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MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C File Reference

Macro to view and save the trigger chamber efficiency map calculated during reconstruction. More...

#include "Riostream.h"
#include "TGrid.h"
#include "TString.h"
#include "TFile.h"
#include "TH1.h"
#include "TMap.h"
#include "TSystem.h"
#include "TMath.h"
#include "TArrayI.h"
#include "AliMUONCDB.h"
#include "AliMUONCalibrationData.h"
#include "AliMUONTriggerEfficiencyCells.h"
#include "AliMUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.h"
#include "AliCDBManager.h"
#include "AliCDBRunRange.h"
#include "AliCDBId.h"
#include "AliCDBPath.h"
#include "AliCDBEntry.h"
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void MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency (TString inputFile="./MUON.TriggerEfficiencyMap.root", TString outputCDB="", Int_t firstRun=0, Int_t lastRun=AliCDBRunRange::Infinity())
void ShowOCDBmap (Int_t runNumber=0, TString specificCDB="", TString ocdbPath="local://$ALICE_ROOT/OCDB", TString runType="Full")
void FillHisto (TH1 *histo, Int_t nevents)
void BuildDefaultMap (TString outFilename="/tmp/defTrigChEff.root", Double_t globalValue=1., Int_t nevents=100000)
void BuildSystematicMap (TString runList, Double_t globalSyst=-0.02, TString outputCDB="local://CDB", TString inputCDB="raw://", TString systematicPerBoard="")
void CompleteEfficiency (TString effFileWithHoles, TString effFileCompatible, TString outFilename)

Detailed Description

Macro to view and save the trigger chamber efficiency map calculated during reconstruction.

Efficiency map can be made available for next simulation.

Diego Stocco, Subatech, Nantes

Definition in file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.

Function Documentation

void BuildDefaultMap ( TString  outFilename = "/tmp/defTrigChEff.root",
Double_t  globalValue = 1.,
Int_t  nevents = 100000 

Build default map (all boards with the same chosen value)

Definition at line 130 of file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.

void BuildSystematicMap ( TString  runList,
Double_t  globalSyst = -0.02,
TString  outputCDB = "local://CDB",
TString  inputCDB = "raw://",
TString  systematicPerBoard = "" 

Build map with systematic uncertainties The file systematicPerBoard is a text file containing the relative deltas w.r.t. original efficiency in the format: chamber(11-14) board(1-234) plane(0,1) delta where 0 = bending plane and 1 = non-bending plane

Definition at line 207 of file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.

void CompleteEfficiency ( TString  effFileWithHoles,
TString  effFileCompatible,
TString  outFilename 

When a local board or RPC is missing, the efficiency of other boards cannot be calculated If an efficiency file of the same period is available, it could be used to fill the missing information

Definition at line 335 of file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.

void FillHisto ( TH1 *  histo,
Int_t  nevents 

Fill histogram with global value

Definition at line 118 of file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.

Referenced by BuildDefaultMap().

void MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency ( TString  inputFile = "./MUON.TriggerEfficiencyMap.root",
TString  outputCDB = "",
Int_t  firstRun = 0,
Int_t  lastRun = AliCDBRunRange::Infinity() 
inputFile(default "./MUON.TriggerEfficiencyMaps.root") File with the numerator and denominator histos for efficiency calculation (It is the output of the PWG3/muon/AliAnalysisTaskTrigChEff analysis
outputCDB(default "") add the map on the specified CDB
firstRun(default 0) first run of validity for CDB object
lastRun(default AliCDBRunRange::Infinity()) last run of validity for CDB Object

Definition at line 54 of file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.

void ShowOCDBmap ( Int_t  runNumber = 0,
TString  specificCDB = "",
TString  ocdbPath = "local://$ALICE_ROOT/OCDB",
TString  runType = "Full" 
runNumber(default 0) run number
specificCDB(default "") specific CDB for trigger efficiency
ocdbPath(default"local://$ALICE_ROOT/OCDB") path to OCDB

Definition at line 91 of file MUONTriggerChamberEfficiency.C.