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AliMpDEManager Class Reference

The manager class for definition of detection element types. More...

#include <AliMpDEManager.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliMpDEManager:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~AliMpDEManager ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Bool_t IsValidDetElemId (Int_t detElemId, Bool_t warn=false)
static Bool_t IsValidChamberId (Int_t chamberId, Bool_t warn=false)
static Bool_t IsValidGeomModuleId (Int_t moduleId, Bool_t warn=false)
static Int_t GetChamberId (Int_t detElemId, Bool_t warn=true)
static Int_t GetGeomModuleId (Int_t detElemId, Bool_t warn=true)
static AliMp::PlaneType GetPlaneType (Int_t detElemId, AliMp::CathodType cath)
static AliMp::CathodType GetCathod (Int_t detElemId, AliMp::PlaneType planeType)
static AliMp::StationType GetStationType (Int_t detElemId)
static AliMq::Station12Type GetStation12Type (Int_t detElemId)
static AliMpDetElementGetDetElement (Int_t detElemId, Bool_t warn=true)
static AliMpDetElementGetDetElement (const TString &deName, Bool_t warn=true)
static Int_t GetNofDEInChamber (Int_t chamberId, Bool_t warn=true)
static MpPair_t GetDetElemIdRange (Int_t chamberId)

Private Member Functions

 AliMpDEManager ()
 Not implemented. More...
 AliMpDEManager (const AliMpDEManager &rhs)
 Not implemented. More...
AliMpDEManageroperator= (const AliMpDEManager &rhs)
 Not implemented. More...

Static Private Member Functions

static TArrayI & GetNofDEPerChamber ()

Static Private Attributes

static const Int_t fgkCoefficient = 100
 Coefficient used in DE Id <-> station. More...

Detailed Description

The manager class for definition of detection element types.

The detection element types are defined via unique names in denames.dat file for each station in the mapping data. Detection element name is composed of DETypeName and planeTypeName. DETypeName is only one per station in case of station1 and 2 quadrants, there are more DETypes in case of slat and trigger stations.

Ivana Hrivnacova, IPN Orsay; Laurent Aphecetche, SUBATECH Nantes

Definition at line 37 of file AliMpDEManager.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliMpDEManager::~AliMpDEManager ( )


Definition at line 271 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

AliMpDEManager::AliMpDEManager ( )

Not implemented.

AliMpDEManager::AliMpDEManager ( const AliMpDEManager rhs)

Not implemented.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t AliMpDEManager::GetChamberId ( Int_t  detElemId,
Bool_t  warn = true 
AliMpDetElement * AliMpDEManager::GetDetElement ( const TString &  deName,
Bool_t  warn = true 

Return det element for given deName

Definition at line 71 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

MpPair_t AliMpDEManager::GetDetElemIdRange ( Int_t  chamberId)

Return the detection element Id range for given chamberId es encoded pair

Definition at line 253 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

Referenced by AliMUONTriggerGUIbdmap::DrawDigits(), AliMUONDataInterface::GetIterator(), AliMUONMCDataInterface::GetIterator(), and AliMUONTriggerGUI::PrintDigitStore().

Int_t AliMpDEManager::GetGeomModuleId ( Int_t  detElemId,
Bool_t  warn = true 
Get module Id from detection element Id                 
!!! moduleId != chamberId
Station 1:   Chamber:  1   Module:  0   Det elements:  100-103
             Chamber:  2   Module:  1   Det elements:  200-203
Station 2:   Chamber:  3   Module:  2   Det elements:  300-303
             Chamber:  4   Module:  3   Det elements:  400-403
Station 3:   Chamber:  5   Module:  4   Det elements:  500-504, 514-517
                           Module:  5   Det elements:  505-513,
             Chamber:  6   Module:  6   Det elements:  600-604, 614-617
                           Module:  7   Det elements:  605-613
Station 4:   Chamber:  7   Module:  8   Det elements:  700-706, 720-725
                           Module:  9   Det elements:  707-719
             Chamber:  8   Module: 10   Det elements:  800-806, 820-825
                           Module: 11   Det elements:  807-819
Station 5:   Chamber:  9   Module: 12   Det elements:  900-906, 920-925
                           Module: 13   Det elements:  907-919        
             Chamber: 10   Module: 14   Det elements: 1000-1006,1020-1025
                           Module: 15   Det elements: 1007-1019
Station 6:   Chamber: 11   Module: 16   Det elements: 1100-1117
             Chamber: 12   Module: 17   Det elements: 1200-1217
Station 7:   Chamber: 13   Module: 18   Det elements: 1300-1317
             Chamber: 14   Module: 19   Det elements: 1400-1417

Definition at line 132 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

Referenced by AliMUONSlatGeometryBuilder::CreateGeometry(), AliMUONGeometryBuilder::CreateGeometryWithoutTGeo(), AliMUONGeometryBuilder::CreateGeometryWithTGeo(), AliMUONGeometryTransformer::CreateModules(), AliMUONGeometry::FillData3(), AliMUONGeometryTransformer::FillDetElemTransform(), AliMUONGeometryTransformer::GetDESymName(), AliMUONGeometry::GetModuleByDEId(), AliMUONGeometryTransformer::GetModuleTransformerByDEId(), and AliMUONVGeometryBuilder::MapSV().

Int_t AliMpDEManager::GetNofDEInChamber ( Int_t  chamberId,
Bool_t  warn = true 

Return the number of detection elements in the chamber with the given chamberId

Definition at line 230 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

Referenced by AliMpDCSNamer::DCS2DE(), AliMpDCSNamer::DetElemId2DCS(), AliMUON2DStoreValidator::GetChamber(), and GetDetElemIdRange().

TArrayI & AliMpDEManager::GetNofDEPerChamber ( )

number of detElemId per chamber

Definition at line 51 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

Referenced by GetNofDEInChamber().

AliMp::PlaneType AliMpDEManager::GetPlaneType ( Int_t  detElemId,
AliMp::CathodType  cath 
AliMq::Station12Type AliMpDEManager::GetStation12Type ( Int_t  detElemId)
Bool_t AliMpDEManager::IsValidChamberId ( Int_t  chamberId,
Bool_t  warn = false 
Bool_t AliMpDEManager::IsValidGeomModuleId ( Int_t  moduleId,
Bool_t  warn = false 

Return true if moduleId is valid

Definition at line 108 of file AliMpDEManager.cxx.

AliMpDEManager& AliMpDEManager::operator= ( const AliMpDEManager rhs)

Not implemented.

Member Data Documentation

const Int_t AliMpDEManager::fgkCoefficient = 100

Coefficient used in DE Id <-> station.

Definition at line 72 of file AliMpDEManager.h.

Referenced by GetChamberId(), GetDetElemIdRange(), and GetGeomModuleId().

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