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3 /* Copyright(c) 1998-1999, ALICE Experiment at CERN, All rights reserved. *
4  * See cxx source for full Copyright notice */
6 /* $Id$*/
7 // Revision of includes 07/05/2004
8 //
13 #include <TObject.h>
15 class AliMUONConstants : public TObject {
16  public:
18  static Int_t NCh();
20  static Int_t NTrackingCh();
22  static Int_t NTrackingSt() {return fgNTrackingSt;}
24  static Int_t NTriggerCh() {return NCh()-NTrackingCh();}
26  static Int_t NTriggerCircuit() {return fgNTriggerCircuit;}
28  static Int_t NDetElem() {return fgNDetElem;}
30  static Int_t NGeomModules() {return fgNGeomModules;}
32  static Float_t DefaultChamberZ(Int_t i) {return fgDefaultChamberZ[i];}
34  static Float_t DefaultRatioTriggerChamber(Int_t i) {return fgDefaultRatioTriggerChamber[i];}
36  static Float_t St345Inclination() {return fgSt345inclination;}
38  static Float_t* DefaultChamberZ() {return fgDefaultChamberZ;}
40  static Float_t Dmin(Int_t i) {return fgDmin[i];}
42  static Float_t Rmin(Int_t i) {return Dmin(i)/2.0;}
44  static Float_t Dmax(Int_t i) {return fgDmax[i];}
46  static Float_t Rmax(Int_t i) {return Dmax(i)/2.0;}
48  static Int_t MaxZoom() {return fgMaxZoom;}
50  static Float_t DzCh() {return fgDzCh;}
52  static Float_t DzSlat() {return fgDzSlat;}
54  static Int_t ChamberNumber(Float_t z, bool warn = false);
56  static Float_t SqrtKx3() {return fgSqrtKx3;}
58  static Float_t SqrtKy3() {return fgSqrtKy3;}
60  static Float_t SqrtKx3St1() {return fgSqrtKx3St1;}
62  static Float_t SqrtKy3St1() {return fgSqrtKy3St1;}
64  static Float_t ChargeCorrel() {return fgChargeCorrel;}
66  static Float_t ChargeCorrelSt1() {return fgChargeCorrelSt1;}
68  static Float_t Pitch() {return fgPitch;}
70  static Float_t PitchSt1() {return fgPitchSt1;}
72  static Double_t CoilZ() {return fgCoilZ;}
74  static Double_t CoilL() {return fgCoilL;}
76  static Double_t YokeZ() {return fgYokeZ;}
78  static Double_t YokeL() {return fgYokeL;}
80  static Double_t AbsZBeg() {return fgkAbsZBeg;}
82  static Double_t AbsZEnd() {return fgkAbsZEnd;}
84  static Double_t ChamberThicknessInX0(Int_t chId) {return (chId >= 0 && chId < 10) ? fgChamberThicknessInX0[chId] : 0.;}
86  static Float_t TriggerTofLimit() {return fgkTriggerTofLimit;}
88  static Double_t TriggerNonBendingReso() {return fgkTriggerNonBendingReso;}
90  static Double_t TriggerBendingReso() {return fgkTriggerBendingReso;}
92  static Double_t MuonFilterZBeg() {return fgkMuonFilterZBeg;}
94  static Double_t MuonFilterZEnd() {return fgkMuonFilterZEnd;}
96  static Double_t MuonFilterX0() {return fgkMuonFilterX0;}
102  static Float_t AverageChamberT(Int_t i) {return fgAverageChamberT[i];}
104  static Float_t ReducedQTot(Float_t qtot, Float_t timeDif);
106  // Return conversionfactor fc to adc
107  static Float_t FC2ADC();
109  // Return default a0
110  static Float_t DefaultA0() { return fgkDefaultA0; }
111  // Return default adc2mv
112  static Float_t DefaultADC2MV() { return fgkDefaultADC2MV; }
113  // Return default Capa
114  static Float_t DefaultCapa() { return fgkDefaultCapa; }
116  protected:
118  AliMUONConstants() : TObject() {}
120  virtual ~AliMUONConstants(){}
122  private:
123  static Int_t fgNTrackingSt;
124  static Int_t fgNTriggerCircuit;
125  static Int_t fgNDetElem;
126  static Int_t fgNGeomModules;
128  static Float_t fgDefaultChamberZ[14];
129  static Float_t fgDefaultChamberMinZ[14];
130  static Float_t fgDefaultChamberMaxZ[14];
131  static Float_t fgDefaultRatioTriggerChamber[4];
132  static Float_t fgSt345inclination;
133  static Float_t fgDmin[7];
134  static Float_t fgDmax[7];
136  static Float_t fgDzCh;
137  static Float_t fgDzSlat;
138  static Float_t fgSqrtKx3;
139  static Float_t fgSqrtKy3;
140  static Float_t fgSqrtKx3St1;
141  static Float_t fgSqrtKy3St1;
143  static Float_t fgChargeCorrel;
144  static Float_t fgChargeCorrelSt1;
146  static Float_t fgPitch;
147  static Float_t fgPitchSt1;
149  static Double_t fgChamberThicknessInX0[10];
151  static Double_t fgCoilZ;
152  static Double_t fgCoilL;
153  static Double_t fgYokeZ;
154  static Double_t fgYokeL;
156  static const Double_t fgkAbsZBeg;
157  static const Double_t fgkAbsZEnd;
159  static Int_t fgMaxZoom;
160  static Float_t fgkTriggerTofLimit;
162  static const Double_t fgkTriggerNonBendingReso;
163  static const Double_t fgkTriggerBendingReso;
165  static const Double_t fgkMuonFilterZBeg;
166  static const Double_t fgkMuonFilterZEnd;
167  static const Double_t fgkMuonFilterX0;
169  static const Double_t fgkMostProbBendingMomentum;
171  static Float_t fgAverageChamberT[14];
173  static const Float_t fgkDefaultA0;
174  static const Float_t fgkDefaultADC2MV;
175  static const Float_t fgkDefaultCapa;
177  ClassDef(AliMUONConstants, 0) // MUON global constants
178 };
180 #endif
static Double_t AbsZEnd()
Return z-position of absorber end.
static Float_t fgDefaultChamberMinZ[14]
! Minimum z-positions of chambers
static Float_t fgPitch
Wire pitch for St2 & Slats.
static Float_t fgDefaultChamberMaxZ[14]
! Maximum z-positions of chambers
static Float_t Pitch()
Return wire pitch.
static Float_t DefaultRatioTriggerChamber(Int_t i)
Return ratio between trigger chambers.
static Float_t fgPitchSt1
Wire pitch for Station 1.
static Double_t CoilZ()
Return coil z-position.
static const Double_t fgkMuonFilterZEnd
z-position of the end of the muon filter
static Float_t fgDefaultRatioTriggerChamber[4]
Ratio between trigger chambers.
Default constructor.
static Int_t NTrackingCh()
Return number of tracking chambers.
static Float_t St345Inclination()
Return Inclination with respect the vertical axis of stations 345.
static Float_t SqrtKy3St1()
Return SqrtKy3 for Station 1 & 2.
static Float_t SqrtKx3()
Return SqrtKx3 for Slat.
static Double_t CoilL()
Return coil lenght.
static Float_t ChargeCorrelSt1()
Return charge correlation for Station 1 & 2 (needed for response and for cluster finder !...
static const Double_t fgkAbsZBeg
z-position of the begining of the absorber
static Int_t fgMaxZoom
Maximum Zoom for event display.
static Float_t fgSqrtKx3
SqrtKx3 for St2 & Slat.
static Int_t ChamberNumber(Float_t z, bool warn=false)
Return chamber number according z position of hit.
static Double_t fgChamberThicknessInX0[10]
default chamber thickness in X0 for reconstruction
static Double_t YokeZ()
Return yoke z-position.
static Double_t fgYokeL
Yoke lenght.
static Float_t Dmax(Int_t i)
Return chamber i outer diameter.
static Double_t TriggerBendingReso()
Return default trigger chamber resolution DUE TO ALIGNMENT ONLY in bending direction.
static const Double_t fgkMuonFilterZBeg
z-position of the begining of the muon filter
static Float_t DefaultA0()
static Float_t ReducedQTot(Float_t qtot, Float_t timeDif)
Return a reduced total charge.
static Float_t PitchSt1()
Return wire pitch for Station 1 & 2.
static Float_t fgSqrtKx3St1
SqrtKx3 for Station 1.
static Float_t SqrtKy3()
Return SqrtKy3 for Slat.
static Double_t MuonFilterX0()
Return radiation length (in cm) of muon filter.
static Float_t fgSqrtKy3
SqrtKy3 for St2 & Slat.
static Float_t Rmax(Int_t i)
Return chamber i outer radius.
static Float_t SqrtKx3St1()
Return SqrtKx3 for Station 1 & 2.
static Float_t DzCh()
Return half-distance between two half-chambers.
static const Float_t fgkDefaultADC2MV
Default ADC to mv conversion factor.
static Float_t fgAverageChamberT[14]
average arrival time to chamber
static Int_t NDetElem()
Return number of detection element.
virtual ~AliMUONConstants()
static Double_t GetMostProbBendingMomentum()
Return the most probable bending momentum (GeV/c) (used when B = 0)
static Double_t MuonFilterZEnd()
Return z-position of muon filter end.
static const Double_t fgkMostProbBendingMomentum
most probable value (GeV/c) of muon momentum in bending plane (used when B = 0) needed to get some "r...
static Float_t Dmin(Int_t i)
Return chamber i inner diameter.
static const Double_t fgkAbsZEnd
z-position of the end of the absorber
MUON global constants.
static Double_t MuonFilterZBeg()
Return z-position of muon filter begining.
static Int_t fgNDetElem
Number of Detection Elements.
static Int_t fgNGeomModules
Number of Geometry modules.
static Float_t DefaultCapa()
static Int_t fgNTriggerCircuit
Number of Trigger Circuits.
static const Float_t fgkDefaultCapa
Default Capa.
static Int_t NGeomModules()
Return number of geometry modules.
static Float_t fgkTriggerTofLimit
Particle above this threshold are discarded in trigger algorithm.
static Float_t DefaultADC2MV()
static Int_t NTriggerCh()
Return number of trigger chambers.
static Int_t MaxZoom()
Return maximum zoom for event display.
static Double_t fgCoilL
Coil lenght.
static Float_t AverageChamberT(Int_t i)
Return average arrival time to chamber i.
static Int_t fgNTrackingSt
Number of Tracking Stations.
static Int_t NTrackingSt()
Return number of tracking stations.
static Float_t Rmin(Int_t i)
Return chamber i inner radius.
static Double_t fgYokeZ
Yoke z-position.
static Float_t fgDefaultChamberZ[14]
! Z-positions of chambers
static Int_t NCh()
Return number of chambers.
static const Float_t fgkDefaultA0
Default gain A0.
static Double_t fgCoilZ
Coil z-position.
static const Double_t fgkTriggerBendingReso
default trigger chamber resolution in the bending direction, DUE TO ALIGNMENT ONLY ...
static Float_t fgChargeCorrel
Charge correlation for St2 & Slats.
static Float_t fgDmin[7]
! Inner diameter
static Float_t * DefaultChamberZ()
Return pointer to array of positions.
static Float_t fgSqrtKy3St1
SqrtKy3 for Station 1.
static Float_t fgDzCh
Half-distance between two half-chambers.
static Float_t FC2ADC()
static const Double_t fgkTriggerNonBendingReso
default trigger chamber resolution in the non-bending direction, DUE TO ALIGNMENT ONLY ...
static Double_t ChamberThicknessInX0(Int_t chId)
Return chamber thickness in X0.
static Float_t fgDmax[7]
! Outer diameter
static Double_t TriggerNonBendingReso()
Return default trigger chamber resolution DUE TO ALIGNMENT ONLY in non bending direction.
static Float_t DefaultChamberZ(Int_t i)
Return position of chamber i.
static Float_t fgDzSlat
Half-distance between two slat on the same chamber.
static Float_t DzSlat()
Return half-distance between two slats.
static Float_t ChargeCorrel()
Return charge correlation (needed for response and for cluster finder !?)
static Float_t fgChargeCorrelSt1
Charge correlation for Station 1.
static Int_t NTriggerCircuit()
Return number of trigger circuits.
static Float_t TriggerTofLimit()
Return Trigger ToF Limit (75 ns)
static Float_t fgSt345inclination
! Inclination with respect the vertical axis of stations 345
static Double_t YokeL()
Return yoke lenght.
static Double_t AbsZBeg()
Return z-position of absorber begining.
static const Double_t fgkMuonFilterX0
x0 of the muon filter