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4 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
5 * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
7 // $Id$
12 // Author Philippe Pillot, Subatech
15 #include <TObject.h>
17 class AliMUONPadInfo : public TObject {
18 public:
19  AliMUONPadInfo(); // Constructor
20  virtual ~AliMUONPadInfo(); //< Destructor
21  AliMUONPadInfo(const AliMUONPadInfo& pad);
25  virtual void Clear(Option_t* = "") {}
27  void Print(Option_t * option = "") const;
30  // ------ pad info ------
32  void SetPadId(UInt_t padId) {fPadId = padId; SetUniqueID(fPadId);}
34  UInt_t GetPadId() const {return fPadId;}
37  Int_t GetDetElemId() const {return (fPadId & 0x00000FFF);}
39  Int_t GetManuId() const {return (fPadId & 0x00FFF000) >> 12;}
41  Int_t GetManuChannel() const {return (fPadId & 0x3F000000) >> 24;}
43  Int_t GetCathode() const {return (fPadId & 0x40000000) >> 30;}
45  Int_t GetPadPlaneType() const {return fPadPlaneType;}
47  void SetPadPlaneType(Int_t planeType) {fPadPlaneType = planeType;}
50  void SetPadXY(Double_t x, Double_t y) {fPadX = x; fPadY = y;}
52  Double_t GetPadX() const {return fPadX;}
54  Double_t GetPadY() const {return fPadY;}
57  void SetPadDimXY(Double_t dX, Double_t dY) {fPadDimX = dX; fPadDimY = dY;}
59  Double_t GetPadDimX() const {return fPadDimX;}
61  Double_t GetPadDimY() const {return fPadDimY;}
64  void SetPadCharge(Double_t charge) {fPadCharge = charge;}
66  Double_t GetPadCharge() const {return fPadCharge;}
69  void SetPadADC(Int_t adc) {fPadADC = adc;}
71  Int_t GetPadADC() const {return fPadADC;}
74  void SetCalibrated(Bool_t calibrated = kTRUE) {fPadCalibrated = calibrated;}
76  Bool_t IsCalibrated() const {return fPadCalibrated;}
78  void SetSaturated(Bool_t saturated = kTRUE) {fPadSaturated = saturated;}
80  Bool_t IsSaturated() const {return fPadSaturated;}
83  // ------ calibration parameters ------
85  void SetPedestal(Float_t mean, Float_t sigma) {fPedMean = mean; fPedSigma = sigma;}
87  Float_t GetPedMean() const {return fPedMean;}
89  Float_t GetPedSigma() const {return fPedSigma;}
91 protected:
93  // pad info
94  UInt_t fPadId;
95  Int_t fPadPlaneType;
96  Double32_t fPadX;
97  Double32_t fPadY;
98  Double32_t fPadDimX;
99  Double32_t fPadDimY;
100  Double32_t fPadCharge;
101  Int_t fPadADC;
102  Bool_t fPadSaturated;
103  Bool_t fPadCalibrated;
105  // calibration parameters
106  Float_t fPedMean;
107  Float_t fPedSigma;
109  ClassDef(AliMUONPadInfo, 3) //Class to summarize ESD data at pad
110 };
112 #endif
Float_t fPedMean
mean value of pedestal
void SetCalibrated(Bool_t calibrated=kTRUE)
Set the pad as being calibrated or not.
UInt_t GetPadId() const
Return pad ID.
Int_t GetPadPlaneType() const
Return the plane type 0=Bending 1=NonBending.
void SetPedestal(Float_t mean, Float_t sigma)
Set pedestal parameters.
void Print(Option_t *option="") const
Double32_t fPadDimX
pad X dimension
Double32_t fPadDimY
pad Y dimension
void SetPadDimXY(Double_t dX, Double_t dY)
Set pad dimension (cm)
Float_t fPedSigma
sigma of pedestal
void SetPadCharge(Double_t charge)
Set the calibrated charge.
Double32_t fPadCharge
pad calibrated charge
Bool_t IsCalibrated() const
Return kTRUE if the pad is calibrated.
Int_t GetManuChannel() const
Return the channel within ManuId(), part of the uniqueID.
Bool_t fPadCalibrated
pad calibration flag
void SetPadPlaneType(Int_t planeType)
Set the plane type 0=Bending 1=NonBending.
virtual ~AliMUONPadInfo()
void SetPadADC(Int_t adc)
Set the raw charge.
Double_t GetPadCharge() const
Return the calibrated charge.
Double_t GetPadY() const
Return pad Y-position (cm)
Float_t GetPedMean() const
Return the mean value of the pedestal.
AliMUONPadInfo & operator=(const AliMUONPadInfo &pad)
void dY()
Definition: CalibAlign.C:547
Int_t GetDetElemId() const
Return detection element id, part of the uniqueID.
Double32_t fPadY
pad Y position
void SetSaturated(Bool_t saturated=kTRUE)
Set the pad as being saturated or not.
Bool_t IsSaturated() const
Return kTRUE if the pad is saturated.
Float_t GetPedSigma() const
Return the sigma of the pedestal.
Int_t GetManuId() const
Return electronic card id, part of the uniqueID.
UInt_t fPadId
pad ID
Int_t fPadADC
pad raw charge
Int_t GetCathode() const
Return the cathode number, part of the uniqueID.
void SetPadId(UInt_t padId)
Set pad ID.
Int_t GetPadADC() const
Return the raw charge.
Double_t GetPadDimX() const
Return pad X-dimension (cm)
Double_t GetPadDimY() const
Return pad Y-dimension (cm)
Double_t GetPadX() const
Return pad X-position (cm)
virtual void Clear(Option_t *="")
Clear method (used by TClonesArray)
Class to summarize ESD data at pad.
Double32_t fPadX
pad X position
Int_t fPadPlaneType
pad plane tye (0=Bending; 1=NonBending)
return kTRUE
Definition: AliFMDv1.cxx:97
void SetPadXY(Double_t x, Double_t y)
Set pad coordinates (cm)
Bool_t fPadSaturated
pad saturation flag