &y, Double_t &z) const
Bool_t XYZ2Detector (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z, Char_t &ring, UShort_t &sector, UShort_t &strip) const
virtual void SetAlignableVolumes () const
TGeoMatrix * FindTransform (Char_t ring, UShort_t sector) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliFMDDetector
Bool_t HasAllTransforms (Char_t ring) const
 ClassDef (AliFMDDetector, 2)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliFMDDetector
Int_t fId
Double_t fInnerZ
Double_t fOuterZ
Double_t fInnerHoneyLowR
Double_t fInnerHoneyHighR
Double_t fOuterHoneyLowR
Double_t fOuterHoneyHighR

Detailed Description

Geometry parameters of the FMD2 detector. This has two rings.

Flesh out support once it's defined

Definition at line 27 of file AliFMD2.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliFMD2::AliFMD2 ( AliFMDRing inner,
AliFMDRing outer 


innerPointer to inner ring description
outerPointer to outer ring description
virtual AliFMD2::~AliFMD2 ( )


Definition at line 35 of file AliFMD2.h.

Member Function Documentation

AliFMD2::ClassDef ( AliFMD2  ,
void AliFMD2::Init ( void  )

Initialize the geometry

Reimplemented from AliFMDDetector.

Definition at line 60 of file AliFMD2.cxx.

Referenced by AliFMDGeometry::Init().

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