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AliDigitsArray Class Reference

#include <AliDigitsArray.h>

Inheritance diagram for AliDigitsArray:

Public Member Functions

 AliDigitsArray ()
 AliDigitsArray (const AliDigitsArray &param)
AliDigitsArrayoperator= (const AliDigitsArray &param)
virtual ~AliDigitsArray ()
virtual Bool_t Setup (AliDetectorParam *param)
const AliDetectorParamGetParam ()
virtual Bool_t SetParam (AliDetectorParam *param)
- Public Member Functions inherited from AliSegmentArray
 AliSegmentArray ()
 AliSegmentArray (const char *classname, Int_t n)
virtual ~AliSegmentArray ()
Bool_t SetClass (const char *classname)
const AliSegmentIDAt (Int_t i)
const AliSegmentIDoperator[] (Int_t i)
Bool_t AddSegment (AliSegmentID *segment)
AliSegmentIDAddSegment (Int_t index)
Bool_t MakeArray (Int_t n)
void ClearSegment (Int_t index)
virtual AliSegmentIDNewSegment ()
TTree * GetTree ()
virtual void MakeTree (char *file=0)
virtual void MakeTree (TTree *tree)
virtual Bool_t ConnectTree (const char *treeName)
virtual Bool_t ConnectTree (TTree *tree)
virtual AliSegmentIDLoadSegment (Int_t index)
virtual AliSegmentIDLoadEntry (Int_t index)
virtual void StoreSegment (Int_t index)
Bool_t MakeDictionary (Int_t size)
TClass * GetClass ()

Protected Attributes

 pointer to detector parameters More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AliSegmentArray
 ! pointer to array of pointers to segment More...
TArrayI * fTreeIndex
 ! pointers(index) table in tree More...
Int_t fNSegment
 number of alocated segments More...
TTree * fTree
 ! tree with segment objects More...
Bool_t fTreeOwner
 flag determing the ownership of the fTree More...
TBranch * fBranch
 ! total branch More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AliSegmentArray
 AliSegmentArray (const AliSegmentArray &segment)
AliSegmentArrayoperator= (const AliSegmentArray &segment)

Detailed Description

Marian Ivanov , GSI Darmstadt

Manager class for AliDigitsArray

Definition at line 15 of file AliDigitsArray.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AliDigitsArray::AliDigitsArray ( )

default constructor

Definition at line 34 of file AliDigitsArray.cxx.

AliDigitsArray::AliDigitsArray ( const AliDigitsArray param)


Definition at line 40 of file AliDigitsArray.cxx.

AliDigitsArray::~AliDigitsArray ( )

if (fParam != 0) delete fParam;

Definition at line 58 of file AliDigitsArray.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

const AliDetectorParam* AliDigitsArray::GetParam ( )

Definition at line 22 of file AliDigitsArray.h.

AliDigitsArray & AliDigitsArray::operator= ( const AliDigitsArray param)


Definition at line 49 of file AliDigitsArray.cxx.

Bool_t AliDigitsArray::SetParam ( AliDetectorParam param)

Definition at line 73 of file AliDigitsArray.cxx.

Referenced by Setup().

Bool_t AliDigitsArray::Setup ( AliDetectorParam param)

setup array according parameters

Reimplemented in AliTPCDigitsArray.

Definition at line 64 of file AliDigitsArray.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

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